Stranger On The Bus To Lover Part 2

Hi guys, its me again, back with the continuation of my story. Thank you so much for the positive feedback of the first part and now,I’m here to share with you what happened after Krishnan took me to his bedroom.

After Krishnan made me ly on the bed, he came on top of me and started sucking on my juicy lips. he was kissing me wildly and with so much passion. His lips, smeared my lipstick all over my cheeks, his saliva was mixing with mine and was dribbling down our faces. it was a sweet, sticky and kinky feeling and I was just enjoying it. He told me to open my mouth, I obeyed and then he spat inside my mouth his tasty sweet saliva. And being the horny bitch that I am, enjoyed it so much. I was smacking my lips, tasting the sweet, sticky nectar and swallowing it like a hungry bitch. He noticed it and he said “wow I knew you would be a good whore, you slut, I knew you would make a a good dirty bitch”. I was getting turned on by his dirty talk and now I just wanted him to eat my body. I surrendered to him and now, I was his dirty whore slave.

He then removed my pallu and petticoat and I was just in my panty. He looked at me and was enjoying my curvy sexy body. He gave a smile and said “you should have been born a girl, you’re too hot and sexy darling”. I blushed and I told him in a sexy girly voice“ I’m your girl from now onwards baby, use my body like your bitch. Eat my body, im your whore from now on”

He then started licking my body. Covering every inch of my smooth skin with his saliva. he first licked my face, then slowly he started downwards, from my neck, to my armpits and then he started to suck on my breasts , he sucked it hard, making them red and swollen, But I loved it. My body was shining because of his saliva and with every lick, I was on cloud 9. Then he came down to my navel and was sucking it. putting his tongue deep inside my navel. It was sending electric shocks throughout my body. I was wriggling my body, moaning “mmmm …aahhhh ….pls don’t stop”.

Then he came to my panty and kissed my penis through the panty. My small penis was getting erect.

He then got up,teasing me, with a smile he pointed to his pants, showing his big tent in his trousers. I looked at it and I knew what he wanted me to do and I was ready to do it. I was desperate to taste his manhood. I got up and sat on the edge of the bed, and used my finger to touch his cock. Rubbing it fro the base to the tip. My mouth was watering, ready to taste his huge penis.i gave it a kiss, like what he did and gave a small bite at the tip over his pants. He was enjoying me teasing him.

Then I was getting desperate and unzipped his pants and removed his underwear and his 12-inch cock sprang out. I, was in love with his cock. It was uncut, 2-inches in diameter and thick veins,it was curved at the tip I rubbed my face over his cock and with my tongue, I started with his black huge balls. Slowly I made my way upto his shaft, coating it with my saliva, licking it like an ice cream. He started shivering and moaning, I knew he was enjoying it.

Then I opened my mouth and started sucking his balls. I loved the musky smell and it had a salty taste. I was playing with them, with my tongue he was moaning “ssssshh…akhilaaaa I love it…you whore…you’re amazing.” I was enjoying it too. I then decided to go to the next step. I started sucking the tip of his cock, then slowly I started taking the whole thing in my mouth, but I could only take it midway. Then I tried my level best and and took the whole thing in my mouth. He was surprised and said “your mouth is made to swallow cock baby” then I started to move lips, to and fro I was giving him the best blowjob ever. He was screaming “FUCK!!! …YESSSS !!! ..YOU’RE SO GOOD DARLING…YOU’RE JUST LIKE A PROSTITUTE”..i was getting so hot on hearing this, I started to increase my speed.

I went faster and faster, till he screamed “I’M GOING TO CUM”. I was waiting for this moment and kept going at full speed. I could feel his penis tighten and contract and then, I could feel the hot, creamy, salty cum,hit the back of my throat. He emptied his huge load in my mouth, it was so much that I couldn’t keep most of it in my mouth, so I decided to spit some on my boobs.

I looked at him I opened my mouth and showed him his come and smiled like a slut. He was smiling and said “good girl…now come on and swallow it for me. I swallowed every last drop, oh god it tasted sooooo good. And then I rubbed his sticky goodness, all over my boobs. I was looking like a porn star.

He then lifted me up and kissed me tasting his own cum. Then he made me ly on the bed and made me lay on my stomach. He gently removed my panty and then he started smelling and licking my “man-vagina” he bit and sucked on my juicy ass cheeks. He said, “you have the ass of namitha..i just want to play with it all day”. But I was getting impatient, I said “please fuck me dear, make me a woman,make me lose my virginity” he then went to go get some Vaseline and applied it all over his cock, he lifted my ass and postioned himself, rubbing his penis over the entrance of my “vagina”.

Then with one push he entered my vagina. I was screaming in pain, tears were rolling down my eyes, but I dint complain because I wanted this. I wanted to be a girl, I wanted surrender myself to him so I kept quiet. Inch by inch, he kept pushing his cock inside me, tearing my vagina apart. I was drowning in pain, soon his entire manhood was inside me, he bent down and started licking and kissing my neck. It help lessen the pain.

Then he started licking my earlobes and whispered in my ear “are you ready my darling?” I slowly replied “yes baby, now fuck me.” Then he slowly pushed his rod in and out of me. Slowly the pain started turning into pleasure. As he increased his speed, I started moaning like a bitch “OOOHHH .. AHHH … YESS BABY … PLEASEE … FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER … PLEASEE …. I LOVE YOU” he started increasing his speed and with every to and fro action I was getting electric shocks all over my body, I was loving it.

He then got up and made me sit on his lap. as I sat, I guided his penis inside my love hole. Now, I was moving up and down on his rod as he was fucking me, he was sucking my boobs and I was holding his head tightly like how a mother holds her child while breastfeeding. He was sucking my milkbags, sucking and biting it as he pounds my ass harder and harder. I was in waves of pleasure I came immediately on my belly. and as I was increasing my pace,the room was filled with our moans.

We were exploring new waves of pleasure. after some time he told me he was going to come. I told him “cum inside me darling…fill my love hole with your sweet nectar” then, with one final scream he unloaded his hot white cum, filling my love hole. I coud feel the warmth of his cum inside me. I became so wild that I started to kiss him madly. Biting and chewing on his lips. he collapsed on the bed while his penis was inside me. he removed his penis and saw the cum dripping out of my vagina. He took some of it and rubbed it all over my body.

We spent the next five minutes kissing and hugging each other. After some time, he told me he needed to go to the bathroom, to piss. Then I got a sexy idea. I held his hand and lead him to the bathroom shaking my ass, as I was walking he was squeezing my ass on the way. In the bathroom I knelt down and started giving him a blowjob and told him to pee on me. He got so horny that pissed all over my face and body I drank some of it. It tasted like heaven.

Now my entire body was covered with sweat,saliva,cum and urine he then kissed me passionately and told me “I love you so’re my dream slut..i want to fuck only you from now onwards” I just silently spread my legs. He understood what I meant and started fucking me on the bathroom floor. After that we tried many new postions for many years, till we lost contact. Now I love to have sex with other guys and love to be akhila. Thank you for reading this story and I shall post the other tories soon xoxo

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