Date Trap Part 2 (My Fantasies)

When my friend asked didn’t give a proper reply and gave me his phone. I was shocked to find myself all drunk and behaving like a slut. So this how it began as per my friend he had mixed something in my drink and I was all unconscious and horny. When he woke me up he and his friends were nude flashing their yummy lollipops. I started drooling on all of them one after the other. The other two guys were north Indians and had yummy dicks each measuring 8.5 and thick too.

I started sucking them and Akhil was rimming my ass. I was shouting while sucking them fuck me you bastards and they were only making me suck and suck for 21 minutes and later they asked me to request and plead for them to fuck me. Like a true slut I started begging them asking them to fuck me. The started spanking me and asking me to request again. I was begging them and asking the “please fuck me” please fuck me hard” I” am a whore” I am a slut” “fuck me hard” they spat on the floor and asked me to lick I did. They asked me to lick their feet I did. The asked me to lick their shoes I did. Finally they peed a little on the floor and asked me to lick and I did. Now it was time for me to go on to the joyride.

My ass was all lubed because Akhil had rimmed it well and was also in queue to enter it. These guys are very adventurous. They took me outside and tied my legs and hands to a tree and started entering my ass. Completely in and out in slow mode. I was crying and begging them to fuck hard. They were not in a mood and I came. They made me eat my cum and continued the tortoise fuck for 12 minutes one after the other. I was all tired but their monsters were wide awake. My ass was all pepped up. Now both the guys wanted to double penetrate me.

Before I could say anything they both were in and I shouted in pain. They did not stop and fucked me for another 8 minutes and came inside me. Akhil got inside me and came in 5 minutes. Later all of us took bath and Akhil gave me a thong I wore that and slept. By the time Akhil completed the narration both the other guys were awake. I was feeling very shy and in excitement of the story forgot to wear anything and was still in thong. Akhil did formal introduction and their names were Romit and Kapil.

Romit was 6 ft gym built fair and Kapil was 6.2 gym built fair. They both started speaking to me in Hindi.
Romit – Aur raat ko maza aaya.

Me- I don’t remember anything but Akhil did mention that I had great time.

Kapil – Great time nahi awesome time. Aaj Sunday he aur pur din pada he.

Me – I haven’t informed at home and I am not sure I can stay.

Akhil – trust me you will have the best time so re think.

Romit- Aaj tujhe asli bottom hone ka ehsas karvage sonch le.

Kapil – pure bottom you will love it.

Me – Ok let me do it I called up at home and informed that I will be back tomorrow.

Kapil – Ab natak khatam ho gya tho start kare.

Me- Breakfast?

Romit sab milega aaram se. But one thing you should remember we are into BDSM and you should do as we say and we will take good care of you.

Me ok

Kapil – Crawl around the follow like bitch and bark

Me- Excuse me

Kapil – Oye no excuses do what I say or else I am going to peel that beautiful skin. Think you are under arrest

I start crawling and barking.

Kapil – Oye zor se

Me – wooh woof wooh woof

Romit – Spanks my ass

Kapil – flashes his dick and asks me to lick it thinking it’s the bone I haven’t seen in days.

I start licking it. Akhil is watching from distance.

Kapil – ab chusna chalu kar.

I start sucking him.

Romit- Are you angry bitch

Me – Yes

Kapil – how about some juice?

Me – yes

Kapil – Romit aaja (Romit comes near me and hold my head) Kapil starts peeing in small quantities and asks me to drink it. I had never drank pee in the past and didn’t even had an option to say no. Unwillingly I drank the entire pee and somehow liked it later.

Romit- Kaisa laga bitch

Kapil – Bitch nahi lets give him a slutty name

Romit – Ankita sahi rahega

Kapil – Ankita do you want some more juice.

Me – no I am full.

Romit – baby I want to give you juice now come over and do as you have been taught.

Me- watching from distance with a pale look.

Romit – do you want me to come their and trust me if I come their might even give you a sausage.

Me – no I will come their. I start walking and romit abuses me and asks me to crawl and I start crawling.

Romit- Saali kutiya muh khol ek bhi boond niche nahi girna chahiye. He starts peeing in small quantity and with no difficulty I drank the entire pee.

Kapil – Jaa randi pani nahakar aa and then serve us breakfast

Me- ok and I start crawling towards the washroom. On entering the washroom I realise I want to pee too. I was about to start Kapil comes in from behind. Ankita we asked you to take bath. Follow our instructions. However if it’s an emergency I can give you an option. I am like yes it’s an emergency. He asks me to pee in the mug. I did and later he made me drink that too. After making me drink he asked me to lie down on the floor. I did.

Kapil: Akhil idhar aana.

Akhil comes in.

Kapil: Chal bhai give hime your blessings. Akhil starts peeing on my body.

Kapil: Romit aaja randi ko thoda pyar karte he.

Romit, Akhil and Kapil all the three are in the washroom nude and hard. My ass is not lubricated and nor their dicks are wet.

Kapil: Ankita get up and turn around.

Me – ok but

Kapil- Slaps me hard randi jitna bolagaya uthna kar

Me- all ready facing the wall.

Kapil – in one go half inside me and I shout in pain and start crying as it was all dry. He pushes it further in completely. I am crying. Romit comes in and tries to enter me.

Me- please aisa math karo its paining.

Akhil – you will love it wait for 10 minutes and starts licking my tears.

Romit – its all tight as its dry and this is the best thing. He is half in too.

Kapil and Romit are pumping me slowly as thy like torturing. I am crying and Akhil is licking my tears.

Kapil- randi raat ko tooh bheek maang rahi thi aur ab natak kar rahi he. He spanks hard and I cry out in pain.

Romit – bardash kar le bas aa hi gya.

In about 6 minutes both came and watching them come Akhil came too. We all bathed together and had our breakfast.

Kapil – Randi sleep for 2 hours and we will head out on our jolly ride. They all start boozing and ask me to sleep. I felt happy and went in and slept for two hours. When woke up they had the most scary yet funsome plan ready.

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Date Trap Part 2 (My Fantasies)