Oh Yes Deepak Part I

I met Deepak at the hotel just across the road from the airport here in the Philippines where I had just seen off Mei Ling my Chinese girlfriend who was going back to Shanghai for two weeks holiday. He was the only person in the coffee shop apart from me and both of us were sat on stools at the counter. I said good morning to him which seemed to take him by surprise but he did reply with a smile.

Let me describe him first of all, he was about 55 years old, slim build, nice mustache on an attractive face, about the same height as myself at 5ft 6inches and very smartly dressed. I am British, aged 52 also of slim build, and clean shaven and I was dressed in T-shirt and trousers as is the norm here.

We started talking and he found out I lived here now and I found out he had been here on business for the last two days but now was just waiting for his flight home on the Sunday morning. After a few minutes of talking he asked where would be a good place to do a small amount of shopping for a gift for his wife and some smaller gifts for his servants. I asked as to what he had in mind for these gifts and after he told me his ideas I told him the best shopping mall was near to where I lived and I would be happy to take him there.

He thought that was a good idea if it was not a problem and I told him it would be my pleasure to be of assistance. So after paying our bills we went outside and took a taxi to the mall where he bought some t-shirts for the servants, some gold earrings for his wife, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for himself…. and then he spotted something else.

It was an ashtray or trinket holder in the shape of an erect penis about 6 inches high. He bought two of them and told me his wife would love one to put small trinkets in and the other would be used as an ashtray in their bedroom. I laughed and told him we had like minds because I also had bought two for exactly the same reasons.

By now it was around 12.30 pm so I invited him to take lunch in the mall with me before he went back to the hotel. We took lunch at a restaurant we went to quite often out on one of the outside balconies and while we ate he asked where my home was located. I pointed over the road and said you can just about see the security gate from here and he replied by saying it really was near to the mall. I then said if he wasnt in a rush to get back to the hotel he could come back home with me and have a look around and he said he would like that too.

Fifteen minutes later we were in my house and I showed him round including our bedroom where he saw my two erect penis ornaments and he said that one either side of the bed was his idea of perfect positioning for his bedroom also. He also loved the 46 inch TV that was on the wall connected to a DVD player as well as satellite TV. We went back downstairs and I served us both cold drinks and we sat just chatting about things in general. He asked how I found living in the fairly high humidity so I told him most afternoons I took a cold shower and then an afternoon nap. He thought that seemed a sensible idea especially with an air conditioned bedroom and he would do that once he returned to the hotel as he felt sweaty and damp himself.

I told him that now he was here and not in a rush to go back to the hotel he was welcome to stay longer and then go out for the evening. Again he thought it was a great idea and we could sample some nightlife together. Having made sure the house was secure downstairs we went upstairs and I told him I would get him a bath towel and he could shower first. I showed him into the spare bedroom and left him to undress while I got him a towel but first I took my own towel from the bathroom.

When I knocked he called come in and he was only wearing his shirt and everything else was folded on the bed. I handed him the towel and saw that his cock was semi-erect and it looked good to me. I left him to finish undressing and went to my room and undressed myself leaving my door partly open. As I heard him come out of the spare room I made sure I was in view and just in the act of wrapping the towel around my waist so he got a glimpse of me naked.

I heard the shower running and after a couple of minutes I opened the shower room door and without going inside asked if he had everything he needed. He said everything was fine although the shampoo bottle was virtually empty. I said I will bring you another bottle Deepak and he said thanks. It was then I remembered I had put a new bottle on a small shelf on the shower support but it was lying flat so difficult to see so I went into the room. Deepak had only closed the curtain halfway so I saw him fully naked immediately and also that he was washing his cock which seemed even more erect. I said I know where there is a full shampoo bottle Deepak, it is just behind you lying flat on the top shelf of the shower support so would you like me to get it for you.

He could have said no I can manage but instead he said yes please. I took my towel off otherwise it would have got soaked and got into the shower facing Deepak. I had to get really close to him so I could reach the shampoo with one arm over his shoulder. The shower was splashing into my face so I turned off the water for a minute and as I reached for the bottle I felt his cock prodding me in the stomach and his head touching my neck. Almost got it I told him and moved closer still to grasp the bottle and now I felt his lips on my neck smooching gently. Got it I said and stepped back and handed it to him. Thanks he said and with a smile told me that my reaching the way I did he found very enjoyable and then laughing he said maybe I should have you put it back and get it again. Then on a more serious note he said he hoped I wasnt offended by what he had said.

I did not reply but instead I took the bottle off him and put it back in the same way I had taken it to start with. As I did it I felt his cock poke my belly and his lips on my neck again. I stepped back smiling and asked him if I should reach for it again. I am not in a rush for the shampoo just now but if you wanted to put both arms around me you could pretend you were reaching for it. I said OK I would like that too and put my arms around him and he put his around me. His lips started smooching me and I moaned saying how nice it felt and he stopped long enough to say good because it felt nice to him too.

