How I Became Lover Of A Boy, Aunty And My Cousin Sister Part I

Hi to all my dear friends. I have read most of this portal and I feel that most of the stories are true except few ones, because I feel that the incidents written by my most of the friends are true and they certainly happen in the life, I agree that some might be a fiction. Initially I have no such mind to write my real story to tell all of you but when I read all these stories by all ISS writers, I found a courage in me and thought that it would be a strange charm to write to all. I have gone through 30 years of my life and felt several experiences where I have seen that sex is the true natural necessity of a person though it’s a man or woman. In my life journey I have experienced these practically in life and now on this portal going to write to share with you. I am not a good writer but I will try to write the incidents as they happened in my life without much more focusing over the grammar. Since its along story , readers will have to keep patience to enjoy it .

This story does not belong to only a special category like Gay, Incest because it belongs to all the real sexual experiences I had with male or female who were my friends or relatives in any manner. The story begins at when my age was of around 15 years and i studied in tenth class. I belong to a middle class conservative family from a small town in Rajasthan. My family is so conservative in all kind as Indian culture where we cant share our inner true feelings to any one. Like all other my age boys I was also having a hidden attraction towards the opposite sex girls. Our school was not co-ed, but girls sections were separate from boys.

So we have a chance to see girls in the school but not in our classes. Out of those girls we knew names of some that time beautiful girls and were attracted towards them but we did not have any courage to do or say anything to them or even to amongst friends to show ourselves as Gentle Boy. The all hidden desires came out one day, when one of my friends shocked us that we will watch movie along with a B.F. This was totally new word to me that time and on query he told us the reality of a B.F. I and ankit did not believe that there are such movies exist but later he convinced us that he will arrange such movie for us. As per decided programmes sachin showed us the real surprise and in the as he placed the C.D. in the player we were totally shocked to see the very first scene.

It was highly exciting because we never expected to see nude woman and man in front us doing the sex. We were not elder at that age but our penises (5-6’ that time) got erected and that scenes created a flow of blood in our lower vessels. It was a nightmare like and we all were silently watching those scenes, several times we tried to touch our groin but due to image of gentle Boy we could not do it in front of each other. I have noticed that with the help of keeping a pillow on our laps we some how managed our erections and rubbed our penises slowly to get relived and truly I released a heavy load in my underwear and I know most of us have leaked in their underwears. it was the first incident of our life where we friends became little open to each other to expose our sex feelings up to an extent.

Slowly , I and ankit came more closer and started talking more about sex scenes that we have seen in that movie openly. Like we all know God has decided the destiny already, I found a book from somewhere those days which had an erotic story using the hindi language and in that book the vulgar words were written directly narrating the story of a man-woman sex relationship in the train. I shared this book to ankit and since it was a lengthy story we started reading that in fraction together and started enjoying the story by reading in front of each other. Whenever we had a chance in the name of combined study at each others home, we used to read that book together and now we have became more open to speak the typical hindi words like Choot, lund, gaand, bhosda, etc in front of each other.

We also became closer to share the inner feelings towards sex to each other but I remember our throats used to become dry when we used to share about each other’s sex feelings towards a girl. Still we were bound in that sharif boy image upto an extent. Days keep going, that whole story we have read completely, now still we used to read that again and again to have inner excitement.

One day when we both were sitting together at ankit’s home, he suddenly proposed a very strange thing that when two girls can enjoy sex as we saw in that movie why cant two boys have the same with each other. I became dried but I nodded to say yes, two boys can also enjoy with each other if they are not having girls to enjoy. it was very hard to believe for me the next statement of ankit that “Hum log karein?” (Shall we do it?)it was totally a shivering question to me and I got numbed, in my inner sense I was also wanting to enjoy sex but in such a way ankit will propose , I never expected. And after taking a long pause some how I got a courage to say yes we can do it also.that time we were sitting in the study room of ankit.

At the time of proposing this he was standing near the chair but after my yes he also sit on the same sofa near to me and truly friends, I was shivering from inside. I know ankit was also not comfortable initially to say all this but the difference was that he initiated the things which we both were in our minds. now we both were nervous that we have excepted each other but how to start.

