Transformation From A Boy To A Complete Man Mission Accomplished

Just too brief out, I am Ronit 26 years old, describing how it started for me. Previously I had narrated how I went to Bangalore to meet my Chachu and how I met Ayush. How he taught me to masturbate. I and Ayush were lying nude on bed, when my chachu entered our room. Now read the next part….

I couldnt even look at my chacha. But to my surprise Ayush held my hand and said it was ok. To my astonishment my chacha laughed at us and said, “Welcome to manhood” and told me that it was all normal. I tried standing up when my chacha said, “Ayush, will you not teach him, what I had taught you”. I had a puzzled look on my face, and they both shared a laugh at it. Chachu came closer to me, wiped all cum by a cloth and sat next to me. I tried wearing clothes, but he didnt let me. Ayush said it was all ok, and chacha knew everything. I was really confused. Then suddenly my chacha went closer to Ayush and started kissing him. It was not a normal kiss, they were basically having a French kiss, and I had seen that in the movie. It was way much arousing than the movie. In no time Ayush undressed my chacha.

To brief you about my chacha, he is a tall guy of about 511” height and average slim body with a 7.5 inch penis. They starting fondling with each other, my chacha was kissing and licking Ayushs face. That is when my chacha pulled me closer and asked me to relax. It’s very normal. I was like a stone witnessing something beyond my expectation. They then told me that since last 2 years, Ayush and my chacha had been involved in gay sex and were dating each other. It was a lot of information to digest, and I still hadnt uttered a single word from my mouth. Now we all 3 were lying naked on the floor bed, with lights on and gay porn being played on laptop. My chacha was lying in middle of us, with Ayush on left of my chacha and me on his right. My chacha asked me to move the laptop so that we all can see the porn being played.

Slowly my chacha held me tight in his arms, with his hands covering my nipples. His boner was pricking me in the back. His body was giving me a lot of warmth and the porn played in front of me was arousing me. My chacha saw my boner getting hard, so asked Ayush to come in front. My chacha was licking my ears and now Ayush was licking my balls. I started moaning, and was enjoying all the attention. Slowly and gradually my chacha made me lie on my back and had started working his way on my chest. He was gently licking my nipples and armpits, whereas Ayush was licking and sucking my legs and dick. I was enjoying it. Then my chacha whispered in my ear to control my ejaculation, as he wanted me to become a complete man.

He then slowly went down and made Ayush sit on his all fours and asked him to keep sucking me. He then went at the back and started licking Ayushs asshole. Ayush started moaning and was getting faster with his sucking speed. He then started fingering Ayush; it was like what I had seen in the porn playing. It was a mind blowing sight. It was then my chacha asked me to stand and come near Ayushs back.

He then took a condom from the cupboard and made me wear it. He then asked me put my rod in Ayushs hole. I got surprised, but he kept asking me to enter Ayush. Even Ayush begged me to do it, as he wanted to feel me inside him. So my chacha guided me inside that warm hole, whose warmth was the best thing I had felt. It was better than masturbation ;) Then I started pushing my love tool in and out of that beautiful hole. Me and Ayush were moaning high and enjoying the pleasure. That is when my chacha got up and came close to my mouth and indicated to take his monster in my mouth. I was reluctant, it smelled funny. But I had to start licking it.

Slowly the whole sex machine was in my mouth and drilling it good. I had started loving the feeling. Down I was pumping Ayushs love hole and on top my chacha was taking my mouths virginity. In a while I exploded inside the condom and was panting. My chacha took his love machine out of my mouth and I fell on bed panting out of satisfaction and pleasure. Now my chacha said, I will show how it is done, and got on top of Ayush and forced his monster in his hole with a jerk. Ayush literally screamed, but my chacha grabbed his waist and pulled him closer. Ayushs screams were growing high by the pain. But after a while he got normal and was asking for more like a slut.

My chacha then got on his back and Ayush was on his top getting pumped harder and harder. My chacha had turned into a wild beast and fucking Ayush like crazy. Even Ayush was popping on his dick with full speed. Then my chacha again changed the position, and now was fucking Ayush in standing pose. Ayush was growing wild and so was my chacha. It was then, that my chacha pulled his monster out of his hole, took off the condom. Chacha made Ayush lie on floor and spurted all his cum over Ayushs body. Ayushs face, hair and chest were all covered with cum. My chacha then came closer to Ayushs body and started licking his cum from the body. It was all so erotic, that I started to have a hardon, but could feel some pain in my tool too.

My chacha was glad to see me getting hard, and winked at me. I thought he was giving me signal to again do Ayush as he did. Getting the signal from Ayush, I again put the condom on and entered Ayush again.

Since I had cum already twice, so I was able to sustain my ejaculation. And started fucking Ayush real good in different position like I had seen my chacha doing it. After a while, seeing me fucking Ayush for good, chacha also started to get a hardon. Ayush was lying on his stomach and I was in him drilling him good. We both were moaning and making noises. That is when chachu also got up and came behind me. He started rimming me the way he was rimming Ayush. Again that sensation gave me Goosebumps and I was going crazy with the whole thing. Then I felt something cold touching my hole, and I saw my chachu applying some kind of gel in my hole.

Slowly he inserted 1 of his fingers inside my hole. I felt some pain but gradually it went off. I asked him to stop, but he said, “It’s time to be a complete man”. I couldnt stop as I didnt want to stop fucking Ayush. So I didnt stop my chachu too.

Slowly he inserted 2 of his fingers in me, to which I again got used to as the gel was helping me ease the pain. That is when my chachu came on top of me and inserted his crazy monster in me with a hard push. I screamed real hard, that my chachu had to cover my mouth with his hands. I was in immense pain, and just wanted that monster out of me. But chachu never let that happen. Tears had rolled down from my eyes, and hardon had subsided. Ayush could sense that, and asked my chachu to take full control. My chachu then pulled me out and made me lie on bed on my stomach. He kept drilling me and tore my hole apart.

After a while the pain got bearable and I was able to manage it. He then made me stand on my all fours, and started fucking me in doggie style. Then came the missionary pose, where I was lying on my back with my legs in air and still being pounded with my chachus monster. Now Ayush came close to my tool and started sucking it. It took some time to get adjusted but soon I got my hardon back and Ayush was now sucking it wildly. Then chachu directed Ayush to come on top of my mouth and made me take his tool inside my mouth. We both were doing 69 and chachu was enjoying my hole.

Since Ayush was already very horny, he exploded in my mouth and I had no option than drink the whole thing. The taste of the liquid was a mix of salt and sweet flavor. When Ayush had cummed, he got off from me and my chachu kept fucking me. He then made me stand and kept fucking me in that position, by then Ayush had got down close to my hardon and started sucking it again. In a while I could feel a twitch in my hole and my chachu exploded inside. He just simply blasted my hole with his love juice.

By then even I had blasted in Ayushs mouth, and he drank it all like me. I was in 9th heaven again. I could feel the pain and some moisture in my hole, when I came back to my senses. After the whole fuck, we all 3 were exhausted and tired. It was already 3 AM, so we went to sleep. Next day morning I could feel the pain in my hole, and it was difficult for me to shit. I was a complete man that day, as my chachu had said :)

I was there with my chachu for 3 months and we had a lot of experiences like that. Me Ayush and chachu had become very close in these 3 months, and had several fucks. It was a great time I had spent in those three months.

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