Starting A Secret Life As Cute Priya Part 2

That entire incident that happens to me in the previous story changed me mentally a lot. Sometimes I behave like girl even in public, I start loving to wear beautiful ladies dress, love to wear tight bra and panty, love to wear high heels. Even my public profile tries to resist all those things, my internal mind start to dream about living as a girl and I become addicted to sissy training and hypnotic videos on xvideo web site. All night I start searching porn sites with text like sissy slut, sissy training, sissy hypnotics, feminization, faggot etc. all those makes me more and more addicted to cock, more and more addicted to become a girl.

I start dreaming about having a big hanging boobs and big butts. Mr John who was my first master only like to fuck my mouth he like to see me swallow his cum but he always put some dildos or anal buds in my sissy hole. But to my surprise he never tries to penetrate my anal hole.

My relation with him last for one year when I passed my higher secondary (+2) I got seat in an engineering college I chose computer science as my career and I got my first laptop and an internet connection that is provide and also I got an individual room as our hostel provide individual rooms for every students. This is not really helpful for my career but helpful for my secret desire the first thing that I search on my internet was chatting site, free cross-dresser lover chatting site etc. and I found certain free chat providers with lot of cross-dresser lovers and admirers and that become a regular habit that my night up to 12 Am I was on my web cam chatting with my masters they usually demand me to wear certain ladies dress and I will be in that and usually play with my boobs buts and put dildos in my ass.

But my real desire is that someone fuck my ass and make me a she male for ever that never happen till then. One day I got a mail that reads like hi this is Arjun and I am a cross-dress lover and I like to have a cross dresser as my wife he also says that he was 30 years old and he owns a medical shop and living alone and to my surprise he say that he thinks he know me and he see my profile pic and ask me if I am studying in that college. I usually go to his shop for mobile recharging after that I never try to go there as I afraid of my identity as I had a good name in my college and class my sissy behavior was bounded between the four walls of my room.

But one day I was forced to got to his medical shop as I got a fever and my doctor prescribe certain tablets and as there is no other medical shop near my college I went there in shy and fear and my heart start beating fast to my luck he was not there that make me relaxed as there is only his staff I went to him and give the prescription he went to take medicine and I was shocked that some hands squeezes my ass I start shivering and start sweating I heard a hard voice in my ears hi priya this is Arjun your chat friend I was waiting for you these days my dream girl. I don’t have the courage to turn to him but he forcefully turn me to him and tell don’t be afraid and ask me what happen I said I got a fever and he says get well some dear you had to enjoy lots of fun. He ask my phone no and I readily give him and when I walk away he give me a flying kiss.

From that day I got so many calls from him and he usually chat with me as I am his girlfriend or wife he never treat or speak to me as I am a boy. Now I don’t go to chat rooms as I don’t have time to chat as he will be on phone he present me one MTS mobile phone with unlimited call to his number. Like that one year passed away and now I can change my college hostel if I need so I decided to take a flat or a house outside but he said don’t waste your money I had a very big house and I have no relatives and my parents passed and my wife passed away in an accident so he is alone in that big villa.

So he decided that I had to live with him I have no other option because I am his submissive girlfriend now. As my college area is famous for transgender there are lot of transgender beauty parlor Mr john had already made me do lazar and electrolysis hair removal for my face my new master don’t need to do much he asked me to remove hair around my public area and ass now I am perfectly clean sissy wife he bought me lot of dress as I had a lot of pairs of inners I tell him not to buy them. Now my night and evening and morning hours belongs to him all the time expect my college hours I am a total transgender in ladies dress I also take some hormones as he had his own medical store it’s not so hard to get hormone tablets so now I had a small boobs so big as girls but my nipples grow little bigger like girls and when he touch me it become erect to the size of a grapes.

He made me were ear rings nose stud navel stud and made me were half saree below my navels and also present me naval chain that I had to were always. I forget to tell you something very important that happened in my life before our first date he ask me to were saree and lots of jasmine over my head, he present me certain ornaments of his late wife and ask me to light a traditional Hindu lamp and ask me to pray and tell me he is going to marry me I feel like crying and I hug him he tie a thali on my neck and made me his wife for ever. I touch his legs to my head and feel very happy. And we went outside and had our lunch and after that we went for a movie while watching the movie he press my ass and boobs and that the first time I got cummed (sissy orgasm) without touching the cock. And later we had our dinner and my panties are all wet of my own cum.

While walking towards our home he tell me that today is our first night I feel shy and smile looking down my feet when we reached our home he take me in his hands to our bed room it was fully decorated with jasmine and rose he made me lie on the bed and start to kiss me our lips locked for 10 minutes and he then kiss my neck while pressing my boobs and bit hear and there and make his love mare over my lips and neck.

Then he start squeezing my ass and it was little pain full but enjoyable then he started kissing my deep navels and bit and kiss all over my body and then he remove my blouse and saree now I am in bra panty and under skirt the kiss and bit my boobs and nipples over my bra than he insert his hands inside my bran squeezed it hard and remove my bra and skirt now I close my boobs with my hands as I feel shy he forcedly remove my hand and my boobs bounce at once he start licking my nipples like babies I feel more and more shy and close my eyes and bit my lips and he then remove panties and spray some thing on my cock there after my cock don’t get erect and when he touch my cock with his finger I feel like he is putting his fingers in my pussy he alternately massage and lick each boobs and start to fingering my anal my pussy with his finger and I start moaning.

Then made me on all fours and start to apply some gel in my anal hole and start fucking me slowly as this is the first time some real cock penetrate me I feel little pain and tears flew down from my eyes and then the pain turn to pleasure later moan and ask me fuck me hard my hung. That was the moment my dreams comes true I fell more and more like a women and he fuck me in that position for about 20 minutes and I got 2 times orgasm and then he put his cock in my mouth and ask me to suck and swallow I start sucking and stroking his cock and lick his balls and then he give me some deep through and then I suck him hard and he start moaning like baby I love you I am coming ……

Now my mouth and face is full of his cum and he ask me to swallow I happily swallow and he wipe all cum on my face to my mouth now he ask me to clean and cum I wash my face and mouth mad come he put one ring on my leg finger and then kiss me and hug me and we sleep together nude.

Morning I woke up early take a bath and when I look the mirror I see all my body had his love bites then I make tea for him and cook food while I was cocking he came behind me and hug and kiss me on my neck and then on my fore head and ask me to put sindur on my head and ask me to take a leave for one week I say that after one week we had our study leave so please let me go to college he don’t agree finally I apply for leave and that was for our honey moon trip to Goa. This is how I become Mrs Arjun the later story will be coming soon for contacting me personally mail me / /

Starting A Secret Life As Cute Priya Part 2