Akshay The Watchman

I am Nilesh and this is my first sex experience with a man which I wish to share with everyone in the form of a story. I live in a reputed society and there are two watchmen in my society and day duty watchman and night duty watchman. One evening, as usual, I came back from my college and entered my society, when a man dressed in watchmans uniform stood up swiftly and threw the half burnt cigarette that he was smoking from on the floor.
Crushed it with the well polished black shoes he was wearing and saluted me. I observed him from head to toe wondering who he was! Barely looking 20 to 22 years old, he had neatly cut gelled and spiked hair, slight beard, slight moustache, whitish to fair skin complexion, slim to medium body with a muscular built and almost 6 ft tall. I asked him who he was. He said that he was the new night duty watchman of our society and introducing himself to me as Akshay as he gave me a smile.
I could feel goose bumps all over my body. I did not know what was wrong with me and I had never been attracted to any men before this. Many days passed by. Akshay used to smoke a lot throughout night but indeed was alert throughout night, honest and helpful; he had an overall soothing personality. Once he requested me to charge his cell phone at my home and return it to him the next morning.
At night when no one was around I secretly checked his messages and gallery out of curiosity. He was not at all as innocent as I thought. His cell was filled with sex obsessed forwarded messages, pornographic pictures and video clips. A week later, the entire society was supposed to attend a grand wedding ceremony, which was to be held out of town. That day I was not feeling well and hence was advised rest by the doctor. I was the only one left out alone in the entire society.
It was raining very heavily that evening, someone knocked the door, I peeped from the key hole it was Akshay. Akshay was fully wet and the AC at my home was on full, he told me that he was fully wet and needed a shelter for some time after a couple of minutes, he asked me if he could remove his wet shirt, pant and socks for some time to dry. Understanding the fact that no one was in the society, I nodded my head.
His bare chest was now exposed to me and his inner pants were extended up to the upper border of his knees. I was enjoying every bit of those moments and wanted them to last for as long as possible. I told him that he could lay on the sofa if he wished to as I was not completely feeling well yet, I started massaging my fore head. He sensed me quickly and insisted that he would massage my head. I gave him a positive facial expression.
He asked me to lay down completely, and he lay as close as he possibly could near me and started massaging my forehead staring into my eyes. He slowly started throwing his breath by breathing out as much as he could below my ears and over my face. His body and his mouth had a strong cigarette smoke odour, but I was quite fine with it as it was him and no one else. He asked me to remove my t-shirt to give me a back massage. His massage was just as good as he was.
He insisted on a foot massage also, and I agreed as he massaged my feet, he slowly started to tickle the bottom of it softly and soothingly. I looked at him, he gave me a naughty smile and winked at me. I slowly but steadily got an uncontrollable erection. As he figured it out he removed a packet of condoms from the pocket of his inner pants and kept it on the table pretending as if it would get wet along with the inner pant. Now my pre cum had started wetting my pant.
He realised that I was enough excited by now. He came close to my ear and whispered if I wanted some other massages also. I was enough excited by now and told him that he could do whatever he wished to. He gave me a naughty smile and proceeded. He started smelling and licking my body slowly from chest to neck to my armpits. He then removed my pant and underpants. My cock was standing straight in front of him. He was the first person of my life who saw my fully grown erect cock. He made me wear a condom.
He started licking my groins, then my pubic hair which was a complete dark forest. He then sucked my cock by taking it into his throat as deeply as he could. He then turned me back and squeezed by buttocks as he slowly brought his face near my buttocks, I could sense his warm breath all over them. He stretched my ass wide open with his fingers and placed his tongue deep in my ass and started licking it. It was a heavenly feeling.
He started placing his tongue more and deeper into my ass hole as if he was fucking my ass hole with his tongue. He then spat inside my ass hole and inserted one finger into it. He deeply massaged my ass hole with his finger and asked me to suck his finger. He removed his inner pants, now he was fully naked. His cock was at least 8 to 9 inches long, thick, as hard as wood with honey oozing out of it. He wore a condom and tapped his cock on my lips to get it sucked.
I was sucking his cock, he pointed it his scrotum and groins to get licked and sucked too. I licked them to my hearts full content. I made him lay over me and we cuddled, kissed and smooch each other for about an hour while licking and smelling each others armpits and ass holes in between after ample of fore play he again lubricated my ass hole by spitting in it and massaging it. He now made me bend while he stood up, slowly inserted his cock in my ass hole, and firmly gripped me by my back.
I started fucking me softly initially but gradually got more and more violent. I could feel the pleasure to be much more than the pain, may be because of adequate lubrication and ample of fore play. He made me suck his cock in between and resume back to fucking. This continued for about 15 minutes after which he mourned loudly in pleasure and ejaculated. He withdrew his cock, removed his condom and wiped his cock with a napkin. We continued our smelling and licking fore play once again for about 10 minutes, by the time he again got an erection.
This time I lubricated his ass hole and fucked him caressing and kissing and licking his body side by side until I reached the peak of my orgasm and ejaculated as I withdrew my cock, he helped me in removing my condom. Since we both were sweating, he asked me to assist him to the bathroom. He lifted me naked horizontally by his arms and took me to the bathroom. He lay into the bath tub and made me lay over him. We both bathed each other with a hand shower mostly spraying warm water into each others ass holes.
Then we played with strawberry body wash foam and finally washed the soap out of ourselves by hugging and smooch each other underneath the main shower. We wiped each other dry with a single towel and wore our clothes. I then had my final deep smooch with him in his watchmans uniform, catching each others hands. We looked at each other with lust as if.
We just met 5 minutes back and everything was yet to happen but it was already 6 am in the morning by then and he had to leave. Quietly he left off from my home, leaving me back on earth after a trip to heaven. After that day, whenever we meet each other, he just gives me that same old naughty smile and I get the same old goose bumps, waiting for another trip to heaven with him all over again. Please do send me your comments and reviews on / /