Turn Into Gay Virginity Lost

Hello guys,

I am Gaurav Pant , 24 years old from Delhi having 172 cm ( 5 ft 8 inch) height with 57 kg weight with slim shaved figure. I am the regular visitor of ISS and have been reading gay stories regularly here.I am really excited to share my first gay experience which turned me into Gay since 6 month.

I had been interested first ever towards gay life when I had watched my roommates having sex during my hostel life before 1 year.It was a super exciting experience of watching my roommates having sex as they both were Gay.After that incident I am used to surf more gay videos,pics,etc during my spare time in my college life.I had no girlfriends in my college life so it also make me embarrassed and got directed me towards boys.I got attracted towards sexy and handsome guys in my college.

After graduation, I am used in touch with my those gay roommates.Fortunately one of my gay roommates, one got a job in the city where I was doing job.so we both were get together again in the flat.this time my Fantasy was much higher as I used to get attract towards him.His name was Sameer.I used to behave with him like his boyfriend since some days.He also got notice by my behavior.

Once upon a night he was watching a gay porn video in gay site.I was just set near to his bed trying to make myself sleep.when I turned my eyes towards him, I also got excited and got myself horny and also started watching that amazing horny hardcore gay porn without getting noticed by my roommates.my cock got a super rock hard position and it was seen clearly in the upward direction and was making a vertical curve from my lower.

Destiny wanted us together that night as he watched my cocks position and noticed my horny face.he said, ‘’ wow….are you also interested to watch gay porn ? “ I said nothing and just gave him a horny smile with shame look.Now he got me and invite me in his bed to watch the porn together.So, I just got myself in his bed close near to him and both were started watching that remaining gay porn video.

Sameer has a same height but have better well shaped gym body with great muscle.His weight may be 60 to 70 kg.He has maintain well shaved body. Sameer is VERSATILE gay.he shaves daily.so his face was clear and Sameer was looking dashing and his face was shining that night.His monster cock’s erectness was seen clearly under from his Jockey.

After 10 min of watching both were become super horny and I was little fearing as well as horny and excited as it was my first experience with any gay.but fortunately this gay is my good friend so not getting so much feeling shamed with him.

Then he started talking dirty with me about gay life and knew about my thoughts about gay life.He got exact ideas about my fantasy indirectly.

Then he was about to action with me as I was wearing night wears- yellow t-shirt and black lower.He entered his one hand in my t-shirt from the downwards and was started moving his fingers on my shaved soft chest skin.I was so thrilled and becoming horny at that moment.suddenly he kissed me and vibration run in my whole body.his lips were on my lips and locked with my lips strongly.then he entered his tongue in my mouth and was playing with my tongue for some moment.we had kissed may be around 5 min.

After that we both were become fully HORNY for each other.then he came top over me and removed my yellow t-shirt., now I was half nude in front of him.Then he lied down top over my body and hugged me tightly.uf.f.f.ff..f….his body was so warm at that time.we both were breathing heavily.then he started kissing on my chest,on my cleavage,on my brown nipples….ohh.h..man…he was sucking my nipples madly..he licked my nipples with his tongue.my nipples became so hard and wet due to his extreme suck.

Then after he removed my black lower and my undies too.ohh.h….oh.hh…man…I was so damn horny at that moment.then he removed his Jockey also and came out his black monster dick and put it on my chest.

Oh.h.h.h.h.h….fuck…..man…..his dick was damn HOT and big …its size may be around 7’’..he has shaved around his dick and balls.,…so its was looking damn sexy and hot.he had a uncut black dick which has red top head….after putting his dick on my chest,he pulled down his foreskin of dick and came out his hot red top head from his dick.

Then Sameer said, ‘honey,wanna taste my lollipop ? ‘ I gave him naughty smile to him in reply.he got me and put his hot monster on between my warm lips….ohh…dear…his top head was so warm as I was feeling with my lips…..then I opened my mouth little and he entered his top head of his monster in my mouth.he breathed so horny at that moment and made a moaned noise : “uf..f.f.f.f…yeah..” Then he entered his full dick in my mouth but my mouth could not take his whole big monster because I was sucking first time his dick.so lack of sucking dick was also reason.

