My Fantasies The Start

Hello ISS readers, I am one of the reader of ISS and this is my first story here which I ‘m sharing with all of you.. Let me describe you about myself, my name is kiran I ‘m a hostelite from pune my dick size is very small may be 2.5 or 3 inches but have a pair of boobs which is fleshy which we can call the manboobs.. So the story begins here.. When I was doing my B.Tech in first year I was in relationship with a girl but after few months that relationship ended due to her family problems.. Im still virgin and never had sex ever.. This brought me to surf sex on internet as while watching the straight videos I wouldnt get an erection I was so worried first but one night while surfing the videos I watched one video from shemale category and to my surprise my dick was rock hard.. I didnt understand what was happening,

I immediately ran to the bathroom and masturbated.. From that night there were only 2 categories for me on any sex site that is gay & shemale. I used to watch gay and shemale videos and would satisfy myself by masturbating. As I told you that I was having a pair of boobs it was uneasy to me to takeoff my shirt in front of anyone whenever I was used to go to the college some naughty friends of mine would squeeze my chest area and press my boobs and tease me, initially I was getting so angry on them that the fight was occurring between me and my friends so I used to wear loose shirts..

But now as my mind was changed and I was attracted towards the gay world I decided to wear tight t-shirts (skinny fit) without wearing a baniyan and go to the college that would make my boobs size visible… And as usual when I was in college that day that friends of mine was staring at my boobs and would touch my chest area whenever they get the chance, they were surprised to see that I was not reacting whenever they were touching my boobs this made them to act more bold and one of them pressed my right boob and tried to act as it happen accidently… But I was enjoying it as I was experiencing immense satisfaction by their touch… Whenever I used to be home I started to wear bra and panties of my mom and would masturbate while wearing the bra and panty.

One day the friends of mine planned a trip to a hill station and I was also the part of it it was a 3 days 2 nights trip to matheran when we reached the hotel it was sharing rooms for 4 but we were 5 peoples there was 1 double bed and 2 single beds, two of the friends told us that they were taking the single beds that means I & other 2 friends have to manage on the double bed.. Everyone had freshen up and after taking the dinner it was our first night of the trip.. Everyone took off their t-shirts and were preparing to sleep.. One of the friend asked me to remove my shirt but I refused to do that and told him you can do whatever you want but dont force me to do anything, after this other friend said that guys dont you know why he isnt removing his shirt so dont force him..

After this everyone laughed and when I saw angrily towards them and they stopped laughing.. I also to prove myself as a man took off my shirt and lied down on the bed.. When I was sleeping keeping my chest towards the roof that is upward there was nothing much but when I turned towards the right then my boobs created a cleavage which I saw and decided to wear a tshirt but suddenly the gay mind of mine woke up and instead of wearing a t shirt I slept in such a manner that more cleavage would occur and my friend sleeping towards my right would see that and I pretended to sleep and after few minutes I was feeling fingers of my friend on my boobs they were fondling my nipples and was squeezing suddenly the current passed through my body and I was enjoying it other friends were sleeping and we both were also pretending to sleep but different things were going on in the darkness.. As I didnt reacted he further took my boobs in his hand and started to squeeze it and press it..

I was enjoying it and suddenly itching started in my ass hole and I was feeling uncomfortable I turned towards left now my ass was towards my friend who was squeezing my boobs then he started to squeeze my ass and was rolling his fingers in the butt line of my ass.. My dick was really hard and wanted to come out of my pants.. I suddenly woke up from bed and ran towards the toilet and closed the door of the toilet and started masturbating vigorously by keeping the flush on so that if somebody was awake they would think that he has gone to the toilet..

After masturbating I ejaculated and cleaned myself and sat on the commode and was thinking that what I was doing… Im not a gay.. But why I like the touch of men.. I came out of the toilet took one pillow and blanket and slept on the sofa.. In the morning that friend of mine was looking towards me and was passing a smile I found it weird and ignored him..

Then he came to me and said dont tell anyone what happened last night.. Forget it.. And I will also keep my mouth close.. I nodded and said ok..After returning from that trip I was totally changed and was always thinking of that night and used to masturbate.. When masturbation became usual I used to put pen, candle, cucumber in my ass and used to satisfy myself.. Diameter of my ass hole was increased and it was such big that 2 fingers would easily enter at a time in my ass.. Now I was really wanting a dick in my ass so I started surfing on facebook and joined some gay groups on facebook.. I was looking for a guy with place available and who was staying far away from my locality so that no one could know that I ‘m a gay.. And finally I met a guy online.. He was living 40 km away from me and also he was living alone in 1bhk flat also he had a bike..

So we both started talking on facebook.. He was asking me that could I come and pick you up..? But I told him that let me be first comfortable with you because as it was my first experience I was too scared he said ok.. And we kept talking and chatting he used to send his pics of dick which was of 6 inches and used to send pics of my ass and my boobs.. Time came when we both were very close and comfortable with each other and we decided to meet and have a dream session.. So he came to pick me up at the decided place.. I was not carrying any of my identity card or proof with myself there was only one mobile and some money with me..

As he came he told me to drive the bike and sat behind me and told me that I will tell you the road I said ok.. As I started to drive he started to press my boobs oh my god I was getting so horny… He was pressing and fondling it and at a same time he was rubbing his beard on my neck which was new sensation to me… After travelling for 45 minutes we reached at his place and his flat was on 9th floor, we entered in the lift there was also a lady in the lift she asked him that who was with you..? He told that he is my cousin and came from his village the lady also believed him and got out of the lift on 4th floor now only both of us were in the lift he was pressing my ass and giving a smile a also was smiling back.. The 9th floor came and we got out of the lift and entered his flat…

After closing the door he was trying to kiss me but I said that I ‘m not comfortable with kissing so we will not kiss each other and he can do whatever he want except kissing.. He accepted it and told me that I have a surprise in the bathroom. When I opened the door of the bathroom I saw a black colour bra and panty hanging out over there.. I asked him where did you get this bra and panty.? He said that I ordered it from flipkart he said I dont know the size so I ordered it randomly and yes he was correct.. The bra was of small size. I told him that I will change and come back till then wait in the bedroom.. And I closed the door of bathroom.. I saw that the bra wouldn’t t fit me but I thought that he had ordered it as he want to look me in bra and panty so I tried to wear it and one of the hook of bra was broken but somehow I managed to wear it on one hook and tried to keep some cleavage the panty fitted me well..

I wrapped myself with the towel till chest and till my thighs and opened the door of bathroom and entered the bedroom and saw that he was nude on his bed and was rubbing his dick, I unwrapped the towel from my body and he was amazed to see me in bra and panty. He came closer and started kissing on my neck, chest, navel he was sucking my boobs after removing the bra and panty, I put condom on his dick and sucked his dick for 5 minutes, then he poured oil in my ass and we had a great fucking session after that we slept in each others arm for an hour and after two more sessions he dropped me at my place and we never met each other. If you guys liked my story then plz give your feedback at / / Thanks