The Unexpected Real Incident – Part 4

I had just met Parth yesterday morning as a stranger from some different school. But as already been shared with you, what a wonderful unexpected night I had yesterday. And how can I not mention the super kinky morning I had today ;) And also, the unexpected and harsh afternoon which had led to the red ass of Parth.

It was going great. I was loving every bit of it.

So as I had told you, even the night was unexpected. I thought I will make out with Parth and sleep, but that did not happen. It happened in all the more amazing way.

After finishing the competitions of the day, I came back to my room post having the dinner with school team. It was around 11 pm. I did not find Parth in the room. He must be with his own school team. Tomorrow was going to be the day of the festival and all the schools would head back to their respective cities tomorrow itself. Therefore, tonight was the second and the last night I was going to spend with Parth. I wanted to make sure that we have a passionate sex that night. I wanted to fuck Parth like a horse that day and such thoughts were making me horny. I was getting hard.

I decided to take a bath and feel fresh, so that Parth could also enjoy when licks my body. After I came out from washroom, I saw Parth sitting on the bed in his underwear. So he had come and was waiting for me.

I went to Parth and kissed on his lips. He reciprocated well. Then he said, “Let me take a bath”

After he came out, he started wearing clothes. When I inquired he said, “Tonight its not just you and me, someone else will also join us for the hot session”

This scared me a bit and I said, “No! I cannot be a part of it. Who is coming by the way?”

He reverted, “Chill bhaiyya! He is my school senior only. He is like a friend to me and I have told him that I had a wonderful night with you. He is keen to meet you and we can have an amazing night.”

He finally convinced me for that 3some but trust me, I was still a bit nervous since there is always a risk and the reputation of my school could also be at stake.

I wore cloths and after half-an-hour we welcomed his friend Lucky. Lucky was a tall surdar guy. He was wearing a sky blue turban and had mustache and beard. He seemed fit and was good to look at.

Parth introduced me to him, and Lucky said to me, “Oh oh!! You are keeping my kid entertained haan?;)”

I got a little embarrassed to hear that. But Lucky was so lively and humorous that in few minutes itself, I felt like a friend with him. Like me, he was also in class XII.

Then we discussed that how male-to-male sex is quite obvious and common thing in boarding schools. The topic revolved around this for a time and we opened the bottle of vodka that Lucky had brought. Drinking alcohol in schools was like an achievement for sure. We mixed vodka with water and drank it. It was a small bottle which we had finished in half an hour. Clock had crossed 12 by now and so we decided that we should start the sex now. The alcohol had given us the courage to have a wonderful night.

Lucky came closer to me and we started smooching. The hair of his mustaches were coming in my mouth, but the passion his kissing overcame that. We both had our dicks hard now; and Parth was taking care of them. Parth had unzipped our pants and was sucking our cocks one by one. This continued for next 10 minutes and then Parth placed his lips on mine. I started smooching Parth. Our tongues were rolling in each others mouth and oh yes we were literally enjoying it to the core. Lucky had taken my cock in his mouth and was tongue-stroking it. Even he seemed to be good at sucking. He was sucking my monster really well. Post that, Parth started sucking Lucky’s cock and I started rimming Parth’s ass. After 5 minutes, Lucky came and started rimming my ass. I cannot describe the feeling to you. I was rimming and get rimmed simultaneously. It was a true pleasure.

Then I noticed something interesting. While Parth was sucking Lucky’s cock, in between Lucky used to spit in Parth’s mouth and Parth drank the spits. I really liked that. I asked Parth that if I could also do the same. Before Parth could say anything, Lucky said, “Come on! You can do anything to him. He is a kinky bitch of our school. Me and my friends have done worst to him”

This generated curiosity in me and I wanted to know about their school and the gay sex. I wanted to know the stories. But that moment, I just decided to focus on sex.

Lucky took a glass and pissed in it. He then asked me to spit in that glass and I did. Lucky also spitted in that glass, and gave it to Parth to drink. Without taking even a second to think, he drank the entire thing in the glass. I was thrilled to see this. Lucky then took the glass-made-empty-vodka-bottle in his hand and started inserting it in Parth’s ass. Parth took my cock in his mouth and Lucky was inserting the bottle in his ass. I could see water in Parth’s eyes and at the same time his excitement and pleasure too. Lucky fucked Parth with that bottle for next 5-7 minutes and we noticed that Parth had cum on the floor. Lucky made him eat his own cum which was spread here and there on the room’s floor. Parth, very willingly, did the job.

Lucky then took out his belt and started hitting Parth on his ass. He was even more cruel than I was. In seconds, he turned Parth’s ass into a red burning charcoal. After that, Lucky inserted his cock in Parth’s ass and was fucking him to the slowest pace possible. Simultaneously, Lucky had grabbed my cock in his mouth and he was sucking it very nicely. After some 10 minutes, I could not hold myself so I requested Lucky to leave my cock so that I will put it in Parth’s mouth and cum.

But to my surprise, Lucky said, “Cum in my mouth”

I fucked Lucky’s mouth for next 2-3 minutes and ejaculated the whole load of my cum in his mouth. Lucky pulled Parth’s hair and brought his mouth back, Lucky spitted my cum from his mouth into Parth’s mouth and he drank it eventually. After sometime Lucky also shoot his load in Parth’s mouth.

Post that, Lucky went to his room and we slept.

Next day, the morning was good with the sucking and licking by Parth. Parth rimmed my dirty shit stuck ass as yesterday and we left.

In the evening, before our school bus was leaving back to our school, I met both Parth and Lucky. We did not want to depart. We had become friends in such a short span of time. That time, we neither had mobiles nor any whatsapp to chat. We said to each other that may be sooner or later in some competitions we shall meet.

So we left the Mayo College, Ajmer at a good note. I headed towards my school with my team and Parth & Lucky went to their school Scindia Boys, Ranchi with their team.

This is an absolutely unexpected and pleasurable event that had happened in my life when I was studying in boarding school.

Are you also missing Lucky and Parth?

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