Vacations Time In Heaven With My Hubby

Hi guys this is again Ankit from Hisar, Haryana here. I am here with my new story. For them who dont know me, I am a slim 18 year old cute guy from Hisar city of Haryana. After meeting Neha and her uncle my life totally changed. But somehow things went wrong and we separated. My life became dumb bore. They took my all fun and pleasure with them. At the end of session, all my friends left for home for their vacation. But I didnt want to go home. I persuade my parents for this by giving them a excuse of English tuition. They arrange an English teacher for me who was well known to my father. He gave me his free time in afternoon. Well as it was just an excuse, I was not much interested in studying English or anything. I was so depressed with my life and needed some alone time to handle myself and my thoughts. On the first day when I went to my teachers home in the afternoon fir my tuition, I was little nervous as I hadnt seen him before.

My parents just give me the address and asked to meet him. His servant opens the door and asked me who am I? Suddenly a strong voice comes from inside “aah! Ankit come in. I was surprised that how he knows me. I entered the house. It was a well decorated beautiful house with all facilities for a luxurious life. There in a room a man of age like 48-50 was sitting on a sofa, looking towards me. I wished him. He welcomes me and introduces himself and after a little conversation and a coffee we start studying. After 1 hour when I got bored I start feeling sleepy. He understands and stops for the day. Then he stood up and I got the first chance to admire him clearly. He was a good looking man with some white hairs on head and beards. He was very much attractive. He asked me to rest for a while as it was too hot outside to go anywhere. Then I asked him where his family is and he told me that there is no one except him as he hadnt married, dont know why. I noticed that he has a very good sense of speaking and his behavior his so nice that I feel so friendly with him.

Next day again after study we start our conversation and I was very much impressed by his way of talking and in a week we became good friends. I also noticed that he was also very much interested in me. He always sits beside me and always keeps his arm on my shoulder. I start fantasizing about him in night. One day he asked me if I have any girlfriend. I was surprised at this and replied no. Then he asked why, as you are so cute and good looking you must have any girlfriend. I replied with a question that why he hadnt married as he is also good looking. He said he didnt like females much. Then he asked me again and I replied with the same answer he gave to me. After this we become more open and I start spend much time with him.

One Day we were watching TV in his home and on his bed and talking about our interests, his hand was around my shoulders and we were too close to each other. Then he moved the topic to sex and start asking me what I like in sex and I couldnt reply just admiring him. He then start telling me about different type of sex and start rubbing my chicks and I cant stop him as I was also enjoying him then he took my one hand and another hand start rubbing it. He was behaving like nothing was happening. Then he starts telling me about gay sex and put his hand on my thighs and start rubbing and I couldnt control but also couldnt do anything. Then suddenly he told me that he likes guys like me cute and slim. I looked him I am confused way. He then told me that he is a top gay and thats why he was living alone and then he asked me whether I like him or not. I couldnt understand anything. I was just looking his face. It was a handsome mans face with a cute smile and with adorable eyes which were looking towards me in lovely manner. I couldnt speak a word.

He again asked me. I was not able to reply. I also like him but was not able to speak. Suddenly I keep my lips on his lips and start kissing gently. He shocked once and then starts kissing with me. We kissed each other for 10-15 minutes and then he starts looking in my eyes. Then he starts kissing gently on my neck I just closed my eyes and surrender him. He removes my t-shirt and start kissing my nipples and sometimes he bites them and moaned in slight pain. Then he stands up and opens the room and go to the servant and send him to the market for some purchasing. He came to the room locked it. Then he removed his all clothes except his underwear and came to me and removed my all clothes. I was lying totally nude before him and he was just admiring me; then we start kissing and after a moment we were kissing each other wildly. Then I removed his underwear and took his 7” fully erect dick in my hand. It was a big black dick. I start masturbating him then I kissed it and took it my mouth and start sucking it and he start moaning. He was doing it after a long time and same I.

Then we came in 69 position sucking each other s dicks and then he start licking my asshole and wet it properly and then we were ready for the intercourse. He took my legs on his shoulders and gently enters his dick in my ass hole I took it fully inside with a shiver pain. Tears came out from my eyes and he start licking my tears falling from eyes and start kissing me after a while when pain became less I asked him to continue and he start fucking me and I start enjoying it and after 5 minutes he was shooting badly and I was replying each of his shot with my sexy voice. The whole room was filled with my aaahhhhh ummmm aaahhhh. After 15 minutes he releases his cum in my asshole and then he sucked mine. Then we rest for a while and he said I love you and I replied with I love you too. He said that I will be his wife forever. Then he asked me to go with him on tour to Shimla as it was vacations time a replied positively and then he asked my parents to let me go with him and they agreed and after two day ticket confirmed.

We packed our things and start our journey. In the train we were all alone in the AC compartment and made sex. He fucked me along the way and after reaching Shimla we booked a hotel and then took bath together in bathtub in hot water. In the bath tub, I put his dick inside my asshole and we start kissing and he was squeezing my nipples which was now quiet larger. Then normal like a girl of 13 because of the cream given by Neha. Then he asked me what I could do for him. I said anything you want. He told me that he wants to enjoy this vacation with me according to his fantasy. I asked him what I have to do. He told me that I have to become a girl till we are here, as I promised him I couldnt refuse for it.

Then he lift me from the bathtub keeping his dick inside my asshole and make me stand on my fours on bathroom floor and fucked me hard and then we bathed again and clean each other and in the evening we went to the market . There he purchase some girls clothes for me like jeans, Top, girls jacket and then bra panties, stockings, lingerie and a makeup kit and then when we are coming back he saw a sexy sari in a shop and purchase it for me and somehow arrange the matching blouse. It was a beautiful black sari. After this shopping we came back to hotel and he asked me to try these things and I took them and went to the bathroom. First of all I wear a pink bra, panties and then stockings and then I wear the sari and apply the makeup. I looked in the mirror and I was looking like a hot girl and then came outside in the room. He was so happy after seeing this avatar. He praised my beauty and then he asked me to go with him to watch a movie and for a outside dinner. I couldnt refuse as I also want to experience this. I took a shawl as it was very cold outside.

After coming outside the hotel I feel cold and he wrap his arms around me and we people were watching me as a hot girl with an old man. They are looking jealously towards him. We then go to a theater and he took two tickets of the back seat. There we kissed each other and I also masturbated him. Then we go to a restaurant for some dinner. In the restaurant all are watching me, raping me in their eyes and I realized how a girl feels. We came back to the hotel and I removed my dress and wear the pink transparent sexy nighty we purchased and headed towards the bed. Next full weak I live like a girl and we enjoyed a lot. He fucked me in different styles and in different places. I was so happy being his wife. He was a very much caring high class husband. After coming back we enjoy for a month then he moved to other city due to his job transfer and now I am once again alone. I am searching for a sensible high class partner for me of age more then 30. You can search me on fb with email / / I need a partner who can care me.

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