Fucked In Kolhapur

Hello friends I am from Indore. I am 25 years old. This story starts when I created my facebook profile. I subscribed to many gay group in facebook. some times later one person send me a friends request. His name was sanjay and he was from kolhapur. We became good friends on facebook. We used to chat a lot. Sometimes later he told me that he want to fuck me.

I was not interested so I told him that I do not want that. So he told me that he will give me money. I said how much, so he said that he will pay me 2000 rupees and he will come to indore and fuck me. I thought why not to earn some money so I said that I will take 20000 rupees per month and I will come to kolhapur and live with you. I thought he will refuse the offer but I was glad that he accepted.

He said that you will have to suck my cock and there will be no restrictions on how many times I can fuck you. I said ok. I gave him my number and He called me many times and we talked. He told me that your month starts from 1st july. I was really very excited and I prepared to go to kolhapur. I made reservations for kolhapur. I purchased a pack of 100 condoms and left for kolhapur. When I reached on station I called him he came to pick me up and we went to his room.

on the way to his room he was staring at my ass with lusty looks on his face. I was enjoying it. When we reached to his room I asked for the advance from him and he gave me 20000 rupees. I was happy with the money. Then he started to undress himself and told me to undress myself. I removed my pant and shirt. I saw his cock it was 6 inches long. It turned me on and I immediately took his cock in my mouth and started to give him blowjob. He started moaning and I was enjoying it too. After 10 minutes of sucking he ejaculated in my mouth and I drank his cum. It was tasty.

Then he was taking rest for sometime And I started to watch TV. After 30 minutes he told me to suck his cock. I took his cock in my mouth again and started blowing. It took a while and his cock was hard again. now he told me to lay down. I laid on the bed and he put my legs on his shoulders. Now my asshole was visible to him. He then put his cock on my asshole and started to insert it in my ass. His cock was thick so I was experiancing pain and slowly he inserted his full cock in my asshole. Now he started to fuck me. He was going very fast so I told him to calm down.

After 10 minutes of fucking He ejaculated in my ass. I was very satisfied with his fucking. And his cum was very satisfying in my asshole. After sometime he told me that His friend want to fuck me I told him that I will charge extra for that. He agreed for it. Next day his friend came in and he was very handsome. We talked for sometimes on sex and then he said he want to fuck me. So I got up started to press his cock with my hand. Now he started to undress himself and said me to remove my clothes.

I removed all my clothes and Bent to my knees and took his cock in my mouth and give him blowjob. Sanjay also came to join us and I was blowing cock one by one. Now he told me he want to fuck me. I was sucking sanjays cock and he came to my back and inserted his cock in my ass. I was in heaven. Both of my holes(ass and mouth) were filled with cock. He then started to fuck me fast. He fucked me for 15 minutes and ejaculated in my ass sanjay also cum in my mouth. I am still living with sanjay and he is fucking me regularly. If you like my story then please send me email my email address is / /