My First Bi-curious Encounter

As far as my sexuality goes, I am a straight guy who plays around that edge where bi-curious and gay margin begins. It’s very hard to pin down the correct friends in that region because they as well as I know that bringing the lips close to each other would destroy the entire illusion. For me I can’t imagine the thought of trying to put my dick inside anything other than a pussy or a girl’s mouth or her ass. To this day that stands too. But I sometimes love to have the company of someone who thinks in my own wavelength. That is, I love to watch porn while being in the company of a male friend, of my own age group. When and if things get sufficiently hot enough, I might allow that guy to suck my dick and if things start to get even steamier, I might also join the fun and get in to a 69 sort of arrangement. But that would be the end of it. Now I have not had done this before that day when I visited Amit’s house. Amit was an online friend whom I got to know thorough yahoo messenger. I was chatting in a chat room and I laid down my preferences and after so many useless replies from people whose sole ambition were to just bang a male ass or just to get their cocks sucked, Amit’s reply came through to me and I just found him and he was just the perfect friend that I have always wanted. Oh boy, I will never forget the first time that we had fun at his house. We had discussed a lot about what we would do in case if we decided to meet and it was very difficult to decide how we will become horny because we both were straight. We decided to meet one day at his house and then talk for some time about girls and after that may be search for some porn in the internet and watch it together. He was the first one to suggest to me, the idea of taking a bath together and although, I being sceptical about it at first liked the idea of taking baths together although I was not expecting that that one idea would turn out to be the best idea anyone had mentioned to me so far.

Ok now, the interesting explanation of the encounter is as follows. Make sure you are sitting in a lonely room and have your hands ready to unzip your pants and jerk the shit off because this thing was the fucking horniest thing that has ever happened to me. Here we go.
Amit picked me up from the bus stop since I didn’t know where his house was, the first time I went there. We reached his house and it was a greenish shady building. His house was on the 4rth floor of that flat. Then we went inside his house. We sat on the chairs that were laid in the drawing room and we talked for 10 minutes. The nervousness was there since It was first time for two straight guys to experiment with each other. So after 10 minutes he said that we should go to his bed room and check out some porn on the computer. We went inside the bedroom and started browsing through websites to find something suitable. My tastes in women were very different from his. He was searching for petite babes while I was searching for busty brunettes. At last we did found a clip where one busty chick was being nailed by a black man. So we started watching it and well, as time passed, I was feeling totally weird because my cock was not even showing signs of waking up. It was because of that nervousness which I was talking about. After half an hour or so, my time was running out so, I said that we should just sit and jerk off individually and may be, do this another time. But he told me to just try to take and bath and then go. My body was covered in sweat and dirt. So I needed a bath nevertheless. So I decided to bath with another man bathing beside me.

Ok. Now is the fun part. We went in to the bath room fully clothed. I had no idea what to do with a man inside a bathroom. So I was just standing there while he started to let the water flow out of the shower. Then he said that having hot water there will be beneficial. I nodded although I had no fucking idea of how? So we were just standing there for the hot water to emerge and it did at last and then there was no delay. Amit was in his shorts and T-shirt while I was wearing shirt and pants. He made the first initiative by removing his T-shirt in a flash and then he was in his shorts and seeing that I too had to remove my shirts. But I panicked and removed my pants too in a hurry and I was standing there in my underwear. Then he removed his shorts and he was not wearing any underwear so I could see his dick hanging out. It was not hard but it was not sleeping as well. Later he, without looking at me started washing himself so as to give me some space to cope with the situation. I was frustrated but I removed my undies too and there I was standing naked to another guy in a place where I didn’t even know. Well, then I thought how in the world is this a better place to enjoy? The answer came when the warm water hit my body. My god, it felt like Viagra. The steam did the trick of waking my cock up and it was getting hard. The brown uncut cock of mine was getting hard in front of another guy, not because of porn but because of warm water hitting my body.