So after a long silence, I started chit-chatting on the subject that has he hairs on his part? He replied in yes and asked me back the same question, I replied in the same way. Again on silence we asked each other about the frequency of masturbation, size of penis and all related things. Still we were sitting near to each other then the important one I said that how we will do it. Ankit said that as we have read in the book we can use vaselline to enter the gaand with penis, we may shake each other’s and more over we may suck each others penis to give blow job(now I know this term).These were the feelings of boys of 12th class then but still was very difficult to make it happen in real life for me.

On asking ankit that shall we start, I became totally nervous and said not today yaar. I don’t know why I denied but I needed some courage to do it , ankit forced me twice but still I refused to do it at that moment but I promised that next time whenever we will have chance to sit alone in home we will do it without any prior formality. He also adjusted himself and bid a bye to each other.

Two days later I got a call from ankit on my landline that his mother is going out of home in the afternoon so I can come to study at his home. I knew what study he is talking about but still with dried throat I said yes to him.

After some time I picked up my book and moved to ankits place that was near to my home. As I entered his place I was shivering from inside. Ankit bolted his home from innerside. I confirmed again about the anty and we sat in their living room where both sofa and bed was available. We started chit chatting on various topics to spend some time but in our inner mind we both were curious to make it happen for first time in our life.

We were sitting closer to each other and ankit was already in lower ( Half pant). I don’t know how I put my hand on ankits shoulder, he came closer with that and put his hands on my waist .we both started shivering and were looking in each others eyes. Silently we were getting fire in our bodies and with the eye signals we came more closer to each other and brought our faces together. Ankit just said to me that u start first, I brought my lips to his lips and gave a small kiss on his lips. He shivered and I removed my lips immediately.

He followed me and this time he placed his lips on my cheek and started kissing it slowly. His kiss were making me sensitive and infact It was the first kiss of my life on my cheek by any one as I recall. I hugged ankit and we came very close to each other, our body was started rubbing. our eyes were closed and we were roaming in some different world. Slowly our lips met again with each other but this time we were all ready to prolong the kiss. We started smooching and licking each other. I put my tongue out and ankit licked and sucked it wholely as we have seen in the movie. Similarly ankit placed his tongued out and I took it in my mouth to suck it. Our tongues rolled with each other and our hands were hugging and rubbing each other tightly on backs.

After the kiss of around 10 minutes we were totally wet and were highly excited. I lifted myself to move to bed along with ankit who was still licking my upper lip. We started moving and our eyes met with each other for a second. We both were happy and feeling great. In our eyes there was sense of satisfaction. We both have kissed our first lip kiss so sensationally. Now it’s a time to remove the clothes to explore the rest body parts and ankit initiated by removing his t-shirt. First time I was watching ankit in vest and he also started opening my shirt button without asking me. I was feeling shy but as we both are fair in complexion, after removal of shirt our bodies were shining. We touched each other naked shoulders and started kissing on them. Again a round of kisses went and we removed our vests also meanwhile our kisses and now were totally nude from upper body.

We started kissing on our necks and I licked the side neck of ankit. He suddenly caught my ear lobe in his mouth and started sucking it. I was highly excited and feeling very hard in my pant.

Suddenly ankit came near to my chest and he started licking on my chest and as soon he touched my nipple with his tongue and lips I got high shivering and lied down on the bed. Ankit came over me, he started kissing my nipples with tongue alternatively and rubbed his lower parts to me. It was very exciting really and we hugged tightly. Ankit rolled over and brought me over him. I was so hypnotized that I started licking his nipples tightly and sucked vigorously . I pressed his nipples with by tips of my fingers and I was on my ninth cloud. Ankit forced me to move down with his hands. I got his mind and came down to his chest by continue licking.

As I reached to his balley button I slipped my tongue in it and started licking it keeping in my mouth. Now I was rubbing my lower part with ankits part and he was also enjoying this rubbing of our penises. Till that time our excitation was upto very extent and we started leaking in our underwears. I was feeling very hard and started to adjust my penis (lund) in my underwear. Ankit got my point and he slightly turned to his left and got me down from him. We both were feeling highly satisfied and we were enjoying the first ever experience of sex though it was with a boy.

