Taruns Surprise Part I

This is my humble attempt to try and describe something new and different. I decided to post this nonetheless. I am from Cochin, Kerala and this is a semi-fictional story insofar that the names have been fictionalized to protect the identities of the characters in this story. It is narrated in the first person perspective to convenience and ease of description. Hope you enjoy it!

Im working out at the gym, late in the evening on a Friday, lifting weights and working on my upper body to try in vain to get as big as some of these other massive muscle-bound gym guys. I was already sort of angry because my two coworkers from XYZ Global Services, a prominent call centre in Cochin, Kerala, Jim and Meghna, had cancelled on our night ou.

Jim saying he was tired and Meghna saying that she had forgotten and that she had to wake up really early the next morning for an appointment but I knew the truth was they had ditched me in the last minute because they wanted time alone; I had noticed them becoming closer and closer over the past few weeks and I would have appreciated them being straight up with me instead of ditching me over other excuses.

I was also sort of jealous of Jim, but couldnt blame Meghna for picking him to date over me; he was the more muscular guy, and although some girls think I looked charming with my golden-brown eyes and wavy black hair and thought I was sensitive and chivalrous, I guess it didnt really matter because Jim could put the moves on women much better than I ever could.

So, I was hitting the weights pretty hard trying to get my energy out, and I looked pretty focused and concentrated. Doing some hammer curls, I just about burned out and groaned as I tried to do the last one, then dropped the weights on the floor and sat down on the bench next to me, breathing hard, hey, you dropped this! I was surprised by the voice and slightly but visibly jumped and then saw the person behind me, holding up my keys.

Im sorry, I didnt mean to bother you or anything, I just noticed that you dropped your keys over by the weights over there and she explained in her soft, warbling voice. I just sort of sat there and stared, like an idiot. I dont know if it was because I was so exhausted and out of it or because the woman holding up my keys was absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous or both.

I just looked at the keys, then looked up at her standing next to the bench wondering why was such a gorgeous woman alone here in the gym so late at night (it was a unisex gym where men and women worked out at the same time, but nonetheless, this was Cochin. She had jet black hair, currently tied up but most probably long enough to reach just down just past her shoulders.

She had on athletic sneakers and seemed to have long, slender legs and a firm butt underneath her tight, black sweatpants. Her midriff was pretty toned, and I could see she was wearing a black sports bra top. She had smooth, muscular but feminine arms and shoulders, and seemed to be blessed with a firm and beautiful size C chest. She had a somewhat fair, wheatish skin tone, making me think she was Sindhi or Gujurathi, perhaps.

Her soft hand held out the keys to me and the expression on her face looked sort of like mine probably did and tired from working out, but as if something of interest had just appeared in front of you and you were trying to find out whether or not it was real or just a mirage. I felt like we were lost in each others gaze for minutes (even though my watch timer was running and indicated afterwards that it couldnt have lasted more than ten or twenty seconds)

Before she broke my dumbfounded silence slowly breaking into an incredulous smile and you okay there? I finally snapped out of it and shook my head as if I had been splashed with some cold water and no, uh, I mean, Im just tired I guess sorry about that. Thanks so much for giving these back to me that would have been an unpleasant surprise if I had gotten back home without them and I smiled back.

I took the keys dangling off of her fingers again, it seemed like we just looked at each other for a few minutes and then, with a wink and a cute giggle, she said and no problem at all and she walked back to the weight machines. I just watched her walk away, swaying her hips from side to side as she stepped lightly over to the machines with a typical girly walk.

I grinned, wondering at how she was so girly and feminine but also so confident and powerful at the same time. I mean, against a molester or an eve teaser on the street, she could probably kick his ass, brush herself off and then get back to a night out with the girls. She looked so cute standing there regarding the machines with her arms folded, then with one hand stroking her chin as if she was in deep thought about how to change up her workout for the night.

