Surprise Sex On Road

Hi this is Rajesh.

Thank you friends for the comments for my earlier story.

This incident which i am going to narrate happen to me yesterday night and was was so excited and thrilled with this incident that i could not control myself from penning this incident. Its a small story.

It was Saturday evening and i was attending small business meeting in a luxury hotel and after meeting there was a cocktail dinner.

Generally i dont drink alcohol and specially when i am driving, its a big no. But here what happen MD of the company saw me empty handed and asked me to take a drink which i could not say no to him and had a large. I stopped at 1 large as i knew i had to drive back home. Dinner and party was on but i was getting bored so i decided to head home. I had a very slight influence of alcohol which i was enjoying.

I took my uncles car which i had got and started to drive home. I had to drive through cubbon park(a famous park in Bangalore) and entered cubbon park from vidhana souda side (those who know Bangalore). There is a speed breaker on that road and as i was slowing on the breaker i saw a young guy and he also looked towards me and i also continued looking at him, i dont know why. As i passed the speed breaker i saw the guy smiling and his hand reached for his cock over the pants he was wearing. His eyes was something different as if it was saying something to me.

It was strange for me to notice all this and still continue my interest in him and then as i was crossing him, i realised he had unzipped his pant and bought his cock out. Could not see much of his cock but with the side view mirror i saw that he was stroking his cock looking towards me or car. I dont know what happen to me but i slowed down and stopped my car in side without any reason.

Then in rear view mirror i saw this guy cross the road and hurry towards my car. I dint knew what was happening, why i stopped the car or whats going to happen. I was dumb stuck. I saw this guy come next to my car and showing me his cock and looking towards me with a smiling face. I could not do much and just looked at him stupidly. He said ” shall i come in?”. I replied “for what?” He replied “just fun, drop me little further.”. Just thinking without anything i opened the centre lock and let him in the car. This guy must be in early 20s, decent looking and decently dressed in formal. average in height must be 58″ and Indian complexion.

I ask him where he wanted to go and he replied to go ahead, i was eying his cock which was not big but was a different brown in colour. He noticed me looking at his cock and he smiled naughtily. As i started the car he reached for my cock and then started caressing it. I was not ready for this and in thrill i jumped and this guy pulled back his hand for a sec. Then again he reached for my cock and squeezed it softly. He said “i am naresh and am gay, how about you?”

I replied ” i am rajesh and am bi but top”. He smiled and said “no problem, you will be happy” and he once again squeezed my cock softly. I swear i dint knew what was happening and what was going to happen. I was not prepared, here a unknown young guy was caressing my cock with one hand and with other he was stroking his own cock. I was driving slowly and by then we had reached the coffee square circle. “take the left here” said naresh which i did obediently and went straight ahead till cubbon park entrance near police station, meanwhile he had unzipped my jeans and with my little help he had taken my cock out of jeans.

He was feeling my nude cock skin and tip of the cock, i was thrilled all the time. He then told me to take left inside cubbon park and then immediate right on the parking lane of park. As we entered the deserted lane, he asked me to raise my left hand and he bent forward on my lap and took my cock in his mouth and started to suck…ooohhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhhh hhhhhmmmmmmm i was moaning a bit.

I had reached on the end of the road and i asked him where to go, he asked me to take left and park the car on right hand side behind other cars parked out there. There where few cars standing there and few people walking around. I was kind of scared and told him that people can see us and there are few people around. Naresh got up and said “oh these guys are like me, waiting for sex. Dont worry about them, they will not bother. Why dont you push your back support back and lie down and pull down you jeans.” I did as he said and even he pushed back his seat back rest and opened his pant and pushed down completely. Now he was caressing my tummy and sucking my cock and i was moaning on his suck.

I wonder today that yesterday i was with a total stranger, nude in a car and he was sucking my cock and i was letting him do that. He was sucking so well and with my moan he knew i was loving it specially his deep suck where he tried to take entire length of my cock inside his mouth….aaaaahhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhmmmmmmm yyyaaaaaaaa oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i was moaning but at the same time was looking around as people around us where bothering me. guys started to come and look at me getting sucked and would go. It was a strange feeling. I was enjoying the suck by this professional sucker for next 10 minutes. His grip on my cock with his mouth felt like a chute and i was hard and ready to blow and i said “naresh i am going to blow in some times”. Naresh stopped sucking immediately and reached for condom in his pant and jumped to back seat.

