The Unexpected Real Incident – Part 6

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Okay! Let us come to the story now. I am sure that you are all aware with the beautiful and unplanned kinky experiences I had with Parth. And I had locked the story where I had boarded the bus which was bringing all the students back to our home school.

I don’t know what life had planned for me. But this time, it had come in a horrible plate.

The teacher-in-charge of our tour was Mr Sreenath Ramalinga, known as Rama Sir. He was a South India man in his mid forties. He must be around 5”8 in height and had a huge tummy and a solid body. He was black like charcoal and had grey eyes. He had big mustaches as well. He looked so scary that he could easily be offered to play in movies the mythological character of Raavan.

Not just that, he was a strict teacher as well. For anything wrong, he used to slap students and punish them hard. Thankfully I had never been in his bad books. But this time, I was caged.

He sat next to me in the bus after we had got down in the mid way to have dinner. It was night now. All the lights were off. Students were either taking to each other slowly, or listening music in their MP3 players or had dozed off. Everyone looked at the verge of sleeping. I was scared to sit next to such a strict teacher. But the worse started when his hand got placed on my thigh.

Clearly, not for once, I thought that it can be something suspicious. But to my shock, later I discovered that it was.

With the passage of time, his hand movements had a thrill. He was massaging my things.

What a scary feeling!!

My dick was getting hard and at the same time I was scared of the man.

He took long time. He kept on rubbing on my thighs for around 2 hours. Neither could I sleep nor could I ask him to stop.

I got bored of what he was doing, but my cock was hard.

Finally, he got at the place. Yes, he touched my cock over my pants and pressed it.

So many questions were running in my mind as to what he wants.

He pressed my cock for next 15 minutes. I just wanted him to take it in his mouth, blow me and drink the load.

But obviously, that was just my desires. It was not Parth, but the strict Rama Sir.

He took my right hand in his hand and placed it over his cock. My hand was now pressing his cock as directed by his hand. He made me do this for next half an hour.

After that, the bus had stopped since a teacher wanted to pee. So he also went down with the other teacher. It was 4 am in the morning and luckily now another teacher sat beside me. I was so relieved. I slept and we reached school the next day.

Rama Sir was not a subject teacher so I never met him the class. But in the school arena, he used to see me.

I understood his intentions. Clearly he wanted to fuck me. But that was not what I wanted. Plus when the man is so horrible in looks, you would not even want to give him a handjob. I would not mind if he gives me a blow job. LOL ;)

Rama Sir was a smart man. He carved his way out. One fine day, our Principal sir called me and asked me to prepare a list of events that had happened at Scindia School and along with other details. He asked me to meet the teacher-in-charge Rama Sir in the evening at his teacher’s quarter.

I understood that Rama Sir only would have suggested my name for this. I was very scared but obviously I had to go.

Rama Sir used to stay alone. When I reached his place, he welcomed me with a smile. A clear reflection of Black and White arises when he smiles. He was wearing a blue lungi and a shirt on that with the upper three buttons opened.

His house was clean but it was stinking with the smell of cigarettes and may be whisky.

We were sitting on the sofa and he started talking about the events at Scindia School. He was clearly wasting the time. He asked me if I wanted to have tea or juice, to which I refused politely. After a while he offered me alcohol, which was shocking. I denied but he was insisting.

He said, “Okay! I will have a peg. Hope you shall not mind”

I had no option but to smile.

Now, we started discussing the work and he was simultaneously sipping his whisky too. He was now on his way to me. Yes! He started rolling his fingers on my thighs again. I was wearing sports shorts and my naked thighs were attacked by his fleshy fingers.

This time, he did not take long. He reached my crotch soon and started pressing it. There was an awkward silence in the hall.

He held my hand and took me in his room. I sat on his bed and he removed his shirts and lungi. Now I could see him only in his underwear. His underwear was holding tightly his hard dick which wanted to pop out. He was black from everywhere and very hairy too. Certainly not a good sight, but that was the truth.

He placed his lips on mine. It was hard to bear the smell of alcohol. I never used to drink that time. He started kissing me. It was not a great kiss, but I had nothing to do. This time I was just playing a passive guy. I wanted to show how fierce and wild top boy I am, but he was a teacher and I could not do so.

After that he started eating my nipples. He was hurting me since he was so wild. I was not enjoying that but he clearly was having a time of his life.

After that, he went in the bathroom and came with a bottle of oil. Oh shit!! I was hell scared. I thought he will fuck me now and I cannot take it. I had no guts to say no to him but at the same time had no strength to get fucked.

He lowered my pants and started oiling my asshole. I was just praying to the God. Then, he started entering inside me. I had locked my ass so tight that he could not enter. After trying for 10 minutes he realized that his cock would not enter my hole so he left my ass. What a relax feeling.

But now, he made me adjust in a 69 position and asked me to suck his cock.

Now sucking a cock must be a pleasurable thing for those who like it. But for those who don’t, it is clearly a worst punishment. It was weird to take his cock in my mouth and lick it. Whereas he was blowing me really nicely.

After a passionate 10 minutes 69 blow, we gave a hand job to each other.

I came back after I finished.

Thankfully, he never got a chance to meet me alone again ;)