But after all it was so heavenly to get our body rubbed by each other. That time I did not know about the term ‘Gay’ means boy to boy, but at that time it was a matter of feeling good at sex specially when a boy does not have girl to enjoy. In our case it was not like that we were having a gay mentality but we were enjoying the first touch of another person. All these thoughts suddenly were going on in my mind then suddenly ankit started kissing again on my chest licking my nipple. From one hand he was rubbing my neck and other hand he put down on my pant and started rubbing my hard on. He just saw in my eyes and I was feeling so heavenly that I closed my eyes and started moaning in pleasure. A sigh of feeling good was going in my body.

And then ankit did the most awaited thing, he started unbuttoning my pant and opened the zip, I tried to stop him in my nervousness and happiness mixed feeling but he did not stop and overruled my shy protest. From my inner soul I also wanted him to be little rude to enjoy this great first time action of my life where I was going to be undressed in front of a person after I got my senses from childhood. He slightly tried to pull down my pant and I supported him to remove by rising my hips little so that pant can be removed from my legs. I was now just in underwear and it was really a strange feeling to be just naked with my classmate. Ankit was also loving my nakedness.

That time our body was not having hairs. A good thing I believe that we both do not have excessive hairs on our bodies even at this age. Ankit was moving down to my legs and he started exploring my thighs. He said me” yaar teri body to ekdam ladki ke jaisi chikni h”(you have a smooth body like a girl) and I was enjoying his feathery touch. He started to touch his lips on my thigh and rubbing his hand over my penis. I stopped his rubbing by my hand because I was feeling to explode the load very soon if ankit would have kept his warm hand on my lund. To avoid my explosion early, I turned from ankits arms I forced him to be on bed now and came over him. I tried to keep my lower part away from his body to avoid extra rubbing to leak my cumm and started giving him sensations on his chest with my finger tips. I tried to kiss again on his cheeks and moved my tongue over his ear lobes. He got excited with it and breathing fast, I played my move to his lips and believe me this time we both were innerly ready to make it a smooch like we see in Hollywood movies.

We started biting each others lips and this was an intense passionate kiss ever I remember. We both were moaning and breathing hard. Till now we both were feeling very sweaty and our body was expelling more heat. Ankit raised my and and started licking my armpit it was the very sensual that gave me very high shivering and my lund has become totally hard. T know this idea came in mind of ankit because we have read in that book the man licks the girl armpit and as I felt that time we wwe wanted to try all these stuff whatever we have seen and read those days.But licking of armpit was really amazing and I also followed the same with ankit, that time we were not having hairs in our armpits and it was giving and pungent but exotic feeling. From my that experience I can say that licking of armpit of a male or female is the most sensuous really. We both were flowing like any thing.

When we got little exhausted , we stopped for a moment to take breath and then suddenly I also lowered down the half pant of ankit to make him same in the underwear. Those days we did not used to wear jockeys, it was typical macroman type underwears, but the main thing matters for us was beneath of those UWs, and now we both were mentally ready to be complete naked in front of each other but little bit of hesitations was still in our mind to take the initial steps. I remember, that time I took the first step and bent down to sit on my knees, I made ankit stood up and tried to put fingers on his UWs lining to give him sensation and then I put my hand over his tool. His tool was hard enough and it was lengthy of 5’ that time and as I was feeling it was thicker to grip in one hand. Slowly I rubbed his lund but ankit tried to stop me as i feel he was also trying to avoid leakage, but I did not remove my hand and kept rubbing .

I held ankit UWs upper ling and tried to pull it down, as it came down to his thigh I first time saw a penis other than mine lively. It was pink from top and upper skin was almost uncovered the rest of penis, I made ankit fully naked and he was standing keeping his eyes closed.i slowly held his lund in my one hand and made it straight , I slightly jerked it and removed complete foreskin. His glanspenis was so pink, it was leaking a fluid from its hole and nerves over the lund were clearly visible. I held it for a moment and from other hand I hold ankits balls.

There were little hairs over them and ankit was still standing shivering like and trembling his legs. I held his tool firmly and tried to make bow from hand. He started maoning and said to me a very strange thing that “yaar please kuchh dirty lines bol, mujhse ruka nhin ja raha h?”I also wanted to say some thing vulgar words that time to enjoy it fully. I asked ankit about what u wish to talk and say freely he told me that he wanted to talk about neetika that time one of girl who used to study in tution classes with us. I followed ankits mind said “ankit tu neetika ko chodna chahta h, dekh tera lund uske muh mein hai and tu uski maa chod raha h, behan ki lodi. Bahut maa chudwati firti h, uske boobs to abhi se hi kitne bade hai , piyega…le maine tere muh main uske nipple le le…..ankit also flew in words to say dirty and spoke “yaar main uski maa chodna chahta hun, uski mummy mujhe bahut achhi lagti hai”.

