Most Unforgettable Birthday Gift From Sunil And Surya Part 2

We were returning from the restaurant to my place at 3 pm , after a sumptuous gastronomic delight, with surya in the pillion, clinging tightly to me and Sunil following us. Suddenly, Sunil after discussing with surya about the call from his boss for attending to an urgent official work, decided to go to his room by auto (more to avoide the bike ride in the hot sun & to work on his office laptop)and return to my place after completing the assignment at the earliest, while surya accompanied me on his bike. Though slightly disappointed, I welcomed sunils suggestion, pleading with him that I wont like to miss him on my birthday(I had plans of spending maximum time with them). He promised to return at the earliest and left.

Once we reached home, Surya was totally relaxed now and changed to bermudas from my wardrobe and topless (to feel more comfortable!!) literally trying to lure me for some ‘action and prompting me to follow him. He asked me with a mischievous smile and wink, ” Anna, it must be stuffy and sticky down there. Why not feel more comfortable like me?”. Although topless,

feeling the heat and vibrations in my cockpit, I gave him juice glass silently and sitting by his side and arm over his shoulder, showed my family album only to discover that my relative/friend, Shankar( now in USA) was related to him also.

After a few pages, he was literally sticking to me and was stunned to see me in dance costume, remarking, “Absolute beauty and so irresistible, I swear. I should thank my stars and Sunil for his strong recommendations to meet you”. In his excitement, his palms ran over my bosom with intermittent twisting & teasing of my nipples( my most erogenous spot) purposely.

Having completed going through the album and slightly bored as there was no reaction from me, he lifted his arms over the head, yawning and stretching fully, thereby striking a fabulous, seductive, sexy pose. His side profile showed his firm breasts(1″ above the chest line ) and the awesome, colourful & juicy nipples( nearly an inch over the bulging breast) urging me to handle him. I shouted, “freeze!” and slowly inched my face towards his moist bushy armpit to sniff and enjoy the musky, intoxicating manscent hitting my brain and my palm fondling his inviting breast &nipple. I was cocksure that he was almost ready for an ‘evening show reflected by his deep breath, slight shiver and the tent over the bermudas.

He leaned on my chest and was about to cup my soft, spongy breast, when he noticed the nipple very stiff, sensitive, swollen and reddened as a result of their nipple servicing earlier. He asked me if it was painful, but I smiled and told him, “Darling, no pain, no gain/ pleasure, right?”. He replied dramatically, “Yes, yes, Ill give the best remedy for it” and his saliva-filled warm mouth on my nipple, gave an excellent soothing effect and waves of tickling & tingling sensation all over me.

As I was enjoying this with deep breath and my eyes closed, a sms from Sunil informing us that he had almost completed the task and would be with us within one hr. Surya, sensing the erotic status I was in, asked if we could watch a few video clips to kindle the mood & heat and in the split of a second, he opened a few gay video clips in my laptop (nipplesucking(69 position), lactating male nipple, gangbanging etc.).

I felt hornier than in the morning session, with sexy Surya next to me had full erection and goose pimples, shifting my posture now and then and him demanding immediate action. However, once I suggested that we better waited till Sunils return, but Surya revealed that it was Sunils idea that he accompanied me to have fun!! Unable to control the urge anymore, I hugged him tightly, gave him deep frenchkiss with tongue sucking & caressing followed by an enjoyable extravaganza of sucking his deliciousnipple and cocksucking spree.

Suddenly, he asked why not try nipplesucking (69 position) like what we saw in that video(lesbians mutual boobsucking). I told that it would be next to impossibility in our case, but he was adamant and lying on his back, prompted me to adjust my pendulous, fleshy right boob near his lips and mine on his left side nipple. Initially, it was very difficult initially, but once set, there was no looking back and it was a nice fun sucking each others nipple gently to begin with, later voraciously, in abandoned gay. It proved to be a thoroughly synchronized, successful and an enjoyable act, giving us the satisfaction as in 69 cocksucking.

