Mani The Man Behind Introducing Me To The World Of Sex

Hi, I am publishing this series of South Indian Erotic Nights. Each and every encounter in my stories have occured in different stages of my life. When I was an adolescent studying third standard I started feeling erotic. Whenever I noticed navel of my school teachers I felt a hard on inside my trousers. I thought I had some defect in my penis. Whenever I watched the navel of heroines in movies I felt my penis to get hard.

Once I was changing my dress after I reached home with the door still open. Mom was outside doing some work. A neighbourhood girl who was about 10 years elder to me came to my house to give something. When she saw me naked she giggled out loud. When I felt that I was being watched by a girl that too naked I felt a hard on. She was surprised to look at penis getting hard. She inquisitively came closer to me to show her how my penis turns hard.

But I ran into my bedroom and shut the door out of shyness. After a few minutes when I changed to my shorts and came out she dissappeared. I did not know why my penis turned hard at few instances. That was when my neighbourhood friend Mani came into my life. Whenever our parents were not at home he used to call me to play the game of love. When I asked how to play that game he would switch on the TV and would ask me to sing, dance, hug, and kiss like the hero and heroine of the movie.

He used to strip off his shirt and trousers. He used to ask me to get nude like him. He then hugs me and kisses me in my cheeks. I too kiss him back on his cheeks. Then he presses his lips on mine and my penis gets a hard on instantly. He sucked my nipples and I felt strange and felt like moaning. He asked me how come my penis gets hard when his doesnt. He asks me to suck his penis for his penis to get as hard as mine. But when I sucked his penis for a few minutes his never got hard.

He got down to suck my penis and it got harder and harder. I felt strange I felt good at the same time I felt that this love game going on between us was wrong. I felt stranger as he sucked harder and harder. I felt the urge to urinate but felt unusually good. As I felt more and more urge to urinate and pushed him away from my penis gently. I said I feel like pissiing for which he laughed out aloud. I waited for a few minutes in the toilet but I did not urinate. I was afraid that something had gone wrong with my body. Hence I stopped the love game with him and never talked with him again. But later on urine started flowing out of my penis normally.

When I learned about sex years later when I actually had my first sex with my mom I realised that it was my sexuality that created those bodily changes. More stories to follow…