Legendary Masters Adventures Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Soul of a Mage

You XiaoMo stands in front of a mirror, blinking at the stranger inside the mirror. After exhausting a lot brain cells, he is finally willing to believe the fact that his soul is currently attached to a strangers body. The youth in the mirror is about 18 to 19 years old. Roughly his own age. He is wearing a long blue traditional Chinese robe with a common blue-green hairpin on the top of his head, with jet-black hair. It all gives him an otherworldly look. However he seems somewhat pale, especially his lips, completely lacking color, as if he had just received a heavy blow, the pretty pair of eyes are very red and swollen like walnuts. You XiaoMo feels haggard of a sudden, not used to the sudden change in his face.

After lamenting Spring and Autumn for a moment, You XiaoMo finally evaluates the room he is in. It is extremely sparse. A wooden bed, a wooden table, a wooden chair and a wooden counter on which the mirror is placed. Not a trace of the unnecessary. Although simple, it is filled with a rustic feel, simply the style of ancient times. Connecting this with the clothing on his body, his otherworldly look, You XiaoMo makes the sad discovery that he has been transported to the backward ancient times. But he is modern man! He clearly remembers that the gas leak next door caused an explosion, implicating him, the innocent neighbor, exploding him into this strangers body. Although this sounds outrageous, it is indeed reality. After a little struggle, You XiaoMo decides to go with the flow.

After putting on his shoes, just when he was about to open the door and go out figure out the situation, the door is suddenly pushed open from the outside, at once making him jump in shock. The other person quickly dodges, narrowly missing colliding into You XiaoMo, both gasping in surprise at the same time.

“You XiaoMo, youre finally willing to get out of bed?”

You XiaoMo is certain that only he himself knows his name, so this person must be calling the original host of this body. Looks like heaven is still treating him alright, giving him the body of one with the same name.

You XiaoMo examines the incomer. A handsome youth about his own age with a very sunny smile. But what do his words mean, what ‘Youre finally willing to get out of bed, dont tell me he has a bad habit of being lazy? Without waiting for him to ask, the young man starts to speak.

“You XiaoMo, you should not lose heart. Even though your soul has a green aura, at least you can still become an intermediate level mage. You must know that intermediate level mages are still very rare. Some people can only remain as low level mages their whole life. Therefore you should not be broken-hearted. Tomorrow morning you have to go to the Mages hall. You have to pick yourself up.”

You XiaoMo feels his head spinning and his brain swelling. What green aura, what intermediate level mage? Why does he not understand? But on the whole he starts to understand a little. Maybe because this body has a green aura soul, making him feel like he is wearing a green hat? So he hides in his room broken-hearted and secretly crying, finally dropping dead after excess grief? You XiaoMo covers his face, such a way to die, how shameful!

“Then what about you?” You XiaoMo asks cautiously.

Right now, he only knows this young man. He can only try to extract information on this dimension from him. But he is afraid that the young man will discover that he is not the real You XiaoMo, therefore he cant ask him straight out.

However, he doesnt know that they have not known each other for long, furthermore, after finding out that his talent is too inferior, he had locked himself inside, refusing to go out, therefore it is understandable that he is not aware of a lot of things. The young man immediately grins widely, unable to contain his joy, and says bashfully while scratching his head,

“My aura is blue.”

One look and it is clear that a blue aura is a good thing, but he still does not understand a thing ah!

“This, I dont really understand, these few days my head has been muddled, forgetting a lot of things, can you tell me more?”

You XiaoMo asks sheepishly, afraid to look at directly at him, afraid that he would become suspicious. The young man seems to be oblivious, completely unsuspecting, revealing all that he knows, including the place where they are currently at, saying all there is to be said. After listening to it all, You XiaoMo is rendered speechless. Shock upon shock in his mind, to the extent that he has no idea when the young man left the room.

This world is completely different from the one he knew. He has entered into the biggest sect in the Long Xiang continent, TianXin sect. To be precise, he is just a probationary disciple. Furthermore, TianXin sect is divided into two divisions. The Warrior division are martial artists. Their souls do not have colored auras but they can practice various energy control and martial arts techniques. And the other is the Mage division. All mages have colored auras.

The colors are separated into three, six, nine levels, from light to dark: pink, yellow, green, teal, blue and purple. Pink and yellow auras can only become low level mages. Light green and green auras can become intermediate level mages. Blue and purple auras can become high level mages. However the potential for the latter is much bigger than the former. For example, the purple aura, its potential is much more than the blue aura. Therefore there is hope of becoming a top level mage.

Blue aura, means a future high level mage. No wonder the young man has such an elated expression. As for the host of this body, he is a probationary disciple of the mage division.

Brought back here three days ago by the elders of the TianXin sect. The original host is a little arrogant, but during the evaluation test, he found out that his aptitude is unexpectedly the worst among everyone. Unable to accept it, he hid himself in the room crying. This kid, such appalling mental fortitude!

On top of that, he learned a very important piece of information. Because he is a probationary disciple, he must pass the assessment half a year later, or else he would be driven out of TianXin sect. TianXin sect is the largest sect in Long Xiang continent, with very stringent requirements for their disciples, especially for mages.

If they are unable to produce the required product half a year later, they will be swept out the door. Look up and see no one familiar, You XiaoMo with a brain that still has not connected to the right track of this world, this news is undoubtedly like thunder from a clear sky.