Affection Turns Into Horror

My name is Ankit and I am from Delhi. This story is not real it was purely a fantasy of mine. Let me know if you liked it or not do share you feedback by writing an email to me on / / I will soon share my real sex stories.

I started chatting with this guy from Delhi on skype. He seems to be decently built. He is 32 years old with 8 inch lollipop. His name is Akasah. He seemed very gentleman type. We decided to meet and he agreed to pick me up from the nearest metro.

On reaching the metro station I called him and he informed me that he is waiting near the exit gate. We exchanged greetings and proceeded towards his place. On the way he stopped his car and asked me to help him in picking up some undergarments for his female friend. I obliged and we both walked into a lingerie store picked up 3 bra and panties.

Once we reached his place he started behaving in the most affectionate way and later asked me if I would like to have a beer and relax. I agreed. When we started drinking he started requesting me to let him remove my body hair.

I reluctantly agreed. He applied hair removal cream and slowly started removing my hair. By the time I finished two bottles. I was all smooth from top to bottom. He asked me to join him for shower. I was drunk and I obliged. Once done with the shower he gave me a female top, bra and panty. I asked him what it is.

He said it’s what you see. “Saale randi ki aulad puri ladkio wali body he teri aur ladki wale kapde nahi toh kya pahenega”.

I was like I am not wearing it.

Akash: Tu, to kya tera baap bhi pahenega and he spanked me hard. Even before I could think he started making me wear the panty and bra. I was looking cute in the undergarments. Though I was pretending not to like but I started enjoying it. He brought a red skimpy top and asked me to wear it. I did.

Akash: Chal kutiya mere dost aarae he Tujhe unhe drinks serve karne hogae aur puri raat entertain karna hoga.

Me: We never spoke about group.

Akash: We never spoke about you cross dressing. This is my house and my rules. If you don’t want to follow them. Go out. I will not give your clothes to you. It was 11PM.

Me: okay I will entertain your friends.

Akash: Okay nahi rand. Ji Maalik bol.

Me: Ji Malik.

Suddenly I heard the door bell.

Akash: Kutiya open the door.

Me: No somebody might see.

Akash: Sab ko patha he randibaaz hu me. Ja warana raat bhar bahar inhi kapdo mae ghumaunga.

Me: Ji Malik

I open the door, two well built guys give me a look and one of them tries to grab my ass. Their names were Amit and Sid.

Amit: Sahi maal laya bhai. Aur puri ladki bana diya ise. Thoda ladki ki tarah chalege toh mast lagega.

Akash: Chalega nahi daudega. Raat bhar hum who toh karaegae. Isae puri laddki bana denge. Abhi iska nam Meena rakthe he.

Sid: Randi ja daru lae aa.

Me: Ji malik la raha hu.

Sid: Bitch…la rahi hu bol.

Me: Ji malik la rahi hu. I get the drinks and serve them.

They keep their zips open and ask me to suck each of their dicks for 2 minutes. I suck them. They pour alcohol on it and make me drink it. At times they pour it on ground, on their feet and I am asked to lick it. After an hour, Akash asks me to go inside the room and wait for him.

Me: Ji malik ja rahi hu.

I am waiting in the room. Akash enters and pushes me on bed. He sits on my thighs and starts pressing my tits with one hand and with the other he starts rubbing my hole. I am not allowed to say anything apart from lying their pretending like a girl. After 15 minutes he inserts his dick in my mouth.

Akash: Randi mae tujhe gift debne wala hu. Pura peelae ek bhi boond giraya tho aur do dost ko bulaunga.

Me: I tried saying no by moving my head. He slapped me and started peeing in my mouth and made me drink it.

Akash: Chal chu acchae se. I sucked him for 20 minutes and he was hard on. Without warning me he inserted his dick in my hole and I cried with pain. Hearing my voice the other two guys came in the room.

Sid: sahi kiya jo kapde nahi nikale iske. Panty mae chudthae hue randi dikh rahi he.

Me: Moaning and crying.

Amit: Sid yai ro rahi he. Ise daru pila de.

Sid: Natural daru and inserts his dick in my mouth. I am getting fucked hard in the roughest way with lot of spanks. I cannot even cry or shout as I have a dick in my mouth. Within no time Sid starts peeing.

Amit: Achae se pee warna raat bhar tatti khilaege

The entire night was filled with cum in my hole and pee in my mouth, body, clothes. These three have lot of horrific and kinky fantasies in mind. they want to share me with all their friends. They also informed me how they have changed a bottom into a sissy in the past. They have similar plans for me too. Akash wants to turn me into a prostitute and make me earn money. I will share the remaining story soon.

Affection Turns Into Horror