Then he turned to me while he was foaming the soap in his hands and said “Come on. I will apply soap on your cock”. Well, I was not expecting that from the man and I moved closer to him and he with his foamy hands touched my half-awake cock. He started working straight away. I mean he started applying the soap on top of my brown cock and simply massaged it. A few seconds and my cock became hard like a pole post. I thought that was going to be the end of it and suddenly he realized that since my cock was hard, it was time to start the play and he started stroking it instead of massaging and I knew that that had officially kicked off the play. He started to pull my foreskin up with his left hand and with the right hand he started to just massage the dick head which was starting to get red in color. I did not notice it until I finally looked down as I was in heaven, experiencing the pleasure of someone just massaging my cock. I experienced something which I had only experienced once before when I was getting a blowjob from a girl back in my college days. This was even more awesome. I started to enjoy it and then he pulled my dick even closer to his body and asked me to apply soap on it. I took some soap and applied on it. His cock was exactly like mine; uncut, but a little more whitish than mine. But same exact structure. Like pole post sticking out instead of pointing up and sticking against the belly like of most guys when they lie flat on their back. Anyway, when my hands touched his, he made a strange sound which I think was the sensation of another man’s hand on his cock. His cock was rock hard the moment he started playing with my cock so I did not have to do much work to get it in to mood. I started stroking it up and down.

After that Amit stood with his back supporting the wall of the bathroom and he asked me to come and stand with my backside touching his front part. I came close to him and he pulled me on to his body and I felt his cock pulsing against my ass. He put his two hands through both side of my waist in to the front and started stroking my cock and he had this habit of pulling my foreskin back and just rubbing the cock head of my cock and it felt heavenly. I just rubbed his cock with my two hands behind my back which were kind of crossed in with his hands. With my right hand I caught his cock and with my left hand, I rubbed it on to my ass crack and he was saying “Ahhhhhh… fuck. Yeah, like that you dirty fuck….” I knew he liked it. Later the position was reversed and he came with his back side facing my front while I was standing up against the wall and I put my hands down through the sides of his waist on to his front and started doing the exact same thing he did to me a while ago, that is, rubbing his cock head alone which made him jump up and down, twice. That went on for some time.
It went on for some time and then he did something which totally blew me away. He faced me from the front and caught the two cocks together with his hands and started rubbing the cock heads together and that was experience which I had to sense. Oh fuck me sideways, it was horniest sensation that I have felt in my life. My cock head rubbing against another boy’s cock head and the horniest thing was I was not doing it. He was. I could see that part which had the hole on my cock head just jamming against Amit’s cock head while Amit was rubbing our cocks together. Amit’s face was having the expression like he had smoked crystal meth or something, with his eyes pointed up because he was enjoying the sensation of another boy’s cock head touching his own cock head and he was in complete control as to how much our cocks should rub as he was the person rubbing both mine and his cocks together.

Both cocks were slippery because of soap but I could see my cock oozing the pre-cum on to the red dick head of Amit’s cock. When Amit saw my pre-cum oozing out which I don’t know how he caught so instantaneously, he made the move of going down on his knee and he suddenly tried to take my cock in to his mouth but that was something that I did not enjoy. I would rather take a bath and jerk off than getting my cock sucked at that time. I told him that let it be another time but he wanted to do it. So we closed the door of the bathroom which was not locked because things were getting pretty steamy down there and we didn’t want to get caught by anyone with our pants down. So After Amit locked the door, we sat on the wet floor in the bathroom. It was barely enough for a 24 year old boy and a 21 year old boy to lie side by side but we adjusted since necessity was and is the mother of adjustment to this date, and he desperately wanted to do the 69. So we lay side by side with my face facing his waist and his face facing my waist. We could not climb on top of each other since we were kind of big and it won’t be enjoyable when you have too much weight on yourself. Anyway, after lying side by side, I felt something strange happening down my waist and when I looked down below, Amit had already started licking my red cock head and he had started lick up all the pre-cum which was oozing out from the tip of my cock. The feeling of another human’s tongue doesn’t matter boy or girl, touching the tip of your cock is so fucking amazing that I can’t explain with words. It felt so fucking good that I just wanted to discharge but I controlled myself. Amit’s hard brown cock was pulsing in front of my face. He was shaved clean down there. However I had a small share of pubic hairs down my waist but Amit was ok with it.

