Fun At Gym

Hey mates this is me jerry with my fiction fantasy..I am extremely slim with curvy wastes and a firm round ass if I cross dress and wear some fake boobs then I could even be mistaken with a hot chic. Lets start the story then….

The incident took place when I finished my +2 studies and was having my summer vacation as I told early I was too skinny so I decided to gain some weight then there was a fitness center at my town and I went to join their the instructor and the owner were the same and he was too young in his late twenties I guess. He was so handsome and well built but he was nothing like the giants we see in body shows but fit.

I had called him and had took an appointment to visit the gym and when I went there I saw the guys who was working out there ogling at me as if a semi nude chic had came aboard I neglected them and went straight into the instructors cabin there I saw our hero wearing a tight navy blue t shirt and a track pants. His name was Joel and everyone called him Jo I introduced myself and asked him about me gaining some weight but he was too busy checking me out and passed a lose comment “you already look sexy yaa”.

I passed a smile and said can I join your gym bro he replied that I was too much skinny that none of the equipment will be suitable for me I made a sad face then I saw a crooked smile arousing on his face I asked him whether there is nothing that he can do he then suggested that there is lighter equipments at his home and if I want I can come to his home and workout I agreed immediately without knowing the fact that the decision is going to change my life…

He asked me to come to his home daily in the evening at around 5 but only on week days. I agreed with the arrangement since the fee was reasonable. But the real reason was nothing but the fact that I get to spend some time with this sexy hunk alone. I even decided to try on him using my figures but I never thought that he was thinking the same thing the other way around.

I reached his home sharp at 5 I was wearing a tea shirt and a pair of jeans I rung the door bell and my sexy instructor himself opened the door he was topless wearing a pair of shorts only and for the first time I get to see his gorgeous cuts and packs. God he was such a hunk. His body color was very Indian but on the fair side and the whole body was completely waxed off clean. He asked me to come in and start warming up by doing some pushups.

I went in there and was some exercising equipments there he asked me to fist lay on the floor and do some pushups I did it he stood beside me watching my ass going up and down he kneeled alongside me and asked me to do it faster by saying it he placed his hands over my ass and pushed it down as I go down he again complained about my speed and now started pressing my both ass with his both hands and it felt so good to be handled by those muscular arms the warm-ups were over and he asked me to change into my exercise dress but I didnt brought any I said it to him and he replied “you cant practice in those jeans of yours dear, you must get something more comfortable” then I said that I would go back home and get something but he denied and said “dont worry you stay here and continue warming up and I will buy you something really comfortable” by saying this he left home and returned in a jiffy.

The dress he brought was a pair of denim trousers and a sleeveless top the trouser barely covered my ass and the top covered only up to my belly button exposing my bare navel I wore it and looked myself in the mirror now I looked like a western hooker I admired myself some more and went to jo his eyes got widened and his jaws fell down. he started training me with some dumb bells but he couldnt avoid himself from ogling at my body he then asked me to study the real muscular structure by touching his muscles

I eagerly ran my hands throughout his upper body I felt his chests in my palms then I ran it along his waists on to his navel packs but I got stuck there since he is wearing his shorts. he then said to me “man if I want to train you well then I need to see the present nature of your body “and asked me to take off my top I obeyed instantly now I am wearing only my ultra mini trousers he fondled my wastes and inspected my whole body then he said to me “boy you look almost like a girl….. are you really a boy”…by saying this he clenched my crotch and grabbed my genitals the feeling of his strong arms made my thing rock hard stood still with a blush and he got the green signal to proceed, to use me as his bitch..

Jo then lean forward his face came closer to me now I could feel the hot air from his mouth hitting my face the tip of his nose touched mine then those red lips locked mine I kissed him back we began a grant smooch his tongue intruded in to my mouth and inspected every nook and corner of it. His hot saliva flowed into my mouth and I eagerly drank it.

We broke the smooch and he told me laughing “you were waiting for this nah, naughty bitch”and he slapped on my ass I giggled and said yeah I couldnt wait to take your hot rod in my mouth. then take it my slut he said and got naked his 7inch monster pointed at me as if to challenge me I kneeled in front of him and got hold of that giant prick of his u like up to now?…then reply me to / / so that I could post the rest and more other stories…. any guys wanting safe private chit chats could also mail me…. your hot bitch jerry….