My Sex Encounter With My Uncle Part 1

This is my new hot sex story.

Me and my family went to Coimbatore to attend a marriage function. That day we started early morning and reached Coimbatore junction at 6 PM.

We took a auto and reached the marriage hall. I was very tired and I wanted sleep for some time. But my parents and relatives were talking for while I was not interested in that chat. “Hi Sanjay, how are you da” suddenly one guy came behind me and asked I was shocked. I said ” Yes fine”. Moorthy uncle said that he is his son Murali studying B.E in Coimbatore as a day scholar.

“Sanjay you look so tired, do you want to take some rest” I said “Yes Murali” “Dad I will show Sanjay the room and make him comfortable and we both come back by engagement function time”.

He took me to a room, I threw the and lied in the bed and went to sleep. I dont know how long I was sleeping, I can hear some noise so I woke up and saw, I can see some guys are chatting with Murail and making fun. I went to bathroom and came back. Murali introduced that they are his friends. I said hi and got introduced to them. Then Murail asked his friends to go down and wait for them.

After they went I asked Murail “Whats the time” he said “its 9 o clock, come lets go for dinner” me “Then function” Murali “Sanjay its already over da… I tried to wake you up, but you are so tired and sleeping like anything so I thought not to wake you up.”

“Murali what is this? Now if I go down my dad will shout at me for not attending the function. You should have wake me up somehow”. Murali “Sanjay relax dont worry I informed your dad that you went with my friend to buy some important thing… your dad also told you became so responsible guy. So no worries. Come lets go” I was bit relaxed and started getting ready.

I removed my dress and searching for another dress in my bag. Murali turned to me and said “Hi Sanjay super body you got it” I didnt responded and changed my dress and we both went down for dinner.

When I was having my dinner my came and told that they are going to Moorthy uncles house to sleep and he asked to stay with Murali and help him. I said Ok.

After the dinner Murali was chatting with his friends till 11.30. Then some of his friends left. Me, Murali and 3 of his friends went to the room. They all started changing their dress, and all of them wearing lungi. Murali asked me to change my dress. I said its ok I will sleep with shirt and pant itself.

They all started playing cards, all are in bare body. In that Murali was alone looking good. Murali started teasing me. “Machi, Sanjay body is really sexy da. Ask Sanjay to show his body Machi.” All his friends started asking me to show my body I said no no I am feeling cold and tired I going to sleep.

I lied in the bed and watch them playing. I dont know how I slept. “Sanjay, Sanjay… ” someone was waking me up. I opened my eyes, its Murali.. ” wake up da take your bag lets go down and take bath, these aunties want bath here. Come hurry up”.

Its 5.30 am I an In half sleep, took my bag and went down with Murali. In the ground floor there is only 2 bathrooms are there. There are many uncles are standing to take bath. I brush my teeth in a wash basin. Murali bought me coffee. I had it and asked him where is his friends. He said they went home and come back by 9 or 9.30.

We were waiting till 6.45 but didnt get any bathroom to take bath. Suddenly Moorthy uncle came and asked Murali “Are you guys didnt took bath till now” “Dad all bathroom are full we are waiting”.

Moorthy uncle took me and Murali near a bathroom and said something to someone. Once one uncle came out of the bathroom Moorthy uncle pushed me and Murali in one bathroom and asked to take bath and get ready soon.

I was bit shy and I dont have any opinions. Murali put his clothes on the doors and removed his clothes, opened the shower and started taking bath. I standing and staring at him.

He turned to me and said “Sanjay come on hurry up” Me “I am shy Murali”. He came near me took my bag and put it above the window and start removing my shirt. “No Murail please” Murali “Whats wrong da. We need to adjust da. See I am standing in front of you only with jetti.” Me “Murali I use to take bath with clothes and I dont know how to take bath with jetti alone, thats why I am shy” Murail “Oh is that your problem. Ok I will also remove my jetti so you feel comfortable. Is it ok?” Me ” No no not like that. I take bath behind you but you should not turn towards me. Is it ok? Murali “No problem carri on”

I got little confident and removed my dress, I was totally naked. I stood behind Murali facing his back, I got only half wet. I felt its ok lets take bath later. I can see Murali was putting soap all over his body, he bend down to put soap to his legs I can see is hot wet butts, my cock started erecting. Suddenly Murali turned towards me and kissed me in my lips and holding my cock in his hands.

Someone knocked the door “hurry up guys” Murali replied “5 mins”. “Sanjay you look so sexy da.” He said me in my ears. He went two steps back and changing his clothes.

“Sanjay come on hurry up”. I just came out from the shock and cleaned my self and changed my dress. We both went out of the bathroom and participated in the marriage.

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