Most Unforgettable Birthday Gift From Sunil And Surya Part 3

This is the third and concluding part of my most unforgettable birthday bash. Please offer your suggestions and valuable comments.

All of us were feeling more excited than tired following the nonstop ‘evening show. Both of them relished the typical simple South Indian meal( jeera rice, rasam, potato fry and curds rice), I had prepared and complimented me for the excellent food. Surya, made me blush with his mischievous comment that my rasam (double meaning!)was super with nice aroma and taste, winking at Sunil. He whispered to Sunil something and went to restroom.

Once the kitchen work was over, I was heading towards the hall, when suddenly Sunil hugged me from behind with his palms on my breasts(best and the highly erogenous spot), his fingers teasing my sensitive and turgid nipples and asked me to consider Suryas request for CD act seriously. I said, “no way, dear. It requires time for preparation and definitely not be possible today. I promise to fulfill the demand some other day,ok?”.

But, he said, “Anna, I can definitely handle Surya if you tell me how much time you would require. Moreover, you know Ill get busy with my wedding preparation with Suryas help. We may not meet till my wedding is over. Now is the best time and fitting finale to our birthday bash, giving him a shocking surprise. Please have mercy and consider our request”. He goaded, in fact brainwashed me further, with his hard tool pressing my bum and luring me! Unwilling to lose the chance, I said, Ok and left the responsibility of managing Surya at least for half an hour or until I gave him a missed call/sms.

His eyes glowed in delight when I suggested he took the front door key with him, for easy entry, without disturbing me. Surya, though confused, agreed to go out to the nearby mall with Sunil for some small purchase( though it was not true, but only a sweet lie!)

Once they left, I locked the door and went inside the bedroom. Choosing an attractive costume(glittering and richly embroidered red colour salwar kameez, padded bra, panty, and costume jewelry from wifes unused collection), I cleaned (shaving) all areas of my body, particularly armpits, genitals & bums, showered and dried my shampooed hair which took about 15 mins.

Another 15 mins. were required for wearing the undergarments and the dress, parting my hair, puffed it up by securing with hair clips, light make up and red lipstick( to match the dress) with rouge and glitters on the cheeks, to augment the beauty. kajal, bindhi and the beauty mark(mole) on the chin gave the final touches and a look at the mirror, gave me the satisfaction(though, not an absolute professional job) of a beautiful and attractive CD. Glittering necklace, bangles, studs, anklets, a dollar chain along the hairline(chutti, worn by dancers) and nail polish design on the feet, added to the glamour. I was ready exactly in 30 mins. and after switching all lights off except a night lamp , I returned to the bedroom and sent sms to Sunil.

Exactly in 10 mins., I got missed call from Sunil to alert me and door clicked open. I sat on the bed nervously in total darkness, the transparent dupatta covering my face and holding a lighted candle near my face as the only source of light, I eagerly awaited my lovers(!).

It was Sunils voice instructing Surya to enter the bedroom silently without disturbing me. Surya came inside, but looking at the candlelight exclaimed, “Hey, why candle light here? No power supply or what! No trace of our dear Anna!!?” Muffling his laughter, Sunil ushered surya near the bed and lifting the ghunghat, he let Surya have a glimpse of me. Surya was shell-shocked and dumbfound for few seconds to see my radiant face in the candle light, disbelieving his eyes, slowly came near literally gasping and shivering. His immediate reaction was to run his finger on my cheek and comment excitedly, as I stared at him, “OMG, is this real or am I dreaming. What a dazzling beautiful dream girl, unbelievable, I swear!!”. Sunil switched the light on and Surya froze totally bewildered and excited. He glared at Sunil in mock anger and shrieked,”You, dirty lier of the first order, so you both planned and hoodwinked me for this, right?” I slowly got up from the bed and led him to the full length mirror for a better view.

Moving away from me and surveying me in different angles, exclaimed, “What a glowing beauty! You are an angel, no doubt! This is the moment I have been waiting for. You look far more glamorous and bewitching than in that photo, my fair lady. No wonder your college mates(?teachers too) were clean bowled and their pants wet in sheer lust!! We cant leave you just like that, you know?”.

I replied softly, “My lovebirds, I am aware youre totally charged and ready for action. Go ahead, Im all yours now as long as you want”, spreading my hands sideways in seductive pose and enticing them like a magnet. After a photo shoot at their request, I was ushered to the bed and they sat by my side, appreciating every bit of me, love and lust overwhelming them. The real show and the best treat, that they awaited in eagerness, began.

The entire room was filled with the magical jasmine perfume of the room freshener and the mild body spray I had used, intoxicating them and hitting their brains. They made me stand and Sunil held my chest from the backside, with his lips on my right shoulder & stiff prick of his trying to probe my bums. Surya, in the meanwhile, placed his hands around my hip and buried his face in between my boobs and pressing with his nose & lips. They palms inched slowly to caress and survey my whole body with their lips and palms over the outfit. I was aware that they were enjoying this session a lot.

They confessed that they didnt know how exactly to begin the show!! Purposely, I wriggled and struck seductive poses to increase my sex appeal, resulting in their hormonal levels soar high and high and making them restless. Though I too felt the vibrations below and erection in me, but somehow, controlled myself and let them proceed with their sexgame on me.