I grabbed his cock along with those brown balls of his and he made a sudden jolt because of his cock being grabbed by another pair of hands down his waist. But he was enjoying it. When I pulled up his foreskin that was the first time I saw pre-cum just ooze out from another cock which I kind of wanted to see in a close up range which I did then. Thanks to Amit. His pre-cum just oozed out through the oval shaped hole in the centre of his cock head when I pulled up his foreskin and it kept on flowing and that indicated that the boy was all set for the final charge. He suddenly sat up and turned the shower which was pouring warm water and kept it in such a position that it kept pouring water on top of both of us and it did act like a catalyst afterwards. Then he suddenly went back in to position and started putting the entire cock of mine inside his mouth and giving me a blowjob like a pro whore which I fucking loved. So I had to return the favor. When I looked as to where I needed to start licking on Amit’s cock, I saw that his cock was red and was pulsing in my hand each and every second because he was so fucking horny blowing my cock with his mouth. I just rolled one of my fingers down the scrotum of his, right down to the point where it touched his asshole. It gave Amit’s body a sudden jerk and he liked it. He did the same to me and my cock was ready to burst anytime. I started licking his cock head and then I moved my lips up and down his shaft. His foreskin made it that much enjoyable to me as mine was for him. We did that for nearly 10 minutes and when I removed his cock from my mouth, it was covered in my spit juice and he was still blowing my cock like anything and I was in fucking heaven. He said to me that we should start jerking off and cum together and so we sat up and changed the position and sat side by side with my hands jerking off his cock and his hands jerking off mine. He said to me after about 20 seconds that he was ready to blast. Hell, I was waiting for him to say that and I suggested that we should stand up and go in that position which we went before rubbing the cocks together.

So he stood with his back being supported by the bathroom wall and then I was standing with my back being supported by Amit’s front part. I put my hands through the back side of my waist to get hold of Amit’s cock which was touching my ass and he was stroking my cock by putting his hands through the sides of my waist on to my front side. The important this was that we could not see what we were jerking off. Amit’s cock was behind me thrusting against my ass, but my hands were jerking it off from behind my body and his hands were jerking off my cock which was in front of Amit but since I was standing with my back facing his front, he could not see it. We started the final jerk off and fuck yeah…. At last he came on to my ass. That feeling when a cock which was already pulsing to ejaculate the semen, blasts that fucking hot white cum on to your body is fucking horny. When I was jerking his cock since I was doing it with my hands behind my back and because my back side and his front side were almost stuck together, his cock was kind of rubbing against my ass. So when it did blast off in the end I could feel those orgasmic pleasure pulses three or four times when his cock discharged his semen on to my ass in spurts. Fucking damn hot… He was tired, yet he kept on jerking off my cock to make me cum and I had released my hand from his cock and there it was. Through the curved left hand of Amit which was holding my cock, the hot white cum just spurted out through the hole on my brown Indian cock head? Amit held his hands still by pulling my foreskin up so that the entire cum could get discharged and I got out around 3, 4 spurts of my cum and those fell down on to the bathroom floor and got mixed with the droplets of Amit’s cum which were dripping over from one of the bulges on my ass and they went down the drain while looked at them.

We washed up and said goodbye and that was the beginning of a very special friendship which is not gay but not straight as well. To this day we have not felt attracted to our own bodies and we never felt that we should fuck our asses or even kiss. Whenever we have found ourselves in the bathroom, we just experiment with ourselves and boy, it feels great to have a friend who understands things the way you do without judging you.

Peace out…