Merry Times With Boyfriend Part I

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Im Deepika (the name changed as suggested by my dear boyfriend), a 21year old boy studying at a college in Cochin, Kerala. Well, as this is my first story, and Im quite naive in expressing it, kindly pardon me for the errors if any. I am a pretty straight acting guy in public but had my own interest in private. I had always wished that I was born as a hot girl so men would love to bed with me. I love cross dressing and had always fantasied being in sex with a man. So the story begins with me meeting Rahul through a gay dating site. Here the story goes.

It was a Thursday evening and I was randomly chatting with some guys in this gay dating site and Rahul, a 26 year old employee ping me. His DP was pretty cool and we talked a bit. The conversation was never horny but cute, romantic with a bit of naughtiness.

“So, you are a bottom”? Rahul asked me.
“Not just a bottom. Deep inside my mind, Im a naughty girl who is looking for a man who will treat me as his precious; like Im his mistress, his slut.” I replied with very much passion. He must be impressed by this.

“So what qualities do you look for in your partner”? He asked this question in a lusty tone and I fell for him at that.

“Well, he should be caring and must be a pure top. He should treat me exactly like a girl”.

The conversation went on and on and I showed some pics of me showing my soft, smooth body and feminine ass. He did also send me the pics with his muscular body. It was quite a hunky body with less hair.

“You have a body every girl would love to bed with” I smiled seducing.

“And you have a body every man would love to taste all day”. He replied with same enthusiasm. So we decided to meet the next noon. We decided to meet in a public place and get to talk directly. That was the plan. So the next day, we meet. He was so handsome and I nearly kissed him in public. He was 26yrs old, with well built body (as I saw in camera) and a devilish smile with lot of charm. He was working in a company at a great position and was unmarried.

After a lot of chatting, we both made sure that we are meant to be together and decided to have a relationship. He promised me to love me like his precious girl. And after a couple of hours we left the restaurant.

Back at hostel, and I was in an emotional high and was masturbating thinking about him. Then I got a phone call from him and said to leave hostel and come to his flat for the weekend. I was really surprised at his move and didnt know what to reply. He said he will pick me up from hostel at 6 pm which gave me enough time to get ready. I was in rosy heaven.

As he told, he arrived at hostel at sharp time and I introduced him as my cousin to my friends. And we left my hostel to his flat in his new Nissan Micra. We were moving through the town, but I didnt felt shy to run my hands through his pants (I didnt know whether someone saw that through the glass of the running car). I unzipped his pant and took out his huge erect cock. I must say Rahuls is a perfect cock. It was very much lengthy with decent width. It smelled of precum and I smiled at him.

“It is one of my naughty fantasies to give a juicy blowjob to a man driving car” I said in a girlish way of asking permission. “It is not a naughty fantasy. It is a really wild one. And I like your fantasy. I wonder how many other do you have like this”. He caught my face gently and looked me in the eye like he got what he wanted all his life.

“A lot of this kind and Im sure each one of them will make you go wow.” I kissed his hand. He ran his fingers through my lips softly. I took one of his fingers in my mouth and sucked it. I sucked it in a soft way, twisting my tongue around it and tasting it. He was in the mood and said “You have exactly a girls lips; very tempting”. I play bite in fingers before he took it out. It wasnt pain at all and he enjoyed it. “Youre very naughty” He told. I bent down from my seat to his cock and took his light brown cock in my hands. He was melted as my soft girly hands were holding his gentle cock. I massaged it slowly and lightly. He smiled at me and said “You are my dream piece of cake and I will never stop loving you”. Hearing those, I started giving him a blowjob. I took it and tasted his precum and rode his cock with my tongue. The car was now very much slow and so was my cock. I gave blowjob to him for around 15mins and then he blasted his sperms in my mouth. I drank till the last drop. I sipped everything. And then after sometime, we reached his flat.

It was a luxurious flat and all the people lived in nearby apartments were extremely rich and influential people. I was glad I got a rich boyfriend. And as we were walking towards the elevator, he held my hip and then hung his hand around my waist. I was behaving exactly like a girl with my poses, gestures and talking and everything. Many have seen us going this way but we didnt care at all. While waiting for the lift, he told me “My flat is in 7th floor. It is chilly there. You dont mind that, huh”. I postured myself like a girl and said “I would love to get cuddled by a hot man in a cold night”. We smiled and as soon as we got inside the lift and the doors closed, he kissed me in my lip. Soon it turned into a wild and hungry smooch. We both tasted each others lips. He was sucking my lower lips which were a bit thicker than my upper lip between his lips and chewing those in-between. Our tongues were knotted. When we broke the kiss, the saliva lines between us were still connected.

When we entered his flat, I was quite impressed with his flat. It was perfectly romantic and the view from balcony gave me a rainbow feeling. He vame to me and hug me from behind and called me “Deepika”. I smiled at him and he said “Thats your name from now. Your identity” I kissed him again. He then said he will be going out to buy some things for our adventure and will be back soon. As he went out I shaved my underarms and penis area and bathed and wore a Levis girls shirt above my bra and panty. (I used to wear that when Im alone at my home or hostel. I had put this in my backpack as I knew what was in store tonight). I then applied body lotion throughout my body. IT was Strawberry flavor. And then put red lipsticks and lip glosses. Lined my eyebrows with kajal, wore my sexy looking nose ring n earrings and a bangle.

I then wore a thin silver waist-chain across my waist (which was below the shirt) and put nail polishes both in hand and toes. Then I looked in the mirror and found a girl whom every man would die to fuck all day. My white creamy, softies and hairless body with small cute breast and a girly ass (of course, a bit huge compared to my body and with exact shapes) and my thin waist and long slim legs which were hairless. I was the dream fuck of any man. I then thought of him. He was 62″ with light brown skin and perfectly macho. He was the dream man of any girl and I had got him.

The calling bell rang and as I neared the door he was whispering through the door “Come quickly, Deepika”. And as I opened the door, He was shocked in seeing me and said “you are exactly looking like a girl. Youre soft, fair, with killing body shape and your boobs are inviting, your legs and I wont talk about your ass. Its better than any girl in this world.” He then wrapped me in his arms and his hand was around my hip. He was running his face in my neck, kissing and biting slowly and his trimmed beard and mustache was tickling me.

I playfully relieved myself from him and said “What did you buy from outside?” And he replied “Food, beer and everything you need for two days because we are not going out of this flat this weekend”. He smiled and carried me into the bedroom.

To be continued.

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