He asked me to come in back seat. I did as he said. He said ” you are clean and maintain hygiene. There is no smell or bad taste in your cock, you are yummy” and wanted to kiss me. But i dont kiss much so i stopped him, he showed me his small cock, i felt he wanted me to suck his cock, but how can i do that with a stranger. I just stroked it and he said to stop, he pushed me back and he came over me, pushing my shirt up he ran his tongue over my chest and little lower to under armpit. oh i was liking his wet tongue. He slowly went down to my cock and further down. He made me raise my leg and went down under almost to my ass hole and licked the skin…oooohhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm hhhhhhhhhmmmmm i was moaning. He sucked my balls and licking all the way to top of my cock he was tapping on my cock tip. then he gripped my rod and was hitting his own face with it..He was a genius and master in gay sex.

Then he stared to suck me neatly and within minutes i was hard as rock and then he took out condom and covered my cock with condom. Because i had a innova, we had enough place to play with. He then came over smooched me, this time i let him do as i was quiet high. The influence of alcohol, sex and thrill of having sex in open was just too much and i was enjoying it. He adjusted himself and then slowly he inserted my cock in his ass hole. wow it was tight and felt like a chute, i was loving it. He was moaning which i never understood as what pleasure do you get by getting fucked in ass? he was ridding my cock with support of my hand and i was in heaven. In couple of minutes i was ready to blast and i told him that i will be out, he asked me to hold but i just could not. It was a great leak and i squeezed his ass cheeks as i spermed out. I was sweating and he was enjoying.

Naresh said “come on man, you should have held for few minutes, i would have taken it in mouth”. He got up and pulled the condom with sperms in down position, spilling sperms on my cock and then he bent forward and took my dirty cock with sperms in mouth. He licked every bit of of sperms leaving nothing behind as if it was melted chocolate on my cock. i was dry and now wanted to get dressed. I hurried and dressed up and even naresh put on his pants and we where ready to move. I started the car and ac and opened the window to get some fresh air.

As soon as i opened the window to throw the condom, a guy came and asked if he can join to which naresh said “tika muchkond hogo” (shut your ass and go from here). That guy wanted to join in fun and then i asked naresh “how come every guy is looking for fun and is police not a fear here”. Naresh said “this is a gay joint basically so all are looking for opportunity and police can be taken care off.” i was surprised and zapped, seeing which naresh said “dont tell me you dont know that cubbon park at night in these areas and where you met me is for gay sex?” i said no and he asked from when i am in Bangalore and when i said i was born here, he was zapped.

Then we drove from there and naresh showed me at least 15 guys moving around who where gay, top and some bottom. Out of those guys one was wearing a skin hugging nylon tight and walking like a girl swaying his ass in the dark road and when my cars head light brighten the road,his ass was highlighted and swear to good, i have never seen a better shaped ass. Naresh said “he is mini and he is chakka”.

He asked me to stop the car next to mini and he rolled down the window glass and said “hey bitch” to which this mini turned around and i noticed he had breast and in the tight top it looked like 34 size. Face was very decent and complexion was fair. I kind of liked mini. Mini said Hi and naresh said hi and they spoke for a minute and then naresh introduced me and said “he is rajesh and he is top. He fucked me nicely today”. Mini smiled and said “rajesh hi, but you know a man like you should have some one like me, i dont charge much just 1000” and laughed. Then i came to know mini was a shemale and was a prostitute. We drove away from there and naresh gave me his number and i asked for minis number which was also given to me.

Narresh bent forward and kissed me and squeezed my cock. Asked me when will i meet him next to which i said very soon. He got down from the car where i picked him and i drove home.

I dont think i will call either of them but it was a surprise and good sex session i had on road and new thing learned that Bangalore has gay places to meet.

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Ritesh modi