She, I, and the gym instructor were the only people in the gym at 9:45 on a Friday, and I for one was glad that she was there to brighten up the scenery! I tried to get back to my workout, but I was completely distracted now. I didnt think I had a chance with this girl and I mean, she obviously could probably pick out any hot guy she wanted at college or work (I still did not know which) but I was still caught up with her.

I felt affected by her somehow, something that I hadnt felt before, well, actually something I had never felt before with any of the women I had dated or checked out, even any of my old steady girlfriends. I mean, well, now ex girlfriends of course. I couldnt tell, but I thought that I had seen the same feeling reflected in her own dark brown eyes but, I was always a bad judge of other people when it came to things like that.

I maneuvered myself over to the shoulder press, partially because I wanted to try a new machine but also because it allowed me to see this girl in the gyms wall mirrors as I sat down. She was working out her abs on an inclined bench, and it was really an amazing sight. I could barely do my own workout; I was so absorbed in watching her. Her sweaty body glistened under the lights as her abs crunched and brought her taut form up close to her knees.

Her breath escaping her mouth and flared nostrils as her muscles relaxed, she breathed back in and lay back down against the bench, her sports bra holding her magnificent cleavage and her sweatpants leaving to my imagination her strong thigh muscles straining against the material of her clothes. I could watch this all day, I thought, Well, I figured that I needed to stop being a jerk and staring at her while she worked out.

I finished up and decided to hit the showers before the place closed as I was about to leave, however, I saw an outsider walk up to the girl and start to taunt her and hey there, bitch slut, you done with your little workout? Want to come back to the mens locker room with me, where you belong? He jeered buzz off, Jithu and she said assertively though I could see that her annoyed face betrayed a hint of fear.

She obviously knew this guy from somewhere but what was their history? Dont you tell me to buzz off, bitch? I need to beat the shit out of you after what you did to me, you disgusting freak. In fact, maybe I should finish that job right now, I doubt anybody would care if they knew what you really were she stood up and got in Jithus face.

Dont call me a bitch, you fucking jerk! The name you can call me Sunaina and you sure as hell have no right to call me by your nicknames anymore and you know what? If you want to finish the job you started last time, then go ahead! I know it was unfair of me to not tell you, but it gave you no right and it still doesnt give you a right to bother me all the time instead of just leaving me alone and letting me live my life!

But go ahead, if itll make you feel like a man. Go ahead, punch me! She pointed to her chin. I started running across the gym towards the two of them. I couldnt let this go on any longer, I was worried that this guy would actually beat her senseless and fine, you stupid freak! Jithu yelled at her and pulled back his meaty arm to strike at her and just then, I threw myself in between them.

Leave her alone man, I yelled, summoning up courage that I was pretty sure that I didnt really have. Dude, get out of my face, this is between us two, dont get in the way or youll get hurt Jithu warned. I knew he was serious, too. Sunaina, standing behind me, put her hand on my shoulder please, get out of here, I dont want you to get hurt and she whimpered. No, I cant just let this happen in a softer voice to

Sunaina, I intoned I dont want you to get hurt either turning back to Jithu, I said with a surprising edge to my voice. I cant believe youre even thinking about hitting this woman. I cant just let you do that, buddy, so you had better you away or youll have to take me on first youre such an idiot. You dont even know what she really is he said, as if I was making some huge mistake.

Well, it doesnt matter, Ill go right through you and he pushed me back, and I almost fell over, but stood my ground. I was at least six inches shorter than this guy, and Sunaina was even shorter than me at around 57 feet (which made me marvel at how brave she was to have stood up to him a second ago) the gym intercom buzzed and the gym will be closing in 5 minutes.

Please finish your workouts and exit the building; the showers have now been turned off. Jithu stood there, seeming to ponder whether going after me and Sunaina was worth it or not or forget you two he grumbled, as he picked up his bag and left the area. I breathed a huge sigh of relief oooh wow; I thought that guy was going to kill me for sure! I started laughing, and then turned around.