Changing sides, we continued to enjoy, moaning and writhing in ecstatic delight and reach the pinnacle of excitement. I commended him and his innovative thought, when he remarked, “Wait & watch!” and lay on the bed fully naked, eyes closed, this time, both hands spread sideways and his palms suppoting his head, striking yet another unbelievable sexy pose. I admired him with my eyes & mouth wide open in sheer excitement and wanted to enjoy with him. Right at that moment, the door bell rang and I knew it was Sunil. I got into my trackpants and pulled him inside with a bear hug. He surveyed me intently and entered the bedroom to find Surya in a status of trance. He remarked, “Well, well, looks like you had unlimited fun session and enjoyed the 2 hrs. of my absence. Ok, let me also join the carnival for more fun”

I prepared tea for us, with both of them caressing my stark naked body. Sunil, sipping the tea, asked Surya,”hey, you are known for innovations. Tell me what you did today?”. Surya told about his experimentation and Sunil was eager to know about it and his ltle johnny was already in full attention with oozing precum in his birthday suit. With gentle caressing his tool, I instructed Sunil to blindly follow me and after 10 mins. or so, he was literally mad of continuing it with Surya and enjoy the mutual nipple servicing. I told them that it was time to think of our dinner plan and that the best present I got from them on my birthday was their decision to be with me as long as I wanted (a gesture I acknowledged gratefully). After completing the kitchen work (our dinner) in next half an hour, I joined them in the hall on the sofa, hugging and transferring the body heat from one to another in utter delight, a most memorable time.

It was only 6 pm or so and munching the snacks and remaining cuddled together. When I raised the point of my guilty feeling on the age difference between me and them as a matter of concern, surya,on behalf of Sunil retorted angrily, “Hello, my dearest Anna, do you think we would have stayed back, if we were not comfortable with you? Quit thinking about it, for heavens sake and no guilty feelings, our pretty lovebird, since even our age group guys cant match your skill and prowess. Give us that love-rain and nonstop action now, understood?”.

I apologised for my remark with folded hands and when I asked,”What next?”, their faces glowed with joy. Exchanging meaningful glances between them, they hugged me in over excitement, trying to rouse me. Surya cautioned Sunil to be gentle, pointing to my stiff, swollen and reddened nipple, at the same time suggesting the remedy he had prescribed earlier. The sucking session by them was superlative, making me jump and writhe uncontrollably and pressing their lips to my nipples for more. All of us had, by now, escalated hormonal levels. I suggested at this point, if we could try a threesome nipplesucking.

They were skeptical, but this time I insisted and they were prepared. It was easy for them to gobble my hanging boobs brushing their lips, but slightly difficult for me as I had to shift from Sunil to Surya to satisfy both at the same time. Once their request for side change was also fulfilled by me quite successfully, we ended up experiencing erotic pleasure and total satisfaction They pushed me on the bed, both sucking my breasts voraciously and continuously like hungry kids, jacked my mood to unsurmountable heights of heavenly bliss & pleasure.

As return favour, I leaned on the headboard of the bed and making them kneel on either side, I gave such a nice blowjobs to them, who were already in mutual frenchkissing spree and they shivered in sexcitement. None of us spilt our love juice till then as decided by us to indicate that there was much more pleasure-seeking awaiting us through a wonderful and combined effort of all of us.

Now, Surya leaning on me, became restless and complained,”I am deprived of my pleasure, in spite of repeating two demands of mine. I refuse to cooperate from now on, unless and until you comply with my demands” he replied and turned his face away, like a disappointed baby deprived of its toy! I was amused and looking at Sunil, pulled Surya into my arms and showered him with kisses.

He refused to budge, so I decided to fulfill his wishes by winking at Sunil and slow and occasional pinching of his bums as foreplay, made his entire body shiver in excitement and expectation. I asked Sunil to continue rousing him, while I brought coconut oil and a carrot from kitchen.

Immediately, Surya lay on the bed totally naked, awaiting our next move. I smeared coconut oil on Sunils stiff rod covered by the condom(brought by Sunil ) and Suryas ass liberally. Sunil lifted Suryas legs on his shoulders, rubbed the conical head of his cock and tried entering Suryas love hole slowly, who took a deep breath, said,”Sssssss, ohhh, ouchhhh, mmmm” wincing in pain. I was, at the same time, mouthfucking and gagging Surya.

