Gay Hostel Life

Hey readers, this is bony again with my next experience. i hope you liked the previous one and thanks to everyone for their comments. i was doing my graduation in a reputed college in munnar.i was staying in the college hostel and i had three room mates. We used to keep our beds together and sleep in a huge blanket. as the place was at times at very low temperatures, this used to help us. There was one of my friend sharath who used to stay in the adjacent room. me and sharath were pretty close and we used to be together always. Someday sharath used to come and sleep with us inside our blanket. Initially everything was normal. Sometimes he used to lie on my top and tell me dat my ass is awesome.

I used to do this back also. one day it was very cold and we were inside the blanket, he moved very close to me from behind and slept. i could feel his warm breath on my neck. he said ” njan ninne jacky vekkan pokuvaa.. Nee oru charakk thanne” with this he starting rubbing his body over mine.this continued for sometime and then we slept off. Over the next few days this continued and sometimes I was doing this back on me. Now sharath never used to sleep in his room. We always used to cuddle around at the corner in my room. One day while we were about to sleep i turned to him and and kept my hand over him. he hugged me and kissed me on my neck and told my friends ” ee charakine ningal ithuvare rape cheythille??” they laughed at it.. and he started teasing me by pinching on my nipples and kissing me around my neck. his unshaved beard and mustache was arousing me.

It was just a fun for my room mates, but we both were getting horny. we started rubbing our body completely pressed my bulge on to him and he did the same back. he told in my ears” full kambi aanalloda”. i asked him ” ninteyum kambi ayallo”. We rubbed each other for sometime and slept off. This also continued 2-3 days. After that one day. Then we started sleeping off shirt so that we can feel each other well. Since 5 were sleeping at a place for 4, my room mates also didnt find anything abnormal in sleeping off shirt. one day i was wearing lungi. He saw this when he came to sleep. so he went back changed himself to lungi and came back. The normal procedures started when the lights were off. We started rubbing each other. He hugged me..kept his one hand over my ass and started caressing nad pressing them. While rubbing each other, our lungis unfoled and we were in our undies only.

This made it easy to feel each other. I could feel his erect dick rubbing on mine kissed him on his neck and behind his ears. He kept rubbing on my body. I started licking his ears and i inserted my tongue inside his ear. He asked me to continue doing this. After some time he started doing the same on me. This continued for sometime, and we slept off hugging each other in undies. Next day when i got up, i felt like i was having cold. So i decided not to go college for the day. sharath told me that he is also not going since he needs to write some assignments. He gave me some paracetamol tabs and asked me to sleep for sometime. i woke up by around 11 am and There was no one in room. i was feeling better, and i reached for a porn magazine that my room mate left on bed, and started reading it.

Meantime sharath came and asked me whether i am ok. He saw he magazine in my hand and started laughing.i replied i am better but not completely alright. Still feeling cold he closed the door and told me “ninte thanupp njan ippol maatti tharaam”. He got inside my blanket and again started rubbing each other. i hesitantly unbuttoned his shirt. He removed it and started unbuttoning my shirt. i also removed my shirt. Since there was no one else in the room. He started taking advantage. He rolled and came over me and started kissing on my lips. We started smooching. i couldnt believe that i am smooching a guy, and am enjoying it. We smooched for a minute or two then he started licking around my neck and ears. He inserted his tongue and cleaned my ears. i was enjoying this.

While all this was happening our dicks where rubbing each other over the undies and lungi. His teasing made me horny and i reached out and removed his lungi. He smiled at me and removed mine. he started rubbing vigorously now. he went down started licking my nipples and underarms. he was smelling my underarms and tasting my sweat there. after some time we rolled and now i was above him. I started kissing him on lips, neck and nipples. this time he reached his hands and started rubbing my ass over the undies. I licked his belly button for sometime and came back to his ears. He said ” ninte backile skin nalla smooth aanu” with this he inserted his both hands inside my underwear and started pressing my ass. Now we were side to side, with him behind me.