I told dramatically, ” Choose the juicy, choose the sexy. Love to love it, my love”, pointing to the chest & bum. Both of them scrambled to remove my dress & jewels I was wearing hurriedly, leaving only in bra & panties on me. Their hands roamed feverishly and freely all over my semi nude, sexy and nubile body, kissing every inch from head to toe. Their lip service in the groin, pubis, thighs and bums, without touching the love machine( to prolong the erection) now elevated my moods sky high and I was breathing heavily, biting my lips and writhing in ecstasy. After gaining confidence from my reaction, Sunil pushed me on the bed and climbing on me, bit my pseudomammaries, kneading them constantly, while Surya, took to licking the hard rod, nuts and ass till he reached my ‘pussy over the panties, making it wet with his saliva.

After few licks, both of them made me stark naked by removing the undergarments as well. Sunil clung to my bosom, commenting that my real boobs were far better to handle than the padded one and inviting Surya to join him, feasted on my boobs and perky, taut & turgid nipples, with side changing. Intermittently, both of the raised my arms up, licked my fragrant armpits and exchanged kisses and tongue-dancing to transfer the fragrance and taste of my sweat(in spite of the a/c room). They were in mad love with me(calling me, Sundari) and so eager& erotic, head over the heels to enjoy me!

I asked them to stop, but they refused. Slowly caressing Sunils dick over his shorts, I told, ” Now, its my turn and in fact, you should have demanded. Better obey me, ok?” and got up. Surya got disappointed and was blinking at us. I kissed Surya lightly and asked them to stand up, topless. I went on my knees facing their crotch, undid their shorts & undies to release their boners free. I asked them lie on the bed, crawled between them and started my kissing spree on them with lipstick marks all over. My pinching and sucking on their nipples, continuously, made them literally beg me for more. Moving down, the lick & suck, blowjob sessions I did, made them kick and jump up to feel as if they were in 7th heaven. But they were not ready for cumming. So, I fingerfucked them at the same time to rouse their itch for fucking.

Surya volunteered readily, but Sunil was totally reluctant to give it a try. Surya, getting carrot, honing it to the thickness of Sunils rod & covering it with a condom that Sunil had got, demonstrated it on me after lubricating and fingerfucking my love hole, intelligently. Sunil was still totally aversed to this idea, but offered to penetrate surya(as in the day session) and me, if I wanted. I accepted this idea and asked them to take positions, Surya to mouthfuck me and Sunil into my cunt( a trailer and a preliminary round before his first night !!!). I loved sucking Suryas juicy, long & thick dick with mushroom-head and getting mouthfucked.

Meanwhile, Sunil, with all reservation & skepticism, lubed his cock, my asscrack and the hole. Spreading my legs wide, he touched the hole with the cocktip. It tickled me slightly, but relaxing & opening my anal sphinctors, I gave him green signal. Since it was relaxed by Surya earlier, the orifice was slightly stretched. I felt the cocktip kissing the hole, trying to gain entry. He pushed a little and I lifted my hip, wincing in pain. He got scared and tried to withdraw, but with my encouragement, he restarted his operation, this time more carefully and slowly.

A couple of pushes resulted the entry of the cockhead into the tunnel( very painful with tears in my eyes, smartly blocked by Surya with his nuts). I moaned in thick accent(Suryas dick blocking), “Sssssss, slow, slow, dont sssttoppp. Continue, yessss”. He asked me if it was intolerably painful, I ordered him to concentrate on his job and with just one more push, the shaft slid into the tunnel, with his pubis hitting my bums, with no pain at all(I was reminded of ‘no pain, no gain and the plight of ladies on their first night experience!!!!). Sunil was confident now and enjoying the penetration, started pumping slowly initially, but faster after sometime.

He felt relaxed and felt encouraged, as I mumbled, “exxcellenttt, now you know, make it fast, faster and faster. You have an excellent plunger. Nice feeling, Im experiencing. How about you?!” He remarked,”Im also enjoying it and your guidelines are simply great. Best treat I got on your birthday”. Gagged at both ends, I let them continue pounding me, coordinating with their moves, till they attained orgasm.

With each push, Sunils hanging honey bag was hitting my asscheeks. As the climax was nearing, both shouted that they would soon fill the holes with their wonderful spermjuice. All of us felt as if high voltage current had rocked the entire body with tremors and our sex-appetite and thirst, fully satiated, leaving us on cloud 9. The heavenly delight and ecstasy we experienced that night can never be explained adequately in words. I felt exhausted, but not really satisfied still and when I told them so, they suggested that we wrapped up our love play and sexgame with what we did in the pre-lunch session.

I agreed only for a short stint and they brought the potion to repeat what all we did in the morning(mutual excellent nipple play & sucking, threesome cocksucking, Sunil cockservicing in 69 with surya, with myself, this time to assfuck Surya and almost synchronised release of manjuice). The fitting finale and the icing of the cake of this game of ours was tasting a bit of the cum- mixed delicious potion, saying, “Cheers!!!” In chorus.

It was nearing midnight and after shower, clean-up and hot drink(Horlicks), we lay on the bed, fully naked under the blanket and both sandwiching me as before. I observed Suryas eyes were moist, welling with tears of joy and gratitude for the excellent favour(of which he had totally given up hope). I kissed him and said, “you must thank Sunil who was solely responsible for this feast. I am very happy that my birthday bash gave you the utmost satisfaction of a gala celebration and grand feast”. They hugged me,resting on my bosom like sleepy babies to its mom and with arms over them, we drifted into sound sleep.

Thank you!