Her mother used to come oftenly to drop her at tuition. I said ankit good “yaar I also like ur choice and chal mil kar uski maa chodte h.” I was continuously shaking his lund in my hand and then suddenly ankit held my head and tried to keep my mouth over his lund. I could not protest and put my lips on his shaft, but as I started licking and moved out my tongue to touch his lund foreskin, he got exploded and arched his back, hips and he gripped his lund in his hand over mine and turned sideways to cumm on the floor, he gave two-three long shots of load which reached to his bed and then slowly shivering with small shots. He was still dripping and I held of his lund, he has opened his eyes to see the effect and I was smiling looking over his face. He was also feeling bit of shy but till now we have become almost open with each other.

I asked ankit, How did u feel ? he said me “it’s a first ever and great experience and had a lots of fun. I never have jerked so much load in my self shaking of lund.” That time we do not know the term masturbation for self hand-shaking of lund. Now its ankit’s turn and he asked me that do you also want to have this life time fun. I nodded for it and ankit said me to stand up. He did not even clean his lund and covered his foreskin by hand because till that time his hard lund has become little short. He then sat down on the floor , my heart beats went faster because innerly I knew that moment I have been waiting was about to come.

I was having semi-erected penis in my UW till that time. Ankit has noticed my position and said me to turn. I turned , he also stood up and kept his hands on my shoulders from back.he rubbed them and slightly kissed my neck from back and started gripping me in his arms. His naked lund was touching my ass, and we were getting closer to each other’s body again.

Ankit kept licking my back and slowly went down, his right hand he had kept already on my UW to rub my lund . as he reached to lining of my UW on back he sat down and slightly tried to move my UW down and I got shivering heavily. I was uncontrolled that time and ankit made me totally nude but he was on my back side. He was rubbing my ass cheeks from both of his hands slowly. It was giving a sensation in me. rubbing of hips was going on then suddenly ankit forwarded his hand to my front to hold my erected lund. It was the first time of life when a other person was holding my lund like this. Ankit started gripping it and said yaar you have longer and thicker lund that of mine.

I felt shy and moan came out of my mouth. Ankit had something in his mind yet so he started jerking me with his hand and told me to move little to bed corner. I followed him, and as I reached to bed, he told me to bend little holding the bed. Ankit was still at my back. He left my lund and again started to rub my ass cheeks.i asked him what he want to do he told me to keep shut and started to kiss on my hips. I was not expecting this at all but it was giving me a sensual feeling. Ankit kept licking on my hips and he was moving his tounge towards my my ass hole. He spread both my ass cheeks and I expect my ass hole (Gaand) would be visible till now to him completely.

Then ankit did that shocking thing that I never have thought , he rubbed his fingure on my ass hole and then again he put his lips over my gaand. Ohhhhhjhhhh…… a great moan was out of my mouth…ankit started licking my ass hole with his tongue slowly and he was trying to make this wet by his saliva. He was licking my gaand so passionately that I could not stop him at all. I was about to fall in shivering but ankit was holding my waist and he forwarded his hand again on my crotch. He held my lund. Now I was being jerked and licked at the same time and I was just huffing in pleasure. I was in other world that time, I closed my eyes and enjoyed that moment. It was amazing experience. Ankit started jerking my lund so fast and I was also enjoying it but I found myself at the edge of being exploded.

I could not control more on me and ankit kept jerking suddenly I cried in pleasure and arched my back fully. My anus was still in ankit’s mouth fully and I exploded my load on the bed. i made three shots very heavily but ankit did not leave my lund yet and kept jerking, again I made total four heavy shots of cum on the bed. Ankit was smiling seeing this. I was dried and shivering I felt that there is no power in my legs. I lied myself on the bed avoiding the cum on bed and took heavy breaths closing my eyes. I was holding my lund which was getting shorter slowly. Ankit also sat near to me , we both were totally naked but our lunds were in semi erect condition now and we both were exhausted , tired and experiencing the real fun of life. We planned to take some rest in the same condition and laid down on the bed…..

Rest of the story will be continued in next part……