Becoming A Prostitute Part 1

Disclaimer : All characters in the stories are fictional. If your name is used as one the character it is a coincidence. The story has extensive homosexuality and unprotected gay sex. If you are against anything stated please quit reading.

This sex story is particularly long, the first part is a build up to the upcoming parts.

The ideas for this story are taken from many others as I’m regular reader of many erotica blogs. For any comments and ideas Email me


My name is Sagar. I’m a 19 year old guy, I have a very slim body as I am a swimmer. I’m not very muscular but not very thin. I have a body structure of a teen girl, I even have a curvy, plump bubble butt which I love to show off. I don’t have a lot of body hair just some on my legs and arms, and underarms. I don’t have any facial hair growth either and have a very soft voice which I could turn into girl-like voice without much effort. I’m about 5’6” and basically a guy whose body is better than most girls.

I was always admired by my school swim team buddies, for my skills and my body. Perhaps their admiration started my attraction for men. My first and most of sexual experiences within the team.

After finishing my 12th I had to move into a PG as my college was in a different city, and it did not have enough space in the hostel. It also put a hard stop to my sex life which was annoying because I was an insatiable bottom who loved fucking around. No one knew I was gay in college because I thought no one will accept me. I even had a problem with money as I was getting low pocket money and could not go out much.

One day when I was hanging out with a few friends, they started talking about how they would do anything to fuck a girl, or get a blowjob and got a nice idea of dressing up as a girl and blowing guys off for money. Like that I could feed my sex drive as well as earn some extra cash to have fun with. From next day i started saving money to buy a wig and girl clothes.

By two months by real hardship I collected about 5000 bucks and bought all needed. But I had no idea how to advertise my “services”.

Then one day in the college washroom I saw stuff written on the wall, I got an idea and wrote “Are you horny and tired of jacking off ? do you want a blowjob of a lifetime for a reasonable price ? Call or text 98XXXXXXXX.” I wrote this everywhere I could in the campus and nearby markets and parks etc. within 2 days I started getting messages and calls. Most of them were prank calls and few other did not want to pay. I was getting calls from number I didn’t even message.

Then I got an SMS, again from an unknown number who said he is interested and told me where he lived. He lived about 30 min away by car. I asked how much will he pay and he said 1000 and I told him he had to pay the cab fare. He said okay and I told him I will come in an hour.

I started getting ready, I shaved the little hair I had on my arms and legs took a shower and started doing my makeup. I was good with it because my mother runs a small parlour and I used to work there once in awhile. I put on the girl clothes, a pair of shorts and crop top without much cleavage, and the straight hair wig and looked at myself in the mirror. I was totally looking like a girl except I didn’t have boobs. I rolled up some socks and put them in my bra.

Now I was looking a total hot chick. I also put a small bottle of pepper spray just in case things got unsafe. I called a cab and told him the address. The driver was addressing me as ‘madam ji’, so I knew I was passing as a girl.

After reaching the place, I rang the doorbell and he came out. He just looked at me and he guessed who I was. He was a decent looking guy who seemed to be in his 30s. He was not in shape, but was not very fat either. He paid the taxi driver and told me to come in and closed the door behind me.

Without saying anything he led me into the bedroom. Before, entering the room I said “Money first then, I’ll blow you.” He didn’t say anything and just pulled out his wallet and gave me the money. I put the money in my pocket and came in and said “Alright then” and started making out with him. This was the first time in my life that I was making out with a total stranger.

I rolled my tongue over his and he started kissing back aggressively. He was a wet kisser, and i didn’t mind that. The light sound of kissing seemed very loud. My dick was getting hard in the soft panties i was wearing.

I threw him on the bed and took his pants off. I could see his dick bulging in his underwear.

He had a less than average sized cock, which was about 5 inches when hard. Without taking off his underwear I kissed his dick head. I was kissing it and rolling my tongue over his dick head. The white underwear was getting wetter and wetter with my saliva. I could see by now that he had a hairy cock, which was a turn-off for me but I knew I was in no position to say anything as I was his whore right now.

After about 2-3 minutes of sucking kissing and licking his dick over the underwear, I lightly pulled his underwear down. Now his hairy tool was in front of me. I collected all the saliva I could in my mouth and then without any hesitation licked his cock from his balls to the top and in one dive took it all in my mouth.

For the first time in a long while his voice as he moaned loudly. Me plunging onto his dick took him by surprise. I could easily take all of his dick in my mouth. I started moving up and down on his tool. All the saliva I had collected was now leaking out of my mouth and making slurping sounds which were complimenting his moaning and to add to it all even I started moaning.

Then I started to just lick his dick everywhere but slowly. I was licking the shaft but every now and then I went back to the head of the cock as I knew that it was the most sensitive part. I also kept prodding the hole and he kept moaning. He also started running his hands over my wig.

I went lower down and started playing with his balls and kissing and sucking them. When I went back to the top he suddenly forced my head down on his dick and his whole dick was back in my mouth. I did not get hurt but I was surely startled.

Then he started face fucking me by moving my head up and down on his dick and also started moving his waist up and down. Even though I was just pleasuring him, I started enjoying.

I got caught up in the moment and did not realise he was about to cum. I was not sure whether or not I wanted to swallow but I did not have much option.

He bucked his waist up and pushed my head down and started spurting and unloading directly into the back of my mouth. It seemed like he hadn’t cum in a while because he was cumming like an open tap. His cum was like any other person’s. Thick creamy warm salty.

When he was done cumming he left my head. I cleaned up his dick and stood up and had a sip of water from a bottle kept nearby.

I said “I still need cab fare to go back.” He pulled up his pants and gave me 300 bucks. I just took it from him and left the room.

As I was about to walk out of place he came out and asked “Hey, you wanna have sex?” I turned around and looked at him blankly “I’ll pay more?” he continued. My mind started racing, I was wondering what to say or do.