Train Encounter Part ll

I didn’t know what magic in his tongue he sucked everywhere
from my pubic hair to end opening tip. Then he came to my balls and did
t same. He did it for more than ten minute. Suddenly he changed his
direction with his head with my head side. He came close to me and i
could feel his hot breathe and asked in my ears “do u like it ah” i
didn’t respond. Then he started kissing my ears and literally sucked
it. Slowly he came to neck portion and finally he locked my lip with
his lip. At first i resisted and didn’t open my mouth and soon i also
started enjoying so i opened my mouth he have me a deep kiss and
sucked my tongue. And now my tongue also responded to give a tongue
lock. At the same time one of his hand moved over my hairy chest and
found my nipple started to squeezed and other hand did the to and fro
motion of my cock. Just think i locked completely am out of this
world. Then he went down further and drags my t shirt and inner. He
made rings on my naval and my hip then he pierced my navel with his
sharp tongue and rotated throughout 360 degree and his tongue gone
throughout my body as he might like the hairy type he pulled my body
hair using his teeth often and he reached my nipple even though he
reached my nipple with his hands and squeeze whiles tongue busy with
my navel now his tongue found my nipple oh my god what a sucker he was he
completely sucked both my nipple and often gave me a bite and my
nipples got erect by now as like my rod. Then he moved my hands upwards
i didn’t know what he was doing. Soon he sniffed my armpits like a dog and
started tasted it. He was enjoying so much more than me i thought he
might like my sweat with my body spray odor. He licked my armpits
like anything. Finally asked me to touch his manhood and feel. I didn’t
know what happened to me and i did what he instructed. So i placed my hand
on his cock as per his instruction i slowly loosen his belt and
unbutton his pant and started unzipping. Then i found a cobra which is
out of control to come out. Then he asked me to put my hands into his
inner initially i hesitated but i just put my hand what a heat more than
100 degree Fahrenheit damn sure and now am acted vigorously. I slowly pull
down his inner OMG a huge meat in full swing came out. I didn’t touch
ever b4 a cock but his cock also almost of mine size t only diff s his
was cut cock without skin direct mushroom head. I touched t tip
already it’s oozed by pre cum. He asked me to do whatever he did to me,
i was so scared what would happen if somebody watch us. But he
requested me and asked me please dear. And i did t same starting from his
cut cock initially i felt very awkward but he forced me to put his cock
to my mouth and slowly sucked his cock as i didn’t know i left al my
saliva flew throughout his cock balls and mad his inner wet. But i did
that intentionally after al he’s a stranger so i didn’t know how he clean
so i didn’t want to take chance. Then he asked me to do t same to his
navel and nipple. So i pulled up his shirt and moved my hand. Vow his
body is silk like smooth without body hair. By this time without his
instruction i licked al his body he moaned like anything. Finally,
reached his nipple which more soft than his body so i sucked licked
more than what he did to me. Finally he changed his position as earlier
which he wanted to do 69 literally in gay term (which i educate myself after read many stories) but i didn’t have any idea at that time.
But I’m anticipating that he could suck my cock again. He lowered my
under wear up to my knee and asked me to do t same i did it. Finally he
once again peeled of my fore skin and swallowed my mushroom headed
cock and sucked like anything and asked me to do t same meanwhile and
went to fuck my rod. Initially i suck his cut cock half-heartedly as he
raised his action i also fucked his rod like anything. Soon i came to
my climax part and i informed him by this time he fucked vigorously
so i burst out my load of cum to his mouth itself he engulfed not
even wasting a single drop and cleaned my cock completely. Now he
pushed my head to and fro action with his hands i sensed he is gonna
cum so with my full force i have taken his cock from my mouth suddenly he
cum it spreading over his under wear but one drop spitted in my t
shirt and i could felt t heat and smell which sounds good. He wiped
with his inner and got down by wearing his clothes and i also did
properly. Hop he might went to toilet to clean i never bother. So
now due to pleasure and tired i went to deep sleep, soon my destination
reached n t morning but he found missing might he got down earlier. Now my
story came to an end. This s my first experience so am anticipating your