Metro To Bedroom Strangers

Hi guys,

My name is Kabir and a lot of you might have read my previous stories: me and my colony guard and my massage experience. Both of which were real and true encounters.

Here I am writing again after a really long time to tell you guys about another one of my encounters.

To tell you a little about myself: I am 5″5 about 65 kgs, fair and curvy. I have an amazing round ass in all modesty :). I am pure bottom and love to be girly.

So thats the boring stuff, now coming to my experience. So I work at a call centre and and stay in gurgaon. I work at nights and usually stay at home and chill during weekends. This particular Saturday morning I was feeling rather horny and didnt want to stay home but get out and explore. So I decided to take a metro and head towards saket and see whats happening. I put on some sweat pants, my sneakers and a hoodie and headed out. I reached the metro station and as usual it was crowded. I stood in a long line while waiting to get to the ticket counter. Behind me was this young guy, must have been about 21-22 yrs old. Dark, thin and a little taller than me.

He was one of those who would gel his hair, had earrings with a cap and low waist jeans. Total gangsta. He was standing behind me but really close. Like he was literally trying to get through me. I looked behind twice to give him a stare to back off but both times he was looking away.

The line was long and I knew I was stuck in all the pushing and elbowing. Now this guy was slowly rubbing against my ass, since I was horny I wasnt minding it now. I slowly moved back a little and pushed my ass a little bit outwards and now I could feel his rub properly. We stayed up close and I didnt look back till I reached my turn to buy the ticket. I took my ticket to saket and moved towards my metro. I didnt see him for a while after that and I thought he must have to go somewhere else.

My train arrived and it looked crowded, I somehow managed to get myself in and was now standing stuck somewhere in between. After 5 mins, I feel a rub again and turn around to find the same guy was standing right behind me. I turned back but had a slight smile as I was happy he was on the same train. He moved up to get close and whispered to ask where I was going. He said if I wanted to stop at guru dronacharya station and head to his place instead. For a second I didnt say anything as I didnt know him and wasnt sure if it was a really good idea. He asked me again and then i felt a hand caress my ass and he whispered “I really want this ass”. I dont know why but I instantly said yes, and we got off at guru dronacharya metro station. I just got really turned on as this was happening in a public place, it made me even more horny as it was spontaneous.

Anyways, His house was near neelkanth hospital and we walked till there from the station chatting and getting to know each other a little more. I dont know why but I really wanted to be naked in front of him and let him play with my ass however he wanted. He had that horny look on his face and a constant grin which made me want him more. Like I said before I like to be a little girly and be treated like one by a guy and I kinda felt like that with him.

After about 15 mins of walking we reached his place. It was a small one bedroom but it was clean and safe. The problem was that a friend of his was staying with him. When we entered the friend was lying in his banyain and boxers watching TV. I was taken aback for a second, but the friend looked at us and smiled and said is it okay if I leave in 10 mins. This guy with whom I came (bittu) said okay and all three of us sat while he finished whatever he was eating and watching. In that time, bittu the guy I met at the metro came and sat close to me with his hand on my thighs. His friend asked me if I was bottom and I said yes. They both were tops and were roommates living together. bittu asked me if I wanted two cocks. I said no, because even though I would love a threesome I hadnt done it before and didnt want to start today with strangers.

Anyways bittu said thats okay and asked if his friend could watch us have fun. I didnt know what to say and just nodded. Bittu looked at his friend and smiled and asked me to come stand in front of him. It was scary and very sexy to be alone in front of these two tops as its always been my fantasy to fuck two guys. Anyways I stood up and came and stood in front of bittu with my back towards his friend. Bittu ran his hands over my clothes and then moved to caress my ass. His hands were gentle and it felt good, he pulled me closer and asked me to take my hoodie off. I took it off and he started kissing my stomach and chest. His friend all this while was sitting behind us watching us.

Bittu made me sit on his lap and grabbed and slapped my ass over my sweat pants. I was slowly moving on his penis feeling his hardness rising. He took off his belt and asked me to get completely naked. I pulled my sweat pants down and took my underwear off.

Now I was completely naked in front of two guys whom I havent known more than 30 mins. Anyways, his friend could see my ass from behind and said I wanna fuck that. I was really horny so I turned my head and just smiled which may have been interpreted as more of an invitation. Suddenly, bittus friend got up and came to me from behind. His hands were slapping and grabbing my ass.

He then took his cock out which was thick and black and started to rub it against me while bittu had his cock out and was jerking it. Bittus friend bent me forward to get me to suck bittu. I did so with pleasure, while bittus friend was rubbing his cock in between my ass cheeks I was sucking bittu. Bittus cock was dark and long, not very thick though. Which was good.

I stroked his cock and started to suck on it. It felt really good as I love sucking. Bittus friend was now busy fingering my asshole to make it looser, and suddenly I could feel his tongue rimming me. Now I was super horny, as it felt so good. While rimming my asshole bittus friend was jerking his cock harder and then ejaculated on my ass. I was still sucking bittu who wasnt done yet as he hadnt fucked me yet. His friend however after cumming kept rimming me and after 5 mins walked in to clean himself.

After about 10 mins of sucking, bittu pulled out a condom and put it on and asked me to come sit on him. I asked him if he had lube as this cock wasnt going to fit without lube. He pulled out some lube and put it on my ass hole. I was ready for him now like his little bitch. He spread my ass with his hands and slowly made me sit on top of his cock. His cock felt big as my hole was tight and I was moaning. He slowly started inserting his cock and it was now completely inserted deep inside me.

He slowly started to lift me and out me back down and I could feel every inch of his cock. He started to move faster and I was riding his dick. He kept slapping my ass and squeezing it which felt so damn good. After about 5 mins of fucking me this way, we both got up and he moved me against and table and lifted one of my legs onto the table.

He then got down and rimmed for a bit to loosen me more. He then proceed to fuck me again, pounding me against the table while my hands were jerking my cock. He fucked me harder and harder for about 10 mins this way before he took his cock out and asked me to get down so he could cum on my face.

I got down and opened my mouth to take in all the cum and my god it was a lot. He exploded with a few squirts going straight into my mouth while a couple more went on my head.

I then got up and he turned me around rubbing himself against my ass with my cock in hand jerking me for me to cum. It didnt even take 10 seconds before I shot my load. I moved to clean myself after that with him.

We met a couple of times after that but then he moved to Orissa. And that was the end of that story. I hope you guys enjoyed it and had a good time reading it ;)

I would love to get your thoughts on my story and would love to connect with you guys. To contact me email me at :

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Kabir is my name.