Sunaina was tearing up, immediately killing the smile on my face and replacing it with a look of worry. Im sorry you had to and she whispered, then the tears started to fall, softly. I tried to calm her and hey now, dont worry, that asshole is gone and you dont have to be sorry about anything. I cant believe that jerk was going to hurt you! Hey, come on, stop crying, its okay I wiped her tears away from her face with my hands, gently.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me. We gazed into each others eyes again, and this time, I was sure that there was some deeper, unspoken but mutually understood connection between us. Hey, mister let’s go, she whispered, softly and tenderly. She slipped into the womens locker room to grab her bag and I retrieved mine from the mens locker room. I waited for her at the door to the gym.

She came running towards me and we exited the gym together. Outside, we started going downstairs. I heard Sunaina say softly I want to thank you for what you did back there. You didnt have to, but you did, most guys would probably just walk away or wait until Jithu actually hit me to do anything and we were walking down the footpath, she had thrown on a red jacket and I was still in my workout clothes.

I dont think either of us had a clue where we were going, but it seemed we were just both glad not to be going anywhere alone tonight. Hey, no problem, I think I owed you that much after you found my keys for me I flashed her warm smile. She looked up at me and smiled back brightly whats your name? She asked, beginning to sound more cheerful. She paused and turned to face me. Its Tarun I stood next to her.

Tarun, nice to meet you, Im Sunaina and she held out her hand with a perky movement and I shook it nice to meet you too! So, uh, what now? Where are we going? I dont really know, I was just sort of wandering around, but I thought it was okay as long as I was next to you. I feel sort of shaken up and she wrinkled her nose and gave me a cute little frown I smiled reassuringly. Hey, dont worry, I figured I was going to walk you to your car and see you off.

At least so that creep couldnt change his mind or anything. I figured, if he came after us again, that I could let him use me as a punching bag while you ran to get help. She laughed you nut! Im sure you could put up a good fight and besides, Im sure the two of us could take him! We already scared him off once! Sunaina punched my shoulder jokingly.

Sunaina continued anyway, I dont have a car, I usually walk home from here, and it’s only about a half a km out into the apartments over by Panampally Nagar. I usually stop over at this place called on the way to grab some ice cream. You dont have to walk me home, it would probably be out of your way then she looked right at me and gave me these puppy eyes to lay a guilt trip on me, you know, like that cat from the movie Shrek 2.

Okay, okay! Ill walk you home! Just dont use the puppy eyes that are my one weakness with women! We both laughed. She locked her arm with mine and we both began walking towards her apartment building. Mmmm! she purred, my knight in shining armor anytime, my lady. I half bowed and we both chuckled on the way, we stopped at this quaint little place on the side of the street.

Even though we were both still sweaty and had just finished a couple of tough workouts, and even got a weird stare from the waiter and the last couple of guests for our sweat-drenched clothes, we sat down and talked like there was no one else in the world to bother us. We talked about politics, sports, my job her job, working out, traveling pretty much everything.

I learned that she was studying to become a school teacher, and she found out that I was a career counselor and health educator with ambitions to go to a premier business school in India. It was great! We automatically hit it off since we both liked working with students. We ordered blackberry ice cream heaped with chocolate syrup, which we split between the two of us.

Towards the end of the ice-cream, Sunaina told me that she was full and wanted me to finish off the rest of her half of the ice-cream. I was pretty full too and told her I couldnt do it. To this, she responded by taking the last few spoonfuls and before I knew what she was doing and she picked up the small spoon and put it in front of my mouth at first.

I resisted, but then I eventually melted in the face of her entreaties and another puppy dog face and I let her feed me the last few spoonfuls. She made airplane noises as she the last piece into my mouth, to which we both laughed again. She paid for the ice-creams, saying that it was the least she could do for her brave hero. I blushed. We had been at for about two hours, eating ice cream and just enjoying each others company and honestly.