he pulled my underwear from back to reveal my cleave still leaving my dick covered and started rubbing his dick on my bare ass. I cud feel the warmth of his dick in between my ass cheeks. this made me more horny and i pressed myself more to him. Meantime he was kissing my neck from behind. Right hand came undermybody and was pinching my nipples and left arm was rubbing my ass. He moved his left hand from ass, rubbed the thighs and stomach many times. Ii felt like am in heaven. in between he rubbed his hand over my dick on the undy. I felt this as a signal and slowly rubbed my hand on his undy. Now he took courage and got hold of my dick with undy and i did the same. he told me ” ninte saadhanam bhayangara valuthaanallodey” i laughed at it because i was shocked by his thickness which was more than mine. he removed my underwear and started stroking my dick. i reached out for his undies and pulled them down.

Now i could feel fish bare dick on my ass. He continued rubbing his dick on my ass. After sometime he asked to lie facing the ceiling. He got up and came over me. This was the first time we saw each other nude body completely. His dick was standing erect. He lied over me and started kissing all over my body while his one hand was stroking my dick. After some kissing we rolled and it was my turn to kiss him. i kissed him all over bited his nipples. i licked his underarms. I could feel the odou that i was making me horny. His underarms were little salty. I loved it. Now again he rolled over me continued kissing ma body. i was enjoying and i closed my eyes. All of a sudden i felt like my dick is getting wet.

When i opened my eyes i was shocked to see sharath sucking my cock. He was doing it as a professional. re was rubbing my balls and groins while sucking. I started moaning” aaahhhh…daaa…. melleee….ahhhhh” he continued for some time then he lied next to me. i climbed over him and started kissing.. When i was sucking his nipples he was moaning…now i reached his dick and started kissing it. I liked at its tip. it had a precum on was salty. i took his dick in my mouth. it was huge for my mouth and filled my entire mouth. i sucked it well. he cried” aaahhh pathukke nakkedaa… aahhh… nirthallee charakkee… and ente unda nakkedaa” i obeyed him. now he told me to lie in 69 and we started sucking eachother. He was sucking really well.. now he reached out and tried to insert his finger in my asshole. It didnt go in. so he took out my dick from his mouth sucked his finger.

He put some precum from my dick also on his finger and inserted the finger in my asshole. i also did the same. Now we both were sucking each other and our fingers where in each others assholes. We were moving our fingers to and fro. now we inserted two fingers each. after some sucking and fingering we got up. He took out some oil from the shelf and applied on his and my dick and we rubbed our dicks with each other for sometime. Then he asked me tobe in doggy position and applied oil in my ass. He tried to insert his dick and it didnt go. i told him i am afraid since his dick is too thick.

He told me its ok, dont worry fter sometym it entered wid severe pain. I cried” da.. ithu vendaa nammukk kunna chappiyaal pore.” he said u will enjoy dis afetr some tym.. he started stroking to and fro and as he said i started enjoying it. I told him to fuck me hard. He made me upright and kissed behind my neck. I could feel his thick cock inside my ass and his sharp pubic hair pressing against my ass. he was so horny and he bited on my shoulders. i raised my hands and stared playing with his hair, while he was kissing and fucking me. he increased his pace wildly started kissing..he was pinching nad kissing my complete body. he ended shivering and pumping his entire juice inside me.

Some juice was oosing out of my ass. He took his in his finger and asked me to lick that finger again he took some cum and poured it on my dick and started stroking it. den he sucked my cock for some tym. i said ” da enik vararayyi.. he said” ne ente vaayi thannoo”” and i started giving my juices in his was awesome feeling and i held his head and pressed towards my dick till all my juices are gone. Then he said we will take a shower. it was the best shower i had in my life. He was applying soap all over my body. Fingered my ass.

I did the same wid him.he told me ” next time nee enne pannikkoo , enik ithonnu anubhavikkanam.. ” i smiled . we got erect again while taking shower. this time we shagged off eachother since there was no time. we cleaned up eachother dried. this time i told him i will wear his underwear ( which i learned from manu, and i enjoyed it). He said yah its a good idea and we wore our clothes. After 10 mins, my room mates came and i acted like i am still on bed. There are ore stories to come. i hope u liked my story. leave your comments and mails to / /