Teen Cousin Brothers Explore Each Other Part 2

Disclaimer : All characters in the stories are fictional. The story has teenage incestual relationship between two cousins and extensive homosexuality. If your name is same as one the character it is a coincidence. If you are against any of the above please do not read the story.

The ideas for this story are taken from many as I’m regular reader to many of the blogs. For any comments and ideas : Email / /

Recap : Two teen cousins explore homosexuality and give each other oral pleasure.

We woke up around 10 as my mother started calling us down. “Utho aur khana kha lo pehle, baad mein naha lena, mujhe market jana hai” she shouted from the other room. “Abe acha hii hai na, baad mein saath mein naha lenge.” he said with a smile on his face. We jumped off the bed and went to have breakfast. In the shower we did not do much, I tried to start something but he said “Raat ko karenge”.

The whole day we played cricket, every now and then groping each other playfully. I could not wait for us to get in bed again. After a day of playing and running around we had dinner finally it was bed time. We said goodnight to everyone and headed to the room.

As soon as the I closed the door Anmol jumped on and started kissing me. Our tongues were wrestling desperately. I started pulling his pants down without breaking our kiss. One his hand was under my t-shirt caressing my back while the other was in my pants rubbing my ass.

After a bit of a struggle I finally pulled his pants down, as soon as I knew they were down broke the kiss and took his dick in my mouth. He moaned as my I took his cock in my “Ah Tanay”. I was taking all of his dick in and using one of my hands to play with his balls. His hands was on the back of my head, his fingers running in my hair as I blew him. After a few minutes he pushed me off, and started taking my clothes off, he pulled off my t-shirt and took off my pants.

He was sucking on my nipples as he pushed me towards the bed and then threw me on it onto my back. He started blowing me as he played with my nipples as I just lie in bed moaning. After just a few seconds he turned me over onto my stomach. He was caressing my inner thighs and ass cheeks. Kissing and licking them.

Then he parted my ass and started licking my asshole. This was an entirely new. His tongue was pleasurable tickle on my asshole, I was shaking from the feeling. Then his tongue entered me little making it more and more awesome, making me moan like a slut in heat. “Ah ah ah Anmol bohot sahi hai yaar aur kar”. After licking me for a few minutes.

He started licking my back now coming all the way up to my neck laying himself on me. His dick was now in between my butt cheeks. He started rubbing it as he lightly bit the back of my neck.

“Maza aa raha hai na ?” he asked “Haan” I moaned back. “Tho fir aur kare?” as he said that as he put his hands beneath my stomach lightly pushing me up as he lifted his body off mine. I knew what he wanted me to do so I stuck my ass up high to give him more access. He was rubbing his dick head on my ass and I was waiting for him to stick it in me. Then leaned on me again his dick still rubbing my an opening, he came near my ear and asked “Kardu suhaag raat puri ?”. “Haan banade mujhe apne biwi” I said.

He started pushing in I could feel my asshole stretching up to accommodate the intruder. He kept coming in me. I could feel his breath on my neck as he groaned and I grabbed the sheets in pain and pleasure moaning trying not to shout. After an eternity I felt his thighs on my ass cheeks confirming that he is all the way in. “Tu bohot tight hai ” he said, I just moaned in response. It felt a lot bigger than I had expected. He stayed there deep inside me for a while. Waiting for me adjust to it. After a while the pain was gone and only pleasure remained.

“Hilana yaar” I said in a low voice and he obeyed moving out and just as he was totally moved out he pushed back. “Ah” I moaned out loud as he came back in. He started moving in and out slow but coming in deep. I could feel every bump and vein on his dick, I could feel as his dick rubbed over my prostate and my I could feel my sphincter opening and closing as he moved in and out. It was like a carnival of pleasurous feeling starting from my ass and going through my entire body and coming out in forms of moans and cries.

His was back up straight now, going faster and faster, making me feel another sort of a pleasure, he started slapping my ass as he fucked me faster and faster “Oh Tanay teri gand bohot sahi hai”.

I could not think of anything to say, I just wanted him to keep fucking me. After a few minutes, he started stroking hard and deep instead of fast. I could feel his dick shiver and swell and then as he pushed as deep inside me as he could, he came. I could feel a gush of hot cum filling me up. He came for about 6-7 seconds.

He kept his dick inside. I could feel it get softer but he did not lose his erection. Without taking his dick out he turned me over on to my back ducking as my feet went over his head. I could see it in his eyes that he was going for another round without a break. I was game.

I put my legs around his waist and pulled him down. I kissed him as he came closer. He was entering me at a different angle now, rubbing my prostate in a more sensual way. The kissing and the cum moving around in ass was making it all twice as good. He was moving in and out slowly and in a very amazing way. He broke the kiss to lick my neck, biting my earlobe, kissing my shoulder. This time we weren’t just fucking we were making love. This was getting me closer to my own orgasm.

He took one of his hands and started stroking my dick as he fucked me. This was a new level of stimuli my ass and prostate being massaged by a dick, my neck being bitten and licken and my dick being stroked altogether. An orgasm was in inevitable. I pulled him further in with my legs. I came harder than I ever had, my orgasm was so hard that I couldn’t even moan out loud, the voice was not coming out. But Anmol was moaning “Ah Tanay ah aha ah” and after a moment I started cumming he was filled me up with more semen. I guess my ass contracting due to my orgasm and it threw him over the edge.

When orgasm our subsided we both just laid in the bed in each others arms. His dick finally went soft and slid out of me. Cum started leaking out of me, trickling down my ass cheeks and inner thighs. I was too tired to care, hell I liked it. Both of us dozed off in each others arms. Anmol woke up around 7 and woke me up, we put some clothes on and went back to sleep.

Teen Cousin Brothers Explore Each Other Part 2

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