Sunils slow and steady thrusts resulted in entry of his cock at one go into Suryas cunt. His unbearable pain turned into enjoyable feeling and he pulled Sunil closer with his legs over his ass tightly for sometime. With my mouthfucking coordinated with Sunils fucking in missionary position now rendered Suryas body stiffen and arch uncontrollably. His stiff rod was hitting his belly, his balls kissing Sunils pubis and Sunils honey bag, banging Suryas asscheeks. He was enjoying every bit of the act and begged us through half-open mouth, to continue it in doggy style. I asked Sunil to stop for few minutes only to make Surya change his posture.

Sunil adjusted himself, pushed his rod into Suryas waiting hole, this time in one go and accelerated his speed. Meanwhile, I crept under Surya in 69 pose for mutual sucking. He was overwhelmed by this since it was the most unexpected move of mine and with one hand he teased and twisted my nipple, the other caressing my asscrack. I caught his hanging manhood and instead of gulping it down, I licked the precum on mushroom-shaped cockhead like a lollipop, rimming the base and rolling my tongue in circular motion from the tip to the base of the shaft slowly and backwards up. I squeezed the shaft to express the precum and make it appear like a dew drop on his pisshole. I felt tremors passing all over his body, loud moaning and uttering incoherent words,”Ahhh, sooo nice, dont sssttop, exxcellentt”, as I was licking it. Our action synchronized so perfectly, that each thrust by Sunil made surya mouthfuck me and his pressing my ass resulted in me mouthfucking him.

Intermittently, Sunil leaned on surya to grab and knead Suryas breasts and pointing nipples. In all, we were engrossed in our action so much that we felt that we were literally on cloud 9. The entire room was charged with the heat and high erotic mood, in addition to the murmur of a/c, slurping noise from us and fucking sound( thapp, thap)from Sunil. Even then, none of us felt the urge to spew our love juice.

Only after 20 mins. of feverish sucking& fucking and orgasm soaring high in us, Surya and Sunil announced that they were at the verge of cumming, having reached the climax at the same time and I too felt the same way. Surya thrust his manhood till it hit my throat followed by me and Sunil into the respective holes. All of a sudden, I felt my manjuice flowing into his mouth and Suryas into mine, in jets, almost simultaneously. Sunil, giving a couple of more shots, pressed his dick deep inside surya to fill his tunnel with spermjuice. Surya gulped down every bit of my nectar, chuckled his tongue, saying that it was as sweet as honey and commented, “What a superlative delightful experience, it was! Wont mind a second round, Anna”.

By now, our flaccid manhoods slipped out of the respective holes and lying on either side of surya, totally spent and tired, we took to boobsucking on Surya who was still on the high! I smeared his pulpy and juicy nipples with the saliva-mixed honey( Suryas )from my mouth and asked Sunil to go ahead. Around 10 mins. of our sucking rendered

Surya feel quite satiated and satisfied, exclaiming, “Oh! What a double delight you both have given me. Absolutely a real cockstatic and sexciting favour undoubtedly! Now, will you take Sunils position to continue on me, Anna?” I laughed and asked him to take it cool and slow, but he was reluctant. We have all the time and can definitely proceed, after some rest. They agreed and soaked me with rain of kisses. It looked as if we were possessed by love god in toto for the lovegame that none of us was ready to leave even a few minutes quiet and free of activity.

Ultimately, we realised that it was a day of ideas-mixed, emotions unplugged, chasing the love chases, actions unabated, longstanding, fun-filled, fast & furious at times, joy unmeasurable, happiness reloaded and nonstop sessions of lovemaking, sexgame and sharing. We were so thrilled to have achieved a lot that day at our will, without even an iota of prior planning.

I told them we better adjourned for dinner ready for them. Surya nudged me and whispered, ” I m hungry no doubt, not food, but my other demand!!” Glancing at Sunil( who read my mind fully), I said, “My dear dear lovebird, not so fast, ok? Will fulfill your wish & dream, for sure,ok?” for which surya showed his disapproval, but Sunil pacified him assuring that he wont leave me without it. How Sunil brainwashed me and made me continue entertaining them as CD that night, as the concluding part of my birthday celebration, is another interesting account to follow.

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