One Freaking Night Turned Me Into A Gay Part 2

I hope everyone in iss have read my first story of how I turned into gay and got involved with my friend. In first part I told about how I indulged with my friend. In this part I will narrate my story of how we got more intimate with each other and explored each other physically and emotionally.

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In continuation with the last story as I told in first part that night we had sex, we woke bit late next day morning. When I saw we both were sleeping naked my friend was still sleeping, I just got up from bed and I cud see my friend lying naked with his dick resting peacefully I felt like going n grabbing his dick in my hand n caressing it. But I wasn’t feeling good as a whole whatever has happened in night for me it was like its not good it unnatural so I woke and went to bathroom got freshen up and got ready for my class. Simultaneously he woke ad he also got ready for class we both didn’t talk much that morning and straight away went for our class. The whole day I was just thing about our last night I could see his sex cute as moving in front of me inviting me to penetrate with my rock hard dick.

By 5 Oclock we finished our classes and went to hostel, we went back to our room and we were talking about normal things as if nothing happened in between us. Soon he broke the silence and was talking about last night like how was your last night did u enjoy it and all. First I didn’t talk much but then I said look dear what I feel is we shall not do this is not natural to which he said ok not an issue and went to dinner.

Night again we were sleeping together we didn’t do anything in subsequent nights. After few days I started missing it. I was feeling like I want to do it again so after few nights I thought of approaching myself to have sex with my friend. In the night we were sleeping I purposefully slept close to my friend pushing my ass close to his dick to which my friend didn’t do anything initially then after some time he put hand over my waist and started feeling my waistline with his fingers and he was slowly moving it over my body which I was liking a lot and my dick was feeling the sensations of it. Slowly he started kissing behind my back n then he muffled into my ear that do u want to do it again to which I didn’t say a word n just pushed my ass even closer to his ass.

I could feel his erect dick pressing against my ass, I was kind of liking it the sensation of his dick pressing against my, for the first time I was feeling like my ass banged, he slowly slid his hand into my pants and got hold of my dick, he was gently moving his fingers over my dick to which my dick rose even bigger in size by this time I was super excited and turned towards him and I hugged him tightly and said to his that I want to fuck u real hard. To which he said I am all yours you can use me the way you want to.

Then we undress ourselves and started kissing each other now he came on top of me and started licking my nipples I was getting horny with it I was moaning like ahh ummm ahh I wanted more of it. He was kissing my body madly all over then he kissed on my lips we got lip locked for a while and he told me do want a surprise to which I said yes. He moved down slowly kissing my entire body and came to my pubic area and started moving his finger in bw my hairs, then he started kissing in my pubic area and around my dick. I was feeling like he should kiss my dick suck it, then while he was kissing my pubic area out of excitement I suddenly garbed his head and pushed it towards my dick, to which he said wait I am going suck your dick have patience buddy.

Then he grabbed my dick in his hand and started kissing over my penis he slowly retracted the skin over my penis and revealed the pink part of my dick initially he was looking at my dick and was saying dear you have d sexiest dick in the world. He gently kissed my dickhead and the n he slowly put his mouth over my dick head and sucked it inside his mouth I tell you it was a heavenly feeling to get my dick sucked. Slowly he started sucking my dick as if like a small kid suck a lollypop. I could see him engulfing my entire dick inside his mouth slowly he started sucking my dick very passionately and simultaneously was rubbing my ball with his fingers, I was so much so excited that I told his dear I want to come inside his mouth to which he said no dear come inside my ass and suddenly he stopped sucking and bend in front of me in doggy position inviting me to penetrate him from behind.

I applied oil to his ass and over my dick and put my dickhead over his asshole and started pressing it this time gentle pushing my dick slid my dick inside his ass slowly I pushed my entire dick inside his ass and started thumping his ass, this time he was very loud and vocal. Which I was liking he was saying make me your rand fuck my ass hard go deep inside me fuck me fuck me and all while fucking his ass I grabbed his dick in my hand from behind and started stroking it within a min he ejaculated in loads of semen after that I started moving my dick faster. Then I changed our position I told him to lie down and came over him asked him to hold his both thighs in his hand lift up his ass then in one push I went deep inside his ass and started fucking him rapidly and in sometime I ejaculated all semen inside his ass. We slept like that for a while and after that we cleaned ourselves and slept.

Now this became routine for us and we were getting more and more involved with each other.

Now every night we wanted to do something different. One fine morning he woke up early and I could feel someone licking my ass chicks it was my friend who was licking my ass he was licking my ass slowly moving towards my asshole I could feel his breath over my asshole den suddenly he laid his tongue over my ass crack and started nibbling it with his tongue tip it was the most pleasurable experience to get licked your ass with tongue tip. He was rubbing my ass crack with his tongue slowly he moved forward and started sucking my testicles as if he is going to eat them. Slowly he started kissing my dick by this time I was super aroused and he started sucking my dick rapidly within a minute I came all in his mouth, I ejaculated all my semen inside his mouth he sucked till the last drop of my semen came out. To my surprise he swallowed my semen. I could see the happiness over his face.

It became regular for us to have sex. One night I felt like getting my ass banged to which I said to him tonight u fuck my ass, my friend told me no I like getting fucked I wont fuck your ass I said we love each other and its ok I wont mind if fuck my ass to which he agreed and started again kissing my ass crack with his tongue. I got horny in min and asked him to be fast as my excitement level was getting very high. I wanted to have that feeling of getting my ass banged though my friends dick was small size but it was long enough.

He applied oil over my ass and over his dick before this he never touched my ass crack except with his tongue this time he started rubbing my as crack with his finger initially he put his index finger inside my ass I felt intense pain to which he kissed me and said to calm down initially you will have pain but slowly you will love it. And slowly he put another finger inside my ass this time couldnt feel any pain. To which he said now youre ready.

Then he came over me I lifted my ass for him to penetrate with single thrust he pushed his entire dick inside my ass I was like in heaven the sensation of dick inside my ass was awesome. I started moving my ass along with him but he cum very early shooting his semen inside my ass I could feel the warms semen inside my asshole we remained calm for some time and then I fucked him.

Thanks guys for reading my story in next part I am going narrate about my childhood experience about how I was manhandled by one of the older guy in our colony.

How I got involved in incest activities with my siblings.