I didnt mind the view from where I was sitting either. We walked some more, talked and laughed, and finally made it to her apartment doorstep. I couldnt help thinking how cute she looked the entire time in her black sports bra and bright red jacket. She had let down her hair, and it was absolutely beautiful as it cascaded down her neck towards her shoulders in front of her elevator.

We paused again; we stared into each others eyes. I dont know how many times I had looked at her captivating eyes already tonight, but I just didnt get tired of getting lost in them. I guess I had better go I told her, not wanting to outstay my welcome yeah and she replied, softly. I had a great time tonight, Tarun you turned what could have been a really ugly Friday night into a nice time. Thanks.

I had a great time too, Sunaina and we hugged, our arms holding each other tight. Neither of us wanted to let go. It was as if we had finally found something that we had been looking for all of our lives, even though there was still so much we didnt know about each other. She rested her head against my neck as we slowly withdrew from the embrace. I kissed her lightly on the cheek. She smiled that warm smile of hers again and entranced me once more with her deep brown eyes.

Slowly, she turned away and stepped into the elevator as it opened. The doors started closing Sunaina slapped the side of the doors, making them pop open again. She came out, dropped her bag, and threw her arms around me again. This time, our lips met and it was like a burst of fire. We buried ourselves in each other, and the touch of her lips to mine ignited me with a passion that I had never felt before.

I kissed her deeply, our lips pressing tightly together as tightly as our bodies were embracing one another. Her tongue escaped her lips, and my tongue rushed out to meet hers. They dance playfully in our mouths, as I probed her lips with my tongue, and she soon followed suit with hers. She pulled me back into the elevator, and I had barely had the presence of mind to pull both of our bags in with us.

The elevator doors closed on our erupted, passionate embrace. Sunaina reached out with her right hand, as I continued to kiss her against the elevator wall, and blindly tried to press the 9th floor button our tongues wrestled as my arms wrapped around her waist, holding her near to me. I felt the heat from her body and she could feel mine. I leaned into her neck and started kissing softly down to her shoulder.

She closed her eyes and rolled her head back against the wall, enjoying the sensations and grasping at my back to keep me close to her. I could feel her heartbeat going faster, faster and just as mine was. The elevator door opened on the ninth floor as we stepped inside her apartment, she went to the kitchen after dropping her bag and jacket and wants anything to drink? Water or juice? Sunaina asked

Yeah, I could use some juice actually. Dont worry babe, Ill pour us a couple of glasses. I dropped my bag next to hers in the living room, and followed her slowly into the kitchen. She pulled out the juice carton and I started to pour a glass for her and for myself as I stood there at the counter, I felt her hands snake around me, then come up symmetrically under my shirt to my chest, as she gently squeezed my pecs and stroked my chest.

I put down the juice carton and leaned my head back, and she nuzzled against my face. Then, she turned me around with the surprising strength of her arms, and we started kissing again. We couldnt get enough of each other, we had to taste each others mouths and tongues and lips. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and we played with each others lips. Sunaina ripped off my shirt in the meantime and then pushed me back out into the living room and onto the sofa.

I was amazed at how strong and aggressive she was, I had never been with a woman that assertive before, and I found myself liking it immensely. She stripped off her sports bra and straddled me on the sofa. I immediately took her small, pert right breast in my hand and massaged it while sucking at the nipple, my other hand massaging and caressing her other breast. She moaned and arched her back and pushed into me, grinding against my stomach.

It felt different when she was grinding into me and I couldnt put my finger on what it was, though. One of my hands trailed down to her pants, beginning to pull down slowly. Suddenly, her eyes opened, she batted my hand away, and she backed away off the sofa. She looked very anxious, nervous, and even fearful. Whats wrong? I asked, with a hard on in my pants that was rather obvious and sort of embarrassing after seeing Sunainas reaction. To be continued for part II.