Merry Times With Boyfriend Part 2

Please give your feedback at / / I’m Deepika (the name changed as suggested by my dear boyfriend), a 21year old boy studying at a college in Cochin, Kerala.

So this my second part of the story. Readers who havent read the first story please read “merry times with boyfriend 1” (link on top)

Now just revising about my story. As said earlier, Im deepika. Am a pretty straight boy in public but a wild, naughty mistress for my man Rahul. Coming to my body stats, I have a perfect soft hairless body that of a girl with curves like them as well. My navel is slim and sexy. And I have a damn hot ass and legs exactly like a girl. And my Rahul is a stud :)

So let me take of from last part. I was in Rahuls flat for the weekend dressed as a hot girl. And When I looked at the mirror, I knew I was the dream fuck of any man, such girly I was. Now as Rahul came back buying all things for our weekend he was stunned in seeing me so. I had put on strawberry body lotion, put up lip gloss and thin lipstick, kajal in my eyes, nose ring and earrings, and a silver chain across my navel. I had wore a long shirt without pants showing my sexy waxed-like legs above a push up bra and panties.

“I love strawberry.” He said after smelling my body. His nose and trimmed chin was tickling me.

“Yea, I know. Common, I am all yours”

He then put my hands across by navel and pulled me to him. And he started kissing me. To be frank, he was eating me with my lips being played by his tongue, chewed my upper and lower lips throughout. He kissed me for about 5 minutes and when he stopped tasting me, There was saliva line between our lips. He was pulling me too much to him and I liked it pretty much.

“You are tasting good deepika” he exclaimed with a sexy smile(which I like very much) and then he unbuttoned my shirt. I kissed him in his cheeks all the while he was undressing me.

“Why so rush dear, You have two days to explore me” I said lustily.

He removed my dress completely. Now I was in my bra and panty. He was dumbstruck in seeing me like that and whispered in my ear “You are dream fucking fantasy of any man. IM not going to leave you at all”.

His one hand reached my ass while other was still across my navel. He pressed my ass and I let out a sexy moan and he pressed it again wildly. Before I could moan, he shut out my mouth with another kiss. It was an extended warm lip lock. Around 10 minutes, he kissed me, pressed my ass and All this time I was pressed against him. While the kiss broke, he smiled and said “What all are your fantasies, deepika”

By this time I had completely turned to a bitch for him and I was extremely happy to be treated like that, like his mistress or girlfriend or slut, whatever it is. My talkings, gestures and sound had turned to like a girls. I made him sit on the croutch and I sat in his lap with his hand around my navel.

“There are a lot. To give you blowjobs in public places, like to just say, here in this flats corridor, swimming pool etc. And then, to get fucked in there too. I have a lot more that will.make you go wow.” I said this and playingly bite his nose. He said he is ready to do it. He carried me in his arm (as I said earlier, he was a hunk) and walked out of the flat. It was around 1am and all people from other apartments were sleeping. Actually both of us were too horny and we didnt care what If some others saw us.

He walked to the stairs and all during the walk, he was kissing my neck and lips wildly. He sometimes, bite all over my face and neck which was making us more horny. When we reached the stairs, he was still in his complete dress while me only in bra and panty with a chain across my navel. As I had told earlier, With my soft body, small boobs, pretty damn sexy ass and waxed, shaped legs, anybody who could have seen us must have mistaken me for a girl, which I had turned to be in exact.

“Show me heaven deepika” he said softly in my ears before biting it.

“Here it is” i said back and let his pant unzip. I told out his huge cock from his undies and ran my tongue across it. I tangled my tongue across his cock and then put it inside my mouth. Then for the next 10 mins, I gave him a juicy lollipop blowjob. His cock touched all inside of my mouth and he was moaning throughout. I tasted his precum and it was damn tasty. After 10 mins, I said “Seems like the cream is about to explode, my dear Rahul” . He was in cloud 9 and was moaning with eyes closed and I said “I love cream”.

His ejaculated in my mouth and I drank it completely. We then lied there for some time with me in a step down to him and his cock still in my mouth. Then he took my mouth in rough fashion.

“You have wasted some cream, deepika” and then i licked a drop of cum which was struck in my lower part of the lip. “There is some more” he said and ran his fingers in my upper lips and cleaned some from my upper lips.

As soon as he took out his finger from my lips, I licked that finger slowly but thoroughly. That lick made a sexy great sound out of my mouth. We then walked back to the flat and all the way, his hand across my navel and kissing my lips, biting my neck, ears and chin.

As we entered the flat, we decided to have dinner and he said, “First let me have the dinner and then you can” .I knew something horny was in his mind. So he tried to remove my bra and panty. I stopped him and said “Not with your hand dear, my delicious body needs something special”

He said okay deepika and tried to remove my panty with his teeth. He almost tore my bra with his teeth. And it took him 3-4mins. And in between he was biting my boobs roughly. Once my boobs was set free, he started licking my boobs. He was literally sucking my boobs like it was his precious candy. He then did the same while removing my panty. He bite my ass, oh my sexy huge ass and my well shaped legs. He bite again and again my ass, my thighs (oh, I cant explain when he bite and licked my soft inner thighs and legs.)

When he removed my panty completely with teeth, he sucked my toe. After some time, he looked me in eyes and said “You are a girl trapped in a boys body. If only you had born as a real girl, I bet millions will queue up to make love with you. And then they would fuck your brains out all day”

“Lets have dinner before you fuck my brains out” I smiled and said.

He then carried me and made me lied in the dining table. He poured chocolate cream all over my body and painted some cream on my lips too. He then tasted me. In another 10 mins, Rahul licked all cream out of me (again, when he licked and ate cream from my inner thighs and navel, biting midways, I liked it like heaven). He then ate bread with jam. But the sexy thing was the jam was all over in my navel.

After he finished, he made me sat on his lap and I ate food in that way. He removed my ear rings and nose ring. I was nude with a him chain across my waist. And I ate just like that with me held towards him (believe me, mayonesse licked from his cock was awesome)

When we finished our dinner he said “Deepika, you are a hell of a fuckable thing in nude with just this chain. Your aroma, and mouth with eaten material crumps here and there are the wildest ideas of a perfect slut. A perfect slut for me”

“I will be always your slut, bitch, whore, mistress, girlfriend, wife, everything ” I said.

“And your ass and legs are best in this world. So is your lovely lips and boobs and your whole body is something to taste and cherish all life” he continued smilingly.

“So is your cock and masculine body” I replied

“Lets fuck. Or thats rude. Lets make love” He said and carried me to bedroom.

“Not there, balcony would be fine. I want to be under stars when we make out” I said like a hungry girl in girlish town and he smiled and headed towards balcony.

This is not over yet. But I will continue my adventurous and naughty relationship in upcoming parts.

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