Another Experience In Kerala Theater

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Here I am narrating my another gay experience which happen unexpectedly. I already mentioned in my previous story that I am not completely gay but I have supported and enjoyed some gay activities.

One day I took my bike and went to service center. They told that it will take more than 3 hours and request me to wait there. So I planned to watch a movie from the small theater near to that service center.

As it was a weekday and also it is not a famous theater I can see only few peoples inside the theater. I took balcony ticket. It was a Malayalam movie. I surprised that only 4 peoples are there in balcony. Three of them are sitting in front row and another man is sitting alone. I went to last row and settled. Movie about to start.

Suddenly the man who sitting along stand up and walk towards my side. And he occupied my nearby seat. He gave a small smile and I smiled back. I noticed him in the small light.

He is 40 year old man with thick mustache. He wears pants and shirts. Movie started and lights turned off. The movie was very boring one. Suddenly I felt something is touching my thighs. When I looked in my thighs I surprised that the strangers hand is resting in my thighs.

So I concluded that he is a gay and he come here to play with me. I became little bit happy. Because I was eagerly waiting for this after my first experience. This is the golden chance and no one will notice us. So I waited for his further moves.

After 5 minutes he started moving his hands to and fro. My cock started getting erected. He slowly put his hands up and touches my side of the erected cock. So he came to know that I am also enjoying the activities. He got courage. He rub my penis over my pants. I feel aroused. I felt pain because my pants was very tight.

He first removed my belt. Then slowly unzipped my pants. I did not resist that. I am also waiting for that. He took my hard 6 inch cock in his hands and slowly started masturbating. He pulled back my foreskin and rub the wet park. He touch it with fingers and tasted too. He slowly pitched my cock with his fingers. I was in heaven at that time.

I saw a big bulge in his pants also. He noticed that I am eagerly looking in his bulge. He took my hand and placed over his bulge. Oh.. It was a big one. He helped me to unzip and now the large monster is in my hand. I feel difficulty to manage his cock in one hand. It was a hot and nice one. I also started moving his cock to and fro. He is also liked that very much. He kissed in my cheek and slowly bites my ears. We started a French kiss.

We kissed for 5 minutes. During that time he pinched my nipples and cock. He removed my pants till knee. His next move was a good one. He took my penis in his mouth and started sucking vigorously. It continued for 10 minuets and I was about to cum. I stopped his head. As he understood he started licking my balls. Then again he started sucking my cock hardly and hardly.. He told that cum in my mouth come on.. Come on.. At last I cummed. He swallowed my complete juice and sucked till it complete. I felt tickle after that.

Its the interval time. So I dressed up. We didnt went outside. We waited for the second half. During break time he slowly massaged by cock and that bring back my cock in erected position. After 10 minutes movie resumed. Lights were turned off.

This time he removed his pants and ask me to suck his cock. I hesitate because of some bad smell coming from there. So he push my head forcefully. The cock touches my lips. I feel something good. I sucked his tip of the cock. Hmmmm.. Now it tastes good. I started sucking. I spitted there and sucked in good manner. At that time he removed my pants and put his finger on my ass hole. It was little bit painful but its good. He gave a finger fuck with respect to that I gave a nice suck.

After 5 minutes he exploited his cum in my mouth. I spitted that on the spot. He sucked the remaining cums from my face. Then he ask me to put my hands in his ass. I obey him. His ass hole was very loose. So I inserted my two fingers and gave him a good finger fuck. After that he again sucked my cock. Then he ask me to turn over for eating my ass hole. He inserted his tongue in my ass hole. Oh it was just above awesome. His tongue was rocking one and he played well with his tongues. Same time he took my cock and shakes well.

He ask me to sit in his thighs. I sat there. He tried to insert his cock in my ass hole. But is was a difficult task for his. Still I am virgin and his cock was large. So he failed in that. I stopped him because I felt pain. So he started fucking in my thighs. He request me to fuck him. I told that I will not do because it is not safe. He took one condom from his bag and placed over my cock.

So I agreed. It is the first time I am going to fuck a man. As his ass was loose I easily inserted my cock in his ass. He started jumping slowly. I fucked him with his jump. In beginning I feel some pain. After sometime I started enjoying. I increased my speed. I took his cocks in one hand and shakes it vigorously. We both cummed in same time. His juice splashes in his face. He laughed and tasted it. We sat there like 5 more minuted and I removed my cock from his ass.

He took my cock again and sucked the remaining juices. I also do the same.

After that we dressed back. The movie about to complete.. He gave one French kiss again and says goodbye. He went outside without completing the movie. But I can see a huge satisfaction in his face. I also says goodbye.. And thank him for giving such a nice experience to me.

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Another Experience In Kerala Theater

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