City Boy Became Village Wife

Hi Friends, this is kumar(but always wanted to be kumari) age 29. I am a regular reader of the husband and wife role reversal stories and I fantasized about a story and here I am posting my first story.

From my school days I love to cross-dress secretly and even go outside in the nights as a girl. I learn cooking and house hold activities with so much interest and with in a few months I became master in house hold activities. I got a good job in software company, Even though I wanted to be female I am interested in girls also, whenever I see a girl, my small penis erects and I satisfy it. As I got 28 years old, I wanted to get married to a girl, I am a bit rich and orphan where my parents died recently leaving me some good property and there are no relatives to look after so I approached marriage broker and told him about my details and asked him to look for village girls where I want my girl has to be traditional.

After one month, broker called me and told a match was interested on me and arranged for a discussion with the girls family. He told me that girl name is savithri(I felt happy as the name itself traditional) and gave me directions how to come to their village and how to recognize their house.

The next Sunday morning I woke up early and started to the village where I already imagined that savithri as my future wife(dont know at that time that my future husband was waiting), in the mid afternoon I reached the village and easily found out the house where broker is already waiting for me. He introduced me to a widowed middle aged woman as kumar and he introduced her as Savithris mother and her father died recently. I felt pity at that time and conveyed my condolences to her. My would be mother in law liked me very much about my friendly nature and I still waited for my would be wife(husband).

Finally she called up on savithri to come as I am waiting for her. A 26 y old woman where her skin colour is little bit on black side and her hair falls up to her waist and I can see her waist it was awesome and she was bit lean her face was glowing like anything even though she is black but on contrast I am little bit chubby and white in colour. She was perfect looking woman and almost to my height, I fell for her in our first meet.

As it is village family her mother took final decision and got fixed our marriage and I didnt had a single word with savithri in our first meet. I came back to my city and came to know that I got promotion and got a chance to go to US and work over there for one year and I had to start immediately. I thought its because of marriage fixing with my darling Savithri. The next Sunday I went to my mother in laws house and explained my position and asked for marriage immediately.

Then we fixed a date in next couple of days, I took leave for those 2 days and shopped for marriage to my wife, my MIL and for me. The day came and I became ready as groom and I am looking beautiful and on the other side savithri became as bride by wearing traditional white saree and jeweleries. After chanting mantras I tied mangalsutra and she bend on my foot and took my blessings. As there was no time for our first night, I planned it in US and took savithri with me to US(week before our marriage I finished all formalities for visa so there didnt come much problem).

First Night in US: I finished my first day in office and came back early as it is our first night. I waited in the room for my wife to come and after some time she came with a glass of milk and handed it over to me. I kept it on table and observed nervousness in her face and I asked her about what she was getting tensed. She told me that from her child hood she was brought up as a guy as she is the only daughter for their parents and all of a sudden marriage happened and she is not ready for anything and got confused with her position. I understand her feelings and tried to convince her but she was in no mood. I went for sleep on thinking a solution for it and I got a Idea and I had to apply it on next day onwards.

The next night, I asked her if she treated as a man she would be comfortable, she got confused and asked what I am saying and I told her about my cross-dressing and told I will look after as her my husband and she will look after me as her wife and will do it for some days until she feel comfortable with me and then we can have our first night. She immediately accepted my proposal and she removed her saree and everything in bathroom and wear my jeans and shirt and came into room.

Now my turn, I went to bathroom as I am chubby and I shaved all my hair and extra fat grown on waist and on my male breasts, I put on bra where I always kept for my size secretly with filling pads and panties and then wear blouse and langa and then draped her first night saree. I wore all her jeweleries except mangalsutra, nosering and bindi and came back to room. She was stunned by seeing me and laughed at me and told in my ear saying that I draped saree perfectly than her and my curves are more than her, I got blush instantly about my husband saying that.

My husband asked why My darling wife not wearing Mangalsutra, bindi and nose ring. Then I told to my husband that there are not like other jeweleries which can wear and it husband responsibility initially to wear to his wife. Immediately my husband reliased and came to me with Mangalsutra and tied in my neck tears came from my eyes and he place feet rings also(mettalu) to my both feet and put bindi on my fore head and finally placed nose ring. Then I completely became wife to my wife. I handed over glass of milk to her and bend on her foot to take her blessings. She lifted me up and kissed on my forehead and I was like in heaven and it was altogether a different experience. We slept for that day.

