Crush On My Elder-brother

Hi friends. This is my first post on this site, though I have been a regular reader. I had a crush on my Elder-Brother, since I became conscious of sexuality. Though the age-gap between us was four years, i.e., with his being older to me by four years, he has dominated my passions, filling me with his thoughts and dreams. I want to share my passion for him and my most recent and most memorable mating with him.

Briefly, I can trace my relations with him since my teens. One night, I had gone off to sleep when we were both staying in a hostel, after torrential sex talk over a hot cup of tea late in the night. At the stroke of midnight, I could feel him mount me on my back and gently but firmly pressed his dick on my buttocks. As I continued to pretend to be sleeping, he kissed and licked my earlobes and pressed his lips on my neck and nape, even as he pressed his hard dick, unloading himself on me, leaving my pajamas wet.

That was the beginning of an affair that was to last for a long time. Later, when I used to return home from night duty at 2:00 am, change into night dress and get in to the bed by his side, within minutes, he would put his thigh across my hips and have me firmly under his grip and control. It was not needed perhaps any way, as I had no desire to move away from him.

Later, when we chanced to stay together while we both were working in the same city, sometimes I used to return home early and would go off to sleep. After his return late in the night, he would quietly switch off the lights, bolt the door and get me under his clutches for a torrid affair.

My burning and all-consuming passion for him was all the more fired, when I lately learn that his girl-friend had once planted a kiss on the red-top of his dick. That was the trigger for provocation, which made me to lust for his dick and filled me with the overpowering desire to take it into my mouth and quickly gulp it down deep into my throat, so that I could feel him and taste him.

My only other fantasy was to grab his bearded face into my hands and deeply lick and hungrily kiss into his beard, in the cheeks and in the chin that left me lusting for him, deep down my heart through the years.

I had been badly fantasizing about him for the past several months. Finally I sensed my chance when one day both of us hurriedly gulped down booze at a club, after which all our inhibitions were shed.

Taking advantage of the situation, I told him that he should spend a little time with me at my place. As luck should have it, he agreed. Despite the effect of liquor, I could still feel the excitement race through my belly.

On reaching my place, as my elder-brother climbed up the flight of steps of my house, I bolted the door at the staircase and entered the house. Even with the main entrance door ajar, I flung my arms around him and hungrily reached out to his bearded face.

While his bearded face always fired my wildest passion and imagination, especially the bearded cheeks and chin, it was his red lips surrounded by those fine whiskers that ignited the fire in my belly. My desire is to deeply kiss and madly lick through his beard has been the dominant passion inside me. Without losing time, I hurriedly grabbed his face in my arms. Moving down his cheeks, chin and down to the neck and the nape, I hungrily licked and kissed him. Unbuttoning his shirt, I reached out to nipples and the chest. With one hand moving wildly up and down in a frenzied manner, licking-kissing continues down the cheeks, chin, neck, nape and the chest and the nipples, whose very sight had the effect of pouring ghee into fire.

His chest, navel and below that the pelvic region and then his dick, the flagpole of my passion, filled me with wild passion. Here was my opportunity to taste his dick, lick it, curl it, kiss it and take it deep down my throat. It was long overdue as it has been the goal of my fantasy and my passion.

His inner-thighs, the balls and the region leading up to the anus between twin ass-cheeks, which have the luscious look of melting chocolate-brown sensuality, were very enchanting. Licking the anus, I slipped in my finger into the anus, even as I turned the finger to feel softness and warmth deep inside.

His buttocks and the space sliding down towards the region leading up to the anus, I hungrily tongue-lashed the region, wetting it all over. Moving up on to the upper region of his thighs, I kissed and licked his thighs. Coming down on to calves, I was down on all my fours to reach his feet, which was my fetish.

I was all fired up to enter my brother from the rear, after losing his entrance by moving in my finger. Though I could feel the discomfort on his face, I kept pumping in his ass, with great passion. Soon I could see him give in and enjoy. With that sense of satisfaction, I came onside his ass.

In no mood to give up yet, I resumed and moved up all the way after my fetish for his feet, kissing his legs, reaching out to the flag post of my passion – his dick. Determined to taste his cum, I took his dick in my mouth. He ejaculated in my mouth. I went to the washbasin to spit it and clean my mouth. Though I spit out cum and washed my mouth, the taste of my passion for my lovely and loving elder-brother lingered in my mouth.