Closet Love A Wonderful Beginning

Rohit and Jamil were best friends since they met in school. They were so tight that it seemed they require no one else’s company at all. They had never let each other stay alone for a second. May be they were closer than BFF.

Rohit was a dusky with sharp features and Jamil was fair and cute. They were the heartthrob of may pretty girls at college and neighborhood but it seems no girl could impress them easily. Other young men were jealous of them being so popular among women that there wasn’t any room for a new guy to step in.

Rohit was a brainiac and Jamil was a Picasso. They both stick so close that some people suspicion them to be a couple. More the mouths, more the stories yet this never affected their friendship in any way. They always laughed away what they heard from others. Such humbleness could be rarely found.

A night the boys ran down the alley for a quick drink. The bar was filled with young blood bubbling in the trance music and alcohol. The boys and sat into their usual table. They had couple of beers and we’re enjoying the music. A group of girls were passing by among whom a pretty girl smiled at Jamil.

He too smiled back at her. Rohit saw this and gave an encouraging dash to his buddy. The girls returned after a while and the pretty one came right at Jamil. They both started talking and we’re interrupted by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was pretty pissed looking at this and punched Jamil on his face. It was a powerful one, Jamil fell on the ground and when he got up Rohit saw him bleed.

He sensed a strange wrath in him looking at his friends bleeding lips. He sprung on the guy and started knocking him ruthlessly. It was a mess and the duo were thrown out of the pub. Both the guys were sore but managed to pick up some bottles. They laughed and headed towards the nearby ground. They spoke to their respective families and lied that they will stay at each others home. They were drunk and bruised, no way or the other they can go home in this state. They decided to spend the rest of the night beneath the sky. They reached at a place with tall grass of the ground and sat with their beer bottles.

They joked about the men they had beaten up back at the pub and women. Suddenly, Jamil started moaning over his cut lips. Rohit splashed some beer on it. He moved his finger it and then without a thought licked his cut. For a second, they both were dumbfounded to what happened. Rohit again got his face closer and licked his wound and then kissed them. Jamil pushed him and asked what he was doing to which Rohit answered that he was only cleaning the wound. Jamil took a pause and kissed Rohit back. To this Rohit asked why he kissed him so Jamil told that he was only returning the favour.

In about few minutes, both boys started kissing and caressing each other. They removed their T shirts and started kissing their upper bodies. They kept kissing the entire night and slept. They kept caressing their dicks and rubbing it.

In the morning they woke up and found themselves shirtless. They were happy and hugged each other. They laid for a hour in that manner and then got going.

That evening they met again and they had a strange blush on their face. They smiled at each other and stealth the eye contact. That night theyve decided to go drink somewhere else so they chose along side the bay. They carried few bottles of beer with them and reached the spot.

They sat next to each other and questioned the play happened last night and they discussed how theyll proceed their lives. Jamil said,”Lets keep it in closet mate”. They kissed and drank some more.

Suddenly, Rohit leaned on Jamil and kept his head on his left shoulder to which Jamil was surprised — “Now are you my girlfriend?” said him. Rohit smiled at him and took a long breath as he didnt care about being joked. He raises his face again to Jamil and they passionately kissed each other yet again.

Rohit stopped and he broke the silence asking, “Are we really going to do it again beneath the starry sky?” “Whats wrong in that? I feel it much more romantic than a closed room.” He then started kissing him back and slowly they removed their clothes. It seemed Rohit was a top-irony of life. He asked Jamil, “Are you sure?” Jamil nodded his head in yes and he started making love.

As they both were new in practice they didnt know how to it. Rohit lubricated his love stick with spit and asked Jamil to give him a blow job. He agreed and started kissing and sucking his friends apparatus. Rohit closed his eyes and felt every bit of it. He couldve never imagined his first encounter with sex would be from his friend. He got goosebumps and let hid friend give him pleasure. Jamil stopped his play and looked to Rohit where he saw an expression of nirvana. He got encouraged and he starter doing it more passionately.

Soon it was Rohits wish to take it a step further. He asked Jamil to lay down and get ready to be cheesed. Jamil was scarred and so he asked Rohit to finger him first. Rohit religiously did this without any question. Then he spat on his love stick and started to enter his friends rear. Jamil held his mouth with his hands so his cries dont catch attention of any unwelcomed visitor. Rohit starter with gentle strokes and saw his friends eyes opened in shock. He also saw tears rolling out from Jamils eyes and his tensed face.

Rohit was aware of his situation so he didnt try further and got out of him. He said, ” There love, you dont need to give in all tonight. Lets do this some other time”.

The boys were even better than friends now, soul mates whom they may not find anywhere else.

This story is just the beginning. Many more parts to come.

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Closet Love A Wonderful Beginning