My Desire To Get Fucked Part 2

Hi guys, I am Harry. As you all know me and how horny I become at times and how my blood rushes to my ass hole.And the desire to get fucked kicks in.

Now moving on to the story after getting fucked by that old driver.I decided to continue my journey towards lonavala.I started my bike and left that dhaba on my way to lonavala.It was 11 pm in night and pitch dark suddenly the whore inside me took over and I decided that I will continue rest of my journey in just t-shirt and my pink g string panties. So I moved aside of road and removed my track pants and started my journey in just pink panties and t-shirt.

A lot of truck drivers and bikers were passing by had a look at me and some of them even blew their horns to catch my attention and some of them even passed wicked smiles.I could see some interesting people.But decided to wait till I get the right opportunity.Once I was nearby lonavla there I saw a hizaras or rather cross dresser who was there on side of road and was waving hands to attract the attention of people. Obviously, he was a prostitute.He caught my eye and an idea entered my brain. Why not make the night adventurous with this guy.

So I stopped my bike near him.Rest of the story will be in Hindi.Since the guy was talking in Hindi.As I stopped my bike near him I had a closer look at him.A very beautiful hizara he was dressed up in red saree and bridal makeup on the face. Behaving like girls. Friends I havent told u its my fantasy to get fucked by a man in front of a woman or getting humiliated by a group of girls.

As I came near him he asked me.Hizara.Kyaa haal hai raja.Mazaa karna hai.

Me haan maaza hi toh karna hai isi liye toh aaya hoon.And he started looking at me from top to bottom and saw that I was naked down below.

Hizara ziaada garmi ho gai hai lagtaa hai. And winked at me

Me haan andar bahut garmi ho gai hai.Usey thanks karna hai.

Hizara 500 rs per shot hai.

I said okay and he took me to a nearby bush and unfolding his saree.I said I will give him 1000 and will he be able to fuck my ass.At which he touched my ass and asked “gandu ho “.I proudly said yes. Listening to which he spanked my ass and said.”.Fikar mat kar tera kaam ho jayega ab chal nanga ho jaa “.And I obliged.And became backed in no time so was fully naked in open with a hizara exploring my body.He started kissing me at once and inserted his saliva and tongue into my mouth and I willfully accepted it and reciprocated.Now he showed his dick to me.Ohhhhh, my god, it was a good 8inch long and good width dick.I just thought mazaa aa gaya.

He ordered me to bend and applied some saliva to my ass and started his entry with a few pressure he was able to enter me.And started his strokes.And his phone rang.It was one of his buddies number who I believe also into prostitution.With on hand he is holding my ass and fucking me and with the other hand, hes attending phone.And I was moaning on full loud voice.My moans were filling the entire area.Ohhhhh ahh aur chodooo.Randi banwaa do plz.Fuck me jaan plz. Aaahh.

He was feeling his buddy that “Mast maaal hai mazaaa aa gaya “. I requested him to call his buddy also here.At which he told vo 2-3 hain.I said.I can manage even 10.Please get them I was begging at which he smiled and said saali randi hai tu toh.And asked for additional 2000 rs and immediately agreed and gave him money.Within no time, these 3 guys came and total there was now 4.

They started. Checking me out and spanked my ass and one of them kissed me deep.They all decided something and told me to follow them.I followed them naked.We crossed the road.Imagine me with 4 crossdresser hizaras and I am fully naked moving around.Was so horny that didnt matter if 50 or 100 guys see me now and r there to fuck me.

Then they took me to a nearby cricket ground jumped from the smaller wall and reached I side.They all made me lie on the pitch the pitch was covered with polythene sheet.So now I was lying all naked on this poly theme sheets.

Seeing me all 04 hizaras were excited.I had spreader my legs and was asking for fuck.Looking at my desperation they all removed their clothes and were now in only blouses and naked below.They all said.Pehle tujhey nehlayeibge.Phir teri gaand maareinge.I replied.” jo karna hai karo.Main randi hoon tumhaari”.

At this they all smiled and the hizara who fucked me earlier said ” bola thaa naa saala gaandu randi hai” they all laughed and sudden started pissing at me.I was shocked at this but obliged as this was a new experience for me.Even I drank some of that.

Now one of them came near me turned me around as a doggie and I knew what he is up to.So I also did that and was moving my ass up and down to excite him and show how eagerly I wanted his dick.He held my ass slappedy ass and said.Ruk jaa saali.Abhi daalna hoon.And pushed his 7″ dick in one go.And believe me, this time it pained and I was literally begging please slow down.But he didnt listen.And other hizara came I. Front of me and forced his dick in my mouth.Other 2 were wanking near my face as seen in porn videos.

Now all were in motion and I have adjusted to his strokes and we all were in seventh heaven now.Wow my fantasy was coming true getting g fucked in the open cricket ground.Now he turned me around and removed his dick and jerked off on my belly.The other one came in my mouth and forced me to drink that cum and I did that with pleasure.

Now the other two took position one in my mouth and the other one in my ass in missionary position.So I crossed my legs around him and held him inside me.They both started their strokes and fucked me for 10 mins and came in my mouth and the other one who was fucking my ass increased his strokes and was about to come and I increased my grip and forced him to come in my ass.

Finally he discharged hi load in my ass.I was lying down there in cricket pitch and they all encircled means once again gave me yellow shower.I was so happy and refreshed..They all moved from there clapping in excitement and.I was lying there naked for some time enjoying my nudity with piss and cum on my body.I was loving the nature was in seventh heaven.

Friends.This was my story of a single night.I am a very adventurous bottom gay and presently my fantasy is getting fucked by a couple.Where male fucks me in front of his wife and both can use me as their sex slave too. If anybody who can fulfill my fantasy please message me on planet romeo.Id harry_brar120.Also if you fuck me I would like to write a sex story on that.As I write stories only on real life experience.