Quickie With A Stranger Part 1

It was 8 in the morning and I struggled to put up with fact that sun was shining up my ass. Such a lousy day ahead, I thought. There was something camping beneath my night dress, because there was a tent which was vividly observable by anyone. I turned aside and picked up my laptop which was on my bed. I looked for WiFi signal (Thank god my mother hadnt turned it off). As usual, I opened up a gay porn site. I searched for another site, but then I had seen the whole gay Indian videos in that site.

With time no time, I opened the browser whose icon wasnt there on the Desktop or the quick launch, but, some where deep in the menu. The moment I typed the first letter, the sweet browser helped me with the site. I went to the visitor sections, the few messages, and I decided to look for people around me in the user online section.

Since my hometown was a small one, I couldnt find many active players like one may expect in cities. And most of them, never had a profile pic, no guestbook entries. That is when I saw the profile..Let us say looser looking profile without pics, With no much of detail, but it was written: “I am a pure top, need bottoms, like getting sucked for long”. I dont know what drew me to him, but instantly, I send a message, cordially, saying hi !!

The name of the profile was FALCON09. Didnt expect much.

But he was quick. His message read “25 top Mannuthy, you?”

I replied :”27 bot Ayyanthole, Got pics??”

He send me his pics, three of them infact, the first pic was his face, his gorgeous looking face, not cleanly shaven, not trimmed, somewhere in between, the mole above his lips were appetizing. The rest of the pics were of his dick, and I wrote in my mind

“Shall I compare thee to the flute of ecstasy, or to the magic rods of Happiness

Shall I compare thee to the apertive banana or piquanty Popsicle ”

About 7 inches measured his manhood, beautifully carved, as though some medieval craftsman, whose glory the history forgot to sing, had carved it out. I looked up on to the ceiling and smiled and started conversing to god “Bhagawane, You are a genius”

My arms became restless, my eyes wide open. The sleep in my mind just blew along with the morning breeze and I became the action jack craving for the masterpiece, whose pic I just finished seeing in the PR.

I asked him, rather sounding too cool : “So whats the plan today, weekend bash huh?”

He replied : “Nothing much, can you share your pics”

At this moment I must warn you that I am not Dulquer or Muzzamil. I was just a average looking boy, who was swept off his feet after seeing a pretty young boy (after being tired of been approached by uncles time and again)

I thought, no point hiding, worth a shot, and I send me pics : “This is me”

The reply was : “Hmm”

I didnt know what to make of it, and then I thought, lemme wear my slut cap, and typed further : “So, Do you have a place? ”

To which he replied yes and I asked for clarification where exactly is the place to which he said it was behind the veterinary hospital. I asked him when should I come. He said evening and exchanged numbers to whatsapp and stuff.

I was like: “What just happened?, Did I really do this?”

I was always on PR, but never amassed the guts to ask a guy out either for date or sex. I thought, what the heck, I thought Id play along.

The clock struck 3, and I called him up. He picked and spoke to me in perfect Thrissur Malayalam, ” Nee valikkuo (Do you smoke)”, to which I said occasionally. He said, can you get a pack? I said why not, so I took my bike and headed to his place around 3:30. I had told my mother that I am going to a friends place and will be late. From a medical store near the round, I got condoms, and near by shop a packet of cigs.

When I reached the spot mentioned by him, I called him up, and inserting the phone into my helmet, I spoke : “Evidaeya(Where)”, He who was wearing nothing but a boxer waved at me from the balcony of a remote house, and Hinted me “this was”.

I bucked up speed and reached his place. Very simple house. He was inviting me in to his home not just with a horny thought, but also with a warm smile. and he asked “Kandupiddikkan budhimuttiyillalo (I hope it wasnt hard to find)”

I scanned his house, Not much of furniture, a long hall along with kitchen and then a bed room. Rather very clean for a bachelor.

He made me sit, and started talking, the first question : “So, How long has it been for you on PR? ” I replied “2 years” He said “I am new to this. I have this friend of mine, apparently the only one with whom I have made out, who suggested me the site”

I started judging him, I know it is a bad thing, but somehow I tend to do that. He had the most beautiful hair that I have seen in recent years. His boxers green in color. Less hair on his chest, but relatively more below his knees (I wondered what could be above it). We started speaking on and on

He posed random question : “Anal Chaiythintindo(Have you tried anal)” “I like it, do you have condom” “Do you smoke green” “Do you drink, coz am a drunkard” “I have girlfriends, this is more of a fling”

But even when he said all these filthy little thing, he was super nice, and he spoke with such amount of clarity and sweetness, that everything looked super cute. I could just bite and eat him away.

since it was hot, I too had changed into my boxers.

We lit a cig and he said “Man, this might affect our performance” and he touched my shoulders. Now I noticed his dusty skin, he black eyes, his mellifluous hair. Untimid smile and adorable lips. It went on for another 10 15 minutes. Later he shut his door, and I was already sitting on the floor and he pulled out a pillow from the bed and hit the floor laying on his back. He took his hand behind his head, revealing his armpits.. Clean..Hygienic..Just the way I like it. I was like “Man mein laddoo foota !!”

His legs were toward me, and even when we were speaking I touched his leg and changed the topic and said, “you got hair here”.. he smiled and looked at me.

I started touching his leg and the feeling his skin. Beautiful, that is all I had to say. He gazed into my eyes with a sweet comforting smile. I keep on with my voyage : “So how is it here on you thighs and pushed up his boxer?”

It was more hairy here.

I said,: “Oh, it is an increasing trend, there is just one way to conform”, and I pulled down his boxer, not to the extend that I could see his whole dick, but just enough to see his pubes. He had trimmed it decently. I think he had made it easy for me.

I started touching him here and there, and I went near to take a closer look. He kept on watching me all this while. The time had become 5:45, the sun getting ready to pack its bag to go home and sleep.

Slowy, I pulled it down completely. I was seeing the sleeping dragon with my naked eyes.oops !!!

I started touching it and caressing it.

He asked me : “Is your dick uncut or cut” To which I replied uncut. He said, ok..I followed up “Oh, you mean there is no lubricant ey? well lemme help”.. Moving forward, I took his sleepy dick in mouth and started going deep. He was like happy. I could sense it in him. And I felt his dick growing in my mouth. I felt like a rebellion from within :)

I pulled it out of my mouth. It was like my mouth is an amplifier, a small thing goes it and comes out bigger. He looked into my eyes and he said : “we are gonna have a wonderful time I guess”

I smiled and moved even more further and started licking his dick from all possible angles, and I didnt stop myself till I reached the rock bottom. I heard a bit of moaning, and some effort to control some emotion. He was laying in front of me the way he came to this world and me in a tee and boxer.

I went on and on. I just went crazy, coz i havent been in action for a while.

After a while he said : “woooof, you are awesome…Who taught you??”

I continued and now he pulled me toward himself. My face to his face by pulling me up holding my hair and whispered into my ears “I think I am gonna delete my PR account, I have found what I wanted”

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Quickie With A Stranger Part 1