The days were passing like this, where evenings I came to house and changed to woman and serve my husband I do house hold chores in the evening I cook and I eat the remaining in my husbands plate after he finished his dinner and clean vessels and I woke up early and prepare tea for my husband and then prepare tiffin for him and got ready to my office. But there is no sex at all in this relation. But soon after some days I found a change in her behavior, that she(my husband) teasing me as a newly wedded wife like in the mornings when I am preparing tea she came from back suddenly and hugs me and started kissing me.

One fine day when I am wake up early and after finishing my shower I came into my room which I draped my towel covering my breasts like all women. She wake up already and see in that situation, and came near to me and told I am looking stunning and wants me as more perfect as a girl and wants me complete makeup like wearing nail polishes wearing bra and panties for entire day and finally told to have sex with me. I felt joy as finally she accept to fuck her but immediately she told that sex as I am as her wife and she will be husband. I am in total confusion and told will discuss later. In the night I decided to play as her wife in sex and wants to enjoy and eagerly waiting for that moment.

The next Saturday( as Saturday and Sunday are leaves, I stay as wife only) I told her about strap on as she(my husband) from village didnt understand and I explained about it clearly as rubber penis and she excited by knowing about it. We ordered for one and it came next day.

So Finally our first night came where finally sex will play a major role. We make it on Thursday, Friday and Saturday( i took leave on Friday). I came home early in the after noon itself and got prepared more than usual, I took a long hot shower bath and I shaved all my hairs completely and came out from my bathroom and wear pink matching bra and panties and nicely tucked my small erected penis under panties. Then wear blouse and langa and then draped green transparent saree where it exposes my navel very well and my breasts completely. I put on nail polish previously to my finger toes and foot toes and I am ready and on the other side my husband also ready.

I took a glass of milk and went to our first night room but my hubby was not there. I sat on edge of bed and waiting for him to come. After some time I heard sound of shoe steps coming towards room, I lowered my head with shy and got nervousness as it was my first night with my husband. He came near to me, I observed he wearing sharwani and she easily pass as a handsome boy. I took her blessings by bend my head on her feet, she lifted me up and directly this time kissed on my lips with out any hesitation. I took a bit second to react from my side and I kissed her passionately but she took completely control of me and kissed me in my mouth where I just surrendered as a first night bride.

After 5 minutes of deep kiss he sat on bed and made me sat on his lap. I observed my husbands sea change in his behavior. He found out nervousness in me and told in my ears dont fear darling last time you as groom didnt control the situation but this time my darling wife i will take care of you. With such type of words came from my village wife I got stunned and embarrassed but at the same time I feminine side enjoyed a lot. She then slowly removed my saree and started kissing from my toes to fore head and again kissed me on my lips. She then caressed my nipples and waist and finally removed my blouse and langa now I am on my pink bra and panties.

She asked to stand before her I did and she ordered me remove her dress and I did, I took of Shrwani now she was on banian and drawer, but I found drawer was bulging. She made me kneel immediately and she took off rubber penis which is 8 inch long and placed it in my mouth and asked me suck it. At first it became difficult for me to suck and started slowly and took only tip of it. She got angry and slapped on my cheek with that action I cried but she is no mood and asked to take complete penis and stroke fastly.

With second and third slaps I made it possible. She then lift me up and hugged tightly and kissed on my lips where I am still in fear and little bleeding on my lip. She then immediately lifted me up and took to the wall and now I was standing in front of a wall hugged her tightly still she then lift one leg up of me and placed strap-on on my ass I begged her to do it soft but she slapped me inserted it tightly at first only tip went and after some forceful insertions complete 8 inch weapon tore my ass I was crying like a girl who lost her virginity to a mass man. I still begging her, but she started stroking where in no time she lifted my second leg also I am on air with strap-on in my ass and she lifted me and fucking me in the air itself.

Then after some hot fucking she placed on the ground and forcibly take me to the bed and made me doggy style and started fucking. This time she found out my G – Spot where the pain started feeling sensation and then become pleasure. Now I started moaning like a whore please fucked me husband(evandi nannu dengandi baga), I am your bitch(nenu me lanjani) like that. She got aroused and fucked me even harder.

That night she fucked me in different positions and finally she came to climax and cummed in my mouth and I also cummed ever hard in my life. She finally kissed on my lips and went for sleep and my ass felt sore and I gathered energy and wear my saree I slept left side of my wife(husband) and she placed arms on my body and I feel comfortable that I belong to some and who cares me so much

The next day morning I woke up a little bit late where my she hubby still sleeping for that last night. I felt my ass still pain and slowly get up and take a shower and came out from bathroom with towel covering my breasts and there is no time I went to kitchen like that only to prepare tea for my she hubby but all of a sudden she came back from me and removed my towel I was completely stunned for that as I didnt wear any bra or panties. I am in complete nude with my jeweleries left.