For the first time I didn’t like to suck his dick.so I refused it but he said, “don’t worry honey,pls continue …it happens often for the first time…u will like my lollipop so damn within some moments.So I continued sucking his monster…after 5 min of sucking I used to like to suck and lick his monster ..I licked his dick head for 5 to 10 min…and I become mad about his dick.oh.hh…dear….then I gave him so wild blowjob for 10 to 15 min.I have also tasted his salty precum while sucking.

After that he become so horny.and came down to my asshole as it was so virgin,tight and shaved and browny.then he started sucking and licking my asshole with his tongue…ohh.h….I was feeling so damn horny on his tremendous action of his tongue on my asshole…he sucked and licked my asshole for 10 min and made my asshole outer skin so wet with his tongue.

Ohhh.h.h….man….now Sameer said “ I wanna ride u so wild with my monster” then he put the DUREX condom with strawberry flavor from his bag and ask me to wear on its cock.So I helped him to wear on the durex on his monster cock.

He again laid me down in the bed put my legs up and set my legs on his shoulder.oh.hhh…dear….I was little fearing as it was my first time to get fucked.but he said, “relax honey , I’ll love u with CARE”.

Then he put his dick on my tight outer skin of my asshole..and rubbed with skin for some moments.my eyes has already closed in horniess.then he slowly try to enter his top head on my tight ass but couldn’t. In the second attempt he forced his dick and successfully lost my virginity with his monster.uf.f.f.f.f…….I moaned loudly “ ouuccch.hh..h.h.h.h.h.h.h……aahhhh.h.h.h.hh.h……”

With top head in my asshole he kissed me madly on my lips for some moments and made me horny and tried to reduce my pain effect on my mind…..ohh.h.h..yeahh….

Then he put out his dick head and again entered in my asshole.again put out and entered.he did it this process for 2 to 3 min.so my ass skin become little soft and ready to take his monster.ohh.h.h…yeah…..but that 2 or 3 min pain was unbearable for me.

But after that he entered his dick and my ass easily accepted his monster in it.yeah…then he entered his whole 7’ inch black monster in my asshole…after that he fucked my slowly for 5 min…

After he increased his speed and was fucking me so hard as his balls are slapping so hard with around my assskin.. oh.hh… fuck… aahh.h.h… yeah.h.h… u.ff.f.f.f.f.. aaaawuchchc… h.h… fuck.k.k…..I was becoming so mad with running moments ..vibration were running on my whole body..

After another 5 min of fucking he said loudly “oohh.h…..yeah…..i m about to cumm” he quickly put out his monster from my ass and wear off the condom from it and within no seconds he shoot his thick white load on my chest…he shoot so much cum load on my chest and on my nipples…my chest skin and nipples has become so wet and white with his thick lust.

Then he said to me, “ wanna taste my juice” I said, ‘ yes’.

He has taken so much juicy lust on his fingers and entered his fingers on my mouth between thorough my lips….oh.h.h.h..fuck…..it was so salty and tasty.(I liked his cum because I have tasted my cum before this sexy incident.)

Then he also seduced me and stroked my cock also for some seconds and I also shoot my cum on my stomach…both cum load had mixed..and he gave me again this mixed juice to taste it..he also sucked and licked and drank juice with his tongue from my stomach….oohh.hh….man….We both were so happy that night.and I was also happy that I lost my virginity that night by my sexy room mate.

Then we both went to the bathroom and had taken the warm shower together.after that I became sleepy in his arms nudely.

So That’s set.This is how I lost my virginity and fucked first ever by my room mate.Thank you so much guys for reading my first story.

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I’ll be back soon with my 2nd story very soon.

Love you.take care bye.

Turn Into Gay Virginity Lost