Life Is A One Time Affair Returns

Hello everyone! This is my second time on this platform and I am again introducing myself as Abhimaan, a young Delhite Punjabi guy with roots from Jaipur. I am currently placed with a government company in New Delhi. I am lively and passionate for movies, booze and sex. I look good and fuck better.

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I have published my first story “Life is a one time affair”. I would request you to read that since it contains all my real life incidents uptill I completed my schooling.

Even if you have not read, you can read today’s story for your sexual pleasure since it is a real life story, which I had promised to share with the readers of ISS.

In my last story, I had told you all that I have one more incident which happened abruptly.

That incident had happened when after my school I was coming back to Delhi. It was a long 12 hours journey. I sat in the bus at 10 in the morning and I had to reach Delhi by 10pm in the night. It was a normal public bus. Sometimes crowded and sometimes it was fine. It was tiring.

At around 7 in the evening, the couple sitting beside me got down and a uncle around 50 sat next to me; and next to him sat an old aunty in her late seventies. The bus got over crowded now. Lights were dim and I was waiting to reach to Delhi.

The uncle beside me started the conversation since he wanted to understand how does FM radio works. I explained him everything with all my heart.

I thought I was helping him. But now I realize how big of a fool I was. It was just his way of starting it.

He talked to me for about an hour and now it was 8 and dark outside. His hand was on my thighs. I never thought that it was something suspicious since he was a old uncle in his 50s and he was so nice to me. I never thought that any such thing would ever happened. But it did happen.

We were just 2 hours away from Delhi and his hand started moving on my things. After about 15 minutes, I got sure that this movement cannot be normal and he does intends for the thing I am thinking.

He was very nervous to do it and it took him almost more than an hour to reach to my cock.

Delhi was coming and that fool was just tickling around. Once I thought, I should tell him that uncle I am fine with this please do it fast. Lol !! But obviously, I did not do that.

Finalllllllllyy… :D That man understood that I am not objecting this so he started pressing my cock. I was sitting normally and no one in the bus could notice this.

After pressing my cock for 5-10 minutes, he whispered in my ears “Bahar nikaal issey” He wanted me to take it out from my pants. I got scared and I did not react to it.

Then he adjusted his hand bag in such a manner that no one could at all see there. Now, I was confident, hence I opened my chain and put it out. In a second, he went down, acted like he is sleeping and he grabbed my cock in his mouth.


It was first time ever in my entire life that someone took my dick his mouth. All my life, I had been used my cousins and my maternal uncle, but I never got the pleasure of getting my dick sucked.

Thanks to that uncle! Finally he took my cock in his mouth. Due to his continuous pressing from last one hour, my cock was oozing precum like hell. But he never minded that. He sucked my cock very very very beautifully. Trust me, I was in heaven.

I wanted this to continue forever but this lasted for 3 minutes maximum. Yes, I was just an 18 year old school completed kid. I could not hold my sperms. Without any sign, I ejaculated the whole lot of cum in his mouth. That day, I had cum in counts. It was too much for him to handle. But he seemed an expert in this.

I thought he will get angry, but he did not. Infact, he drank all what I had ejaculated.

What a blowjob. First blowjob and my partner drank all my cum. It’s a blowjob of lifetime.

Even after that, he was sucking and licking my cock. It had been 10 minutes and the bus had entered the outskirts of Gurgaon and it was now all lit up outside.

Although nobody had noticed, but now it was getting risky due to increased likes.

I whispered in his ears to get up.

He did not want to leave my cock.

Finally after 5-10 minutes, he realized the risk and left me. I zipped up and still my dick was stone hard.

My cockkkk ……. .god it was not ready to settle. It was very very very hard stillll :D :D

Then uncle asked me, did I enjoy?

I nodded.

That was yes !! :D

So guys, that was my blowjob and I just cannot forget it..

Would you like to share about your first blowjob?? I would love to read it or know about it.

So guys, this was the end of abrupt real life incidents with me. After that only once a guy had tried to grab my cock in Delhi metro, but that is not a worth sharing incident.

These were true and real life unplanned incidents which I faced.

All these made my way to LGBT world and today I enjoy having sex with men.

After all this, it took me one more year to completely explore myself. Later, I realized what I like.

Today I am 24. And I have had sex with so many guys. Thanks to PR and Grinder! These are planned sex, so I don’t like sharing such incidents. However, if you would like to read more on my sex side, I would write about these planned sex dates.

All this has changed me and today I am a wild kinky dominant top. I love to fuck young boys and men. Like to make them dirty. Make them drink my cum, piss, saliva, sweat etc. I like soft and sophisticated boys. When it comes to sex, I love exploring. I don’t like routine sex.

Outside the bed, I am cute good looking and full of life Punjabi guy. I like meeting new people and making friends. I never jump into sex dates, I always take my time. I love making out with cute guys. But sex has never been a compulsion for me.

Plus, I like settled and classy men more. Since they are mature minded and behave well. Performance on bed is of course a plus ;)

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