My hubby laughed at my situation and saw from top to bottom and kissed me on my lips. (Chetiki gajulu, kalliki metttalu, pattilu, mello mangalasutram, chinna golusu, nadumuku chinna golusu tappa ontimeda emi ledu). She asked me to do my house hold chores like this only everyday , I got embarrassed but my husband ordered me so I did. One day After finishing of our breakfast he took me to mirror where I observed my complete nudeness with my jewels where I look almost woman except my penis and observed more feminine curves from recently. She told me to take female hormones and he will take male and I accept immediately and starting taking pills and he started taking pills also.

I become more comfortable with saree and with the presence of my husband I feel I always wanted to be in his arms and crushed by him. Sex became part in every night. I left my job and completely staying in house itself where my husband going to nearby store as store keeper and we have plenty of bank balance so there is no problem at all. One fine day after he went to store, I did all my household chores and watching t.v but in no mood as the reason my I am remembering my hubby and I went to our bedroom took his photo and started talking with him about my feelings( Evandi eppudu vastaru, ekasepu virahanni kuda nenu tattu koleputunna tongaraga randi mekosam ke barya eduruchustu untundani meku teliyada vachi nannu me kougiltlo bandinchandi).

Suddenly My wife husband came behind me at that I am wearing transparent red saree with blouse showing my under arms. She hugged me tightly and told I got such a beautiful wife even though you are a man. I stopped my hubby wife and told I am not a male and do not remember me that past. She immediately kissed me and took off my saree and bra and panties and showed me a new penis which is 9 inch long and with rough pattern surface which will grind my boy pussy more deeply and roughly. As I became master in sucking my hubby cock and I took and gave a good blowjob for 15 minutes and then he started fucking my boy pussy for an half an hour like a wild lion and cummed in my face.

After six months, I become like a shemale with perfect boobs where my wife hubby removed her breasts completely. Now I got real boobs to feel and we found out a rubber penis which can satisfy who wear it, so wife husband also got to climax everyday. We were happy like that and hubby wife told me do not remove my penis but I told her I want to be get pregnant and called mom.

Then she told me that some doctor had told her even shemales can get pregnant. I felt in joy and knew the procedure for it and Doctors placed a special apparatus on my ass which connects to my stomach as asked us to have a sex. On that he fought a raged bull and me and my hubby wife cummed at a time and both our semen went into my stomach. I felt like my hubby wife planted a seed in me where within 9 months the fruit will come.

After three months the doctors confirmed that I am pregnant and to be careful. I am in haven and from that day my hubby didnt even let my leg on floor also, I got tears for such a caring hubby wife.

Days were past like that, finally the day came where we had to leave to India, I dressed up as a traditional Indian house wife where my hubby wear jeans and t shirt where she look handsome and I look sexy. We reached India and went to my MILs house where she got shocked to see us and stand before us like a statue. It was me to first react where I bend my head to her feet and take her blessings and we went inside house and told everything happened. She was happy where she came to came to know that I am 4 month pregnant and accepted me as her daughter in law and her daughter as her son. As we were tired we went to sleep immediately.

Next day I woke up early in the morning, my mother in law it is a festival day where housewives as to perform some poojas for the well being of their husband. I prepared for the pooja and my husband also wake up and got ready and pooja got finished I bend my head and took blessings of my mother in law and again bend my head and kissed my husbands feet with joy. He lifted me up and kissed on my forehead. My mother in law told me to do house hold chores where it will be like exercise for me and my baby and I nodded with joy but my hubby wife stopped his mother, but she told importance of it and told only for 2 months. He accepted finally.

Everyday I used to get up and offer prayer and take blessings of my husband and mother in law and prepare tea and tiffin for all of us. I started watching serial along with MIL and then do breakfast and took some rest and evening waiting for my hubby to come and prepare dinner. This become daily routine for me and I am very happy and my hubby went to field as we bought fields with the earnings. He is earning good amount of money every month which will fulfill our future needs also. I become a good DIL and good wife and lived happily.

After nine months, I blessed with a baby boy and luckily I got milk to feed my son. I am in heaven after hearing him cry. Doctors handed over baby to me and I cried like nothing and placed his mouth at my breasts and offered him plentiful of milk where my boy with out crying sucking my nipples and between biting my nipples naughtily like his father. Over all I am in complete heaven as I once a man than became woman and a wife and Daughter in law and now a mother. I feel proud as I am performing all the roles perfectly with out hurting anyone.

City Boy Became Village Wife