Romeo Orphan Boy

By : Topgay

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The last shop in that long high was a small restaurant owned by a long, old muscular man called Saheb, everybody called him like that. He was the only guy in that restaurant after his assistant an old man died two weeks before. Romeo was an orphan living with his old uncle and aunty. For them he was a slave rather than a nephew they loved their dog more than him. On one fine day Romeo left the house and ran away finally reaching the earlier said restaurant.

Romeo was 18 white skins with long hair. He has red lips and totally hairless body.Saheb was impressed by this boy and he was pity about him. Romeo became his assistant in the shop. Actually the customers were very less but as this is a lone shop for a long distance he had good profit from that shop. Full day they will work hard and after 9 in the evening the shop will be closed but there is a calling bell to call Saheb at the night.

Saheb had a single cot and Romeo also slept with him. Romeo liked Saheb very much. Both will be in their underwear and they will sleep hugging tightly. Saheb who never had sex for past 10 yrs, considered Romeo as his toy. He kisses him licks him all over his body and in the night when he feel asleep Saheb will take his cock out and lubed it and slid it between the boy’s soft thighs and jerked off.

Boy never minded anything Saheb is doing as for him this was sign of love and he liked it because he was devoid of manly and womanly love for his entire child hood. Saheb’s whole life changed after Romeo, They bathe together Saheb will carefully and purposefully wash Romeos ass and cock. One day Saheb’s old friend Rahim came back from foreign Rahim was 5 yrs younger and had vast sugar cane field and farm house just behind Saheb’s restaurant.

Saheb and Rahim was child hood friends, Now Rahim retired from his job in Middle East and came back with his wife their children lived separately in different parts of the world. That is why Rahim decided to come back to spend his retirement life in his village so that he and his wife will never feel lonely.Rahim’s wife was 10 years younger to him and was a modern lady. Both of them came to Saheb’s shop and had chit chat.

Rahim said Saheb to come every day for dinner and drinks to his farm house. Saheb was happy or see his old friend and sex partner. They had all sorts of fun in their child hood they fucked each other’s asses in the sugar cane fields. Some time they will find some lonely lady laborer and they will lure her with Rahim’s pocket money and used to enjoy her. Romeo was astonished the way they greeted each other.

Saheb groped Rahim’s cock and hugged him while his other hand went to grope Rahim’s wife Serina’s boobs.Romeo understood that there a bad relationship circle between three of them.Serina noticed Romeo then, Bhai Saab who is this? Your new partner she winked with a wicked smile. Oh I forgot, this is Romeo my new partner, Romeo this old friend I used to tell you, you already understood how deep our relation is” three of them laughed.

Serena hugged and kissed Romeo on his lips and pressed his head on her breasts and said “now we a have a child also now we are not alone, Romeo felt a blissful uneasiness somewhere. He felt his cock hardening as it is pressed against the soft thighs of the lady. Rahim pulled Romeo from his wife’s clutches and hugged him

Son you are now like our son friend everything, whatever dear to Saheb is dear to us also. The masculine scent mixed with the perfume rising from Rahim’s body made Romeo to hug Rahim tightly .Rahim also kissed the boy on his lips and it was deep and passionate .Romeo was surprised and three of them laughed at his expression.

Saheb come as soon as possible close this shop and join me in the Sugar cane business why you are wasting your time “Rahim said. Now I will now you are here ,before I felt like you are my boss and me your laborer now you are here and we both will look after the sugar cane “ They hugged and passionately kissed each other. Romeo was astonished to see Serena was seeing all this very happily.

From that day Saheb and Romeo became regular visitors of Rahim and wife .Three of them drank, danced sung the whole night. Romeo acted like a servant and cleaned up all their mess. His boss even one day lifted Serena skirt and made her sit on his naked lap.They started shaking and soon they shouted and collapsed. You are a week man now Saheb .I will show you”Rahim said he lifted her from Saheb’s lap and made her stand like a dog.

He put his penis out and pushed it between her ass .Poor Romeo thought like that .He saidSahebji chee what a dirty people he is putting his cock in her ass”.Saheb took boys face in her both palm and said “No my dear it is not in the ass it is I her pussy see this”.Saheb lifted her skirt more and shown this to the boy. Rahim fucked hard for 5 minutes and he also collapsed. Saheb and Romeo said good bye and left for their room .

It was a cloudy evening and suddenly it started raining. Both of them waited under a large tree. Saheb cling the boy towards him. He explained to the boy about sex and how children and born and all those stuff. The rain was hardening they sat under that tree. Saheb made the boy to sit between his legs. He slid one of his hands inside the boy’s shirt and one inside the trousers.

He started to unfold Rahim and Saheb’s sexual adventures in the village .Saheb’s fingers pinched the small teen sized boy boobs and one hand stroke his cock.Soon Romeo started shivering he felt like peeing and shot his cum to the trousers. How was that “Saheb asked, Romeo smiled and buried his head in the man’s chest. Saheb gave his cock to Romeo and asked him to stroke when it became really hard Saheb lifted the boy slid his cock among his ass cheeks.

He jerked for some time and came over his ass.Now Romeo knew what is the sticky thing? That uses to be in between his thighs most of the mornings. But he liked everything and more over he loved Saheb. Saheb along with his cum slid on small finger into the boy’s ass hole. It was hot and tight. He slowly stoked his fingers it was painful yet erotic for Romeo.

Saheb knew that he has to make this boy his lover and partner for rest of his life. After 20min of stroking Saheb two fingers inside boy’s asshole. In between when the boy resisted he kissed him and suckled on the nipples or licked the soft boy penis of Romeo. Saheb lifted the boy on his arms. With two fingers still parting the ass hole he walked to the room.

In the room he made the boy stand in front of him with his ass towards Saheb’s face .He kissed the soft white buttery ass cheeks, he licked the small ass hole. Romeo was in ecstatically heaven after this much pain the tongue fuck in his ass hole driven him crazy. Saheb took some oil and applied it all over his 6 inch hard rod and the small anus hole of the boy. He made the boy lie down on his stomach.

It is cold and raining outside, my darling let us enjoy tonight, it was their official “first night”. Saheb switched on the bed lamp and switched of the tube light. He lifted the boys ass little bit slowly he started to push his rod to the ass hole. The boy jerked in pain but his boss one hand strongly pushed his back and pressed him to the bed. Slowly he fucked the virgin ass hole soon he came with loud shout.

He lifted the boy and kissed all over his face .He could taste tears on the boys cheeks. On the other hand the boy felt his boss’s rod softening inside his ass and his semen dripping through the ass valley. Suck it clean my boy, suck it, Romeo slid the foreskin a little back and started sucking it like a child sucking a lollipop and made his boss’s penis clean and dry. The whole rainy night they slept in each other’s arms. For feedback please mail me at / /