Enjoying Teenage Boy Part 2

Hi all.. I hope you all enjoyed the first part. This s the 2nd part. Enjoying Raj for the first time was such a sweet experience. I could still remember his man smell, the taste of his body.

The next day dawn, I woke Raj from his sleep. He got up. He gave no signs of what happened the previous night. But I was sure he was well aware of what had happened. He took his bag and went to his house. Got freshened up and came back to school in time. The class went as usual.

That day evening, when I was sitting in my room in the school, raj came near me with another student. Raj introduced me that boy and told his name is vinoth. Yeah. I know that guy. He s also a tall chocolate colour boy slim and hot. A perfect body it is. Vinoth is a basketball player.

So his body reflects that. He has no mustache or beard like raj. A long neck. Everything similar to raj except raj was a little darker than vinoth and also has a village robust look. Whereas vinoth looks cute & hot, but not so manly as raj. Raji is a manly beast. His Adams apple is huge and his crotch always looks bulged. Vinoth too is hot & manly, but not equal to raj.

There, raj told me that vinoth also wants to come to my house to study. I saw vinoth. His face had an eager look. I couldnt believe my luck. Two hots boys to bed with!!!! Woaw… The thought of it made me horny instantly. I said:” OK, vinoth & raj. U both can come”. Vinoth:”thank u sir”. Me:”Good. I think u have sports period right now. Dont ever skip sports boys.” Vinoth:” yes sir.

We just came to inform u this. Now we r going to sports only.”. Me:”OK. And one thing!! After sports, dont have bathe before coming my home. Science says a man has to have some dirt in his body. So come to my home without bathing. I dont care even though it smells bad. OK?” Raj&vinoth:”ok sir”. Then they left for sports. Wow. I was damn happy. Just a few hours to go before I can taste those bodies. I was sure there was some intention of vinoth coming to my home.

Raj must have told vinoth about what hat happnd yesterday. So vinoth wants his body & cock to be sucked. No doubt. So there is no need of sleeping pills tonight,I thought. Hours passed. I was in my home. I heard the bell ring. I opened the door. Raj & vimal were standing. They were in their sports dress- jersey&trousers. The cloth was so soft that their body shapes cut into them. I could see their nipples & cock shaping in their dress. Vinoth wore a sleeveless jersey as he s a basketball player. His arms were thin, but in great shape.

Though tiny muscles, those were in good structure & shape. Wow!!! And raj, as manly as usual. They were sweaty. Their wet skin coated with sweat. I told them not to take bath evening. So they came here right after sports. They were carrying their bags. I told them to come in. Study time went fine. V had dinner in a local restaurant. And came back home to sleep. I was lying in the middle of bed. Raj & vinoth are on either side of me. V were watching TV and were talking & laughing as if v were friends.

Later, I switched off the TV. Their bodies were very close to mine, Touching my body. I could feel the heat in their bodies. The wetness. And that sweat smell. Ahhhhh.. Wow.. Today no need of sleeping pills, I thought. Because the boys had come intentionally for this. I was happy. I was facing vinoth in bed. The boys were acting as if in deep sleep. I knew that. I pressed my face towards vinoths neck. I could smell him. Woowww.

Gently I run my hands all over his jersey feeling the shape of his body. Wowww. It cant get better. Super feeling. Gently I lifted his arms and I could see his armpits so beautiful. There was only a very little thin hair there looking sexy. I felt every inch of his body with my hands.

Now its time for my nose & tongue to enjoy. I gently rolled his dress upwards so I could see his flat abdomen. I smelled & licked & tasted his body. Later I removed all his dress except underwear. I turned the other side, and removed all clothes of raj too, except his underwear. Then I got up off bed, moved these boys closer so that their bodies touching each other. Their juices mixing as their skins touch. I lifted the arms of both boys above their heads so that I could have a better view of their armpits .

Then I bent, started to smell & taste their bodies alternatively part by part. First I licked the skin of vinoths arms & tasted it. Then, Rajs arms. Their boys taste differently but both tastes are great & manly.

