Experiments With My Girly Body – Part II

By : Floozyarun

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Hi guys and girls this is Arun with the continuation of my story Experiments with my girly body, In our class room I kept on teasing ravis cock and he was also playing with mine, He said in my ears that “Arun I want to fuck your mouth daily, I will do anything for that”, So I said “Then you should treat me as your master, You should do every thing I say, you should do my assignments, place my tub in the bath room for me etc.

He said “anything for you my master” and pinched my cock. As soon as the class was over me and Ravi rushed to room, I was sitting on my bed and Ravi went and locked the door and kneeled before me, he kissed me on my feet and said “Oh Arun! I want to fuck you now, you see I can’t do that if everybody comes here”. I said “Wait my cute little pet I have other plans to do” and told about my plan to him.

As soon as the others arrived we were ready to execute the plan, my other roommates names were Krishna and jai.So as planned Ravi opened his laptop put up a porn movie by Shyla stylez a really horny one and we were watching it and the other two joined us.

When the she started to suck his cock in the movie Ravi got excited and started rubbing his cock within his shorts infront of everyone and krishna was adjusting his seat eventually, I smiled at everyone and removed Ravis underwear and kissed his cock, slowly started sucking it. The other 2 guys were just shocked and were looking at us stunned.

I looked at them asked “Wanna join us? Krishna was so amazed and said ya sure but Jai was standing there angry scolding us as Gays. But we didnt mind, During this time ravi was taking off all his clothes made me to the bed and removed my clothes as well, he started biting my nipples kissed me all over started sucking my mouth,

During this time Krishna had also removed all his clothes and and was sitting next to us and was watching us fuck so madly.

As me and Ravi were rubbing our cock against each other, Krishna asked whether he could come in and we started rubbing three cocks. Later I made them sit down and started sucking there cock, I kept sucking them both so that both of them do not loose their erection, Ravi cummed first on my chest while I was sucking krishna,  I sucked cleaned Ravis cock and started sucking krishnas cock again.

Krishnas cock was bigger and I couldnt take it inside completely, Eventually krishna also cummed and I cleaned his cock and bite my lips while cleaning his cock and grinned, for which he was so amazed and kissed me in my lips. I was ready for making my chance but before that I looked at jai who was turning away from us and sitting, I asked if he was not interested for which he angrily said No.

I slowly moved my hands towards his cock and felt it hard, kissing him in his cheek I said “Cocks don’t lie you know” and started masturbating him. While he tried to stop me the other 2 guys came and held him, I removed his underwear and started sucking his too, I decide to give him the best blow job, I made him lye down and moved my head up and down like a machine,

After some time He asked the other two guys to leave and he himself started enjoying it. After he was done I made them stand in a row and I was standing upon a bed and started giving them some instructions which were..

1.You shall call me as Madhu(it’s the name of very first women I fucked whom I want to be when I get a chance to become a woman).

2.You shall not tell this to anyone else unless he wants to fuck me so badly.

3.You shall treat me as the queen of our room and obey my orders.

After saying that I said to them all to suck my cock and there they were three of them sucking my cock,they were literally fighting to suck my cock as they would be for my mouth later.On that day Ravi cummed 2 times, Krishna 4,Jai 2 and me 3.

That night all of us pulled our cots together and I would be sleeping in the middle naked as usual while other were also sleeping naked with me (which was unusual).

They would be fighting to find who would sleep alone as only two can sleep around me, While also I provide them entertainment, hug them, kiss them, masturbate them but did not suck them as it spoiled me from sleeping.

This has become a practice and I don’t remember how many times we have fucked. I have even started drinking their cum.They even once mentioned that why do we need women in our life when we have Arun for us and asked me will u marry us 3.

I love it being their queen, as my life has got totally easier, For being having a body like a woman I am having so much fun, what if I was born as a woman I always fantasize of , Why did god make me a man with a cock instead of a sexy little bitch who fucks everyone around her.

This is the end of my Hostel sex story but I also have experiences with other men and women too and will be posting it here definitely but I would also love to post my she-male fantasy here, Any how Feedbacks are welcome at / /