After a moment or two he pulled back and faced me and asked if I would enjoy kissing a man. Yes I love kissing both men and women I told him. We went into a deep kiss and our tongues went to work exciting one another. After a kiss lasting a good two minutes we parted for air and he gasped out saying that was a wonderful kiss and we went into another one for another two minutes. This time we both had one arm around each others necks and our other hands on each others throbbing cocks. This second long deep kiss was as good if not better than the first as we were pushing our tongues into one anothers mouths even deeper. Tongue fucking each others mouth is the best description to describe it.

When we parted again he asked what I what I enjoyed doing as well as kissing so I said this to start with Deepak and slowly kissed down his body stopping at his nipples for a few moments and sucking on them. I then went lower with my kisses and then knelt down and took his throbbing cock into my mouth and started sucking him. After a minute or two as he moaned and put his hands to draw my head towards him and he started fucking my face.

Then he pulled out of my mouth and said he was ready to cum so I told him he could cum anywhere he wanted. Even in your mouth he asked, especially in my mouth I told him. How about I jerk off into to your open mouth and on your face he asked. Perfect I replied and he said wonderful but save some cum in your mouth for a kiss afterwards. He then jerked his cock for about 30 seconds and then he spurted out his first load into my open mouth followed by several more spurts that went over my face as well as into my greedy mouth. After he finished spurting cum I licked the end of his cock dry and then he helped me to my feet.

He pulled me into another kiss and exchanged his cum between our mouths and then he started licking his cum off my cheeks followed by another kiss. Deepak then knelt down and started to suck my cock and when I was ready to cum I told him that I would finish the way he had if that was OK. More than OK he said and so I shot my load into his open mouth and over his face too. Once I helped him to his feet we went into another cum kiss and licking session until finally we were done.

He smiled at me and told me that more than anything he liked a man or woman that enjoyed cum kisses and licking it from one another as we had done but it was rare to find between men and I agreed with him. We shared several more deep tonguing kisses and then Deepak pulled away and said I need to get out of the shower for a minute to take a piss. I kissed him on the lips gently and told him there was no need to get out of the shower to piss when he could remain where he was and piss on me if he would enjoy that. Yes was his reply and I took his now semi-limp cock in my hand and he started to piss onto my cock after I quickly closed the shower drain.

He moaned oh yes this is nice dear and so I knelt down and aimed his piss over my face and into my mouth. Oh fuck this is fantastic dear; you and I enjoy the same things he said. When he was done I licked his cock head dry and he helped me to my feet. Another kiss or two and he asked if I would piss on him now. Yes of course I said and he knelt down and aimed my cock at his face and took the full load of my warm piss over his face and into his mouth. When I had done and Deepak had got to his feet we kissed again and I also felt as well as saw his cock was fully erect again. What shall we do about this I said stroking his stiff dick. Anything you like he told me and then said I like this as he moved his feet to stir the piss.

I smiled and said well lets sit in it and decide what we should do next and so we both sat down in our mixed piss. We sat there and rubbed piss over one another and we both drank some and swapped it in kisses. I saw his dick was even harder if that was possible and told him I would like to get into the doggy position and have him fuck me. Oh yes I would love that he said so I got into position. I felt his hands part my ass-cheeks and then his tongue was probing my asshole gradually going inside. I moaned that it felt wonderful and I loved his tongue in my ass hole. He stopped just long enough to say he did too.

Then after another minute or so I felt him move and then felt his cock head at the entrance to my asshole. He pushed in and I pushed back and gradually he slid into my all the way. He started fucking me with long slow strokes and told me this was the first time he had ever fucked a man in a pool of piss. Are you enjoying it I asked him? Mmm definitely he said. Now I am fully inside you dear I would like you to lay flat in the piss as I fuck you he said. Ok darling I told him and managed to lie down without losing his cock. He then lay flat on top of me and continued fucking me slowly, it felt great. I wish you lived in India he told me because I would have to see you as often as we could and I agreed with him because I already liked him so much.

As he fucked me we both slurped up piss and either swallowed it or shared it in kisses and I told him I hoped his business would bring him back here again soon. I will make sure of that he replied because I want more times like this with you. He then said I want to cum dearest and started fucking with shorter faster strokes and within a minute I felt his hot cum spurt into my asshole. He lay there on top of me for a moment or two and then asked that when he got off I went into the doggy position again so he could lick my asshole. I said instead of that we could get into a 69 position lying down so that as he licked my asshole I could suck and lick his cock.

Oh yes he said and we both changed round and got into position and as he went to lick my asshole I went to suck on his dick. I licked the length of his cock and then took it fully into my mouth and his tongue was busy around my asshole before going inside again. We spent a few minutes like this and then I told him to stop because pressure had built up inside me and I needed to fart and he might get more than cum flying out. He stopped licking me to tell me to fart all I wanted because he wanted to piss again. OK I said and he started pissing into my mouth and I let go three farts one after the other. A few more licks from each of us and then we turned round so we were side by side.

He looked at his clean shiny cock head and said did you enjoy cleaning that and I told him of course I did. I also saw his face was splattered with globs of cum from my farts so I asked him if hed enjoyed my farts. Yes very much dearest he told me and we started kissing again. We then both got up and released the piss to drain away and now we turned on the shower and we washed each other down until we were both clean.

End of Part 1.