Then, the neck of both guys. I bit them softly and sucked. Both boys moaned when I bite their necks softly. They seriously liked it. Then I tasted their torso from neck to belly button. Wowwww. Juices oozing out. And their nipples. Hard as mustard. Tasty as I circled my tongue around the hard cute nipples. They moaned when I sucked their nipples hard but gentle. Then the armpits. Rajs armpits had thick, short-in-length manly hair. But not much hair. Little but they are manly thick!! In contrast, vinoths armpits are hairless but the juices are oozing with a little dirt.

He had played sports & came without bathing. So those dirt & sweat gave his armpit boyish manly look. I tasted both their armpits so long as possible. They were liking it. They were moaning. Then I tasted their legs, big beautiful fleshly manly thighs. I lifted both their thighs and held one thigh of vinoth in my left hand, & one thigh of raj in my right hand. I held those thighs close to my body. I kissed those thighs, smelled them, tasted them.

Both boys had large fleshy thighs. Raj had more hairs in his thigh compared to vinoth. Rajs hairs, in addition were thick & curled hairs decorated his massive thighs. Vinoth too has hairs but not so thick, still they mad me go mad.

After tasting their beautiful fleshly thighs, I turned both their bodies, so they both lie on their belly, which means now, their back faces the ceiling. I removed my dress myself except underwear, and lay upon vinoths back first. I smelled & tasted the back of his neck, his back broad & so long.

I handled them softly, with my hands, nose & tongue. As I lay upon his back, my face was pressing against his neck, my hands digging into his armpits, my crotch touching his butt. Great butt he has. As I was tasting his neck with my tongue, I was pressing my crotch against his butt. My dick was growing. But I didnt insert my dick in his butt.

Then I did the same with raj & tasted his entire back. I tasted both their butt cracks too & their holes too. Wow…. That smell!!! That taste!!!!! It made me go heaven.

Then, I turned their bodies again so their front face the ceiling. I removed both their under wears. To my joy, I saw both their dicks. They both are almost equal in size. Gods!! Both are huge monsters. Black uncut monsters. Rajs monster a little darker in colour. But the size is equal. Raj had more genital hair so thick. Vinoth had less hair less thick. And their balls. God!! They are equal in size for both boys. Huge balls half the size of my fist each.

I sucked their ball pouches and then their dicks alternatively. Their cocktips oozing with a mixture of sweat, urine, & precum. I cant even hold one dick in my mouth. Each dick is so thick that they almost teared my mouth.

But my greediness was bigger than their dicks.. I made both boys stand up. They felt shy because they were standing eyes open to face me was little awkward. I didnt mind. Anyhow the room was dark except for the dim light of night-bulb. They were standing. I was on my knees. I held both their cocks and pushed them into my mouth. Ahhhh… It was hurting my mouth so bad but I liked the pleasure in it.

Though it was difficult to swallow just single cock because of their size, my greediness made my mouth so elastic. Both cocks are tearing my mouth as they both entered at the same time. The boys started to make to&fro motion with their hips.

The dicks grew so huge & they exploded. I felt as if someone stabbed my throat deep. Such was the force with which both their cums shooted my throat back. Both their cums mixed and flowing in all directions in my mouth. Some were coming through my mouth. Some through my nose!!!! I was choking coughing. These two dicks left no space so that the cum comes through my nose!! But a huge portion of cum went into my stomach. Tasty. Then they both took their cocks out of my elastic mouth. And threw themselves to the bed naked except their underwear. I went to them. I laid on rajs abdomen.

He was looking puzzled because the session was over. But I too had feelings. I cant sleep without Cumming myself. So I inserted my dick between his thighs& just below his dick. My two hands were in his armpits fondling his armpit hair, & my mouth over his nipple sucking them hard. He started to moan again. I was making to-fro motion with my hip, my dick thigh-fucking him as my hands fondling his armpit, as my tongue tasting his nipple. And I exploded moaning.

Then I got up, and cleaned the cum in his underwear & removed his underwear for washing. I did the same & cummed in vinoths thigh too after thigh fucking him. Then I cleaned the genitals of both boys & washed their under wears & hanged those to dry before morning comes. And I went to bed sleeping with those nude boys holding them tightly & smelling their body. My face was digging into their armpits. And we slept…….. ( comments welcome)