Sex With Stranger (City Wise) Part 1

I earlier wrote the story of how I entered this amazing world of man love. I got a lot of positive response in my Gmail and PR id. Thanks for the encouragement as that was my first story which I have written and shared with you guys.

I am going to write about my various sexcapades which I had while traveling various cities due to work. So whenever I travel to any city due to my marketing work then I try to hook up with someone interesting. I will write more about it in various parts city wise.

Well someone told me about a site while chatting on FB with someone which is planet Romeo. So being curious enough I checked that website and found good reviews so thought of creating one id of myself. I did not how it will help me or I will find someone. Irrespective of that I created my id. I uploaded few hot and sexy pics which I took of myself during my free time. I uploaded them. Soon I started getting footprints and messages seeing my profile, some good some bad.

Though I was not too active in that website still I tried to check once or twice a month as was busy with work and all.So as I said I joined my new job and I was sent to Pune around 3 years back due to my work demands. I booked a nice hotel for myself (company ka paisa toh fir kahe ki chinta hahaha) and checked-in. So as it was 3 days work trip and weekend also falls in that itinerary. So I thought I will have some fun after my work.

So I changed my city to Pune as I was there and suddenly within few minutes started getting messages. I had a chat with few and shortlisted one guy whom I found decent in terms of nature. This lad was going to be my 2nd man of my life after my uncle.

We set a time to meet in evening. My heart was pumping hard as I am going to meet an unknown stranger at an unknown place that too for pleasure. I was becoming more and more nervous as the time of his appearance was approaching.

Then suddenly someone knocked the door and I felt I had a small heart attack. I was numb. Then he knocked twice. I somehow gathered my courage and opened the door and there he was a smart young well-built guy. I welcomed him. He saw me and complimented me that I look smart.

We sat on the bed. We both did not know what to say and do. So I don’t know just went to him and hugged him. We hugged for some time and I guess it cooled our nervousness a bit. Then we talked for few minutes and suddenly lights went off due to sudden rainfall (it happens all the time in India).. Maybe the weather was bored of our talks and wanted some action. So what I did I said hold my hand and follow me. I took him to my washroom and asked him lets open each others clothes one by one. He agreed.

I was wearing a half jacket and inside a tight but deep ganjee. When he opened my jacket and saw me in that vest he was like in awe and he got an instant hard-on. I said go ahead dont stare just feel my boobs, he just cupped my breast and I could see the happiness and glee in his eyes.I got into action and opened his shirt and pant.

He was only now on his undies and his rocket was ready to be launched. I just touched it and I felt he would have melt then and there. He was little shy so I placed myself towards the wall and said go ahead remove my vest and hold me from behind and make love to me.

He removed my vest. Cupped my breast squeezing it and was licking my smooth back and shoulders. Oh I just can’t say I was feeling like I was in heaven. I was only moaning with oh ..Ooh aaahs…

He was getting more aroused by this. Then he turned me towards himself and started kissing my neck and all over my body. Then he finally started gorging on my boobs like it was a rasmalai laid out for him..Just licking pressing and sucking them. I was totally wet and I was like baby suck more..Oh my baby… Aaah baby …Press more … I was in 7th heaven. Then the light came and he said lets turn on the AC and lets be inside razai (quilt). I agreed like a hungry bitch.

AC was on and we both were on too. He was on top of me and just licking my body and boobs. He wanted me to suck his cock so I had already ordered ice cream earlier which I kept in the fridge (though it melted due to power off) so I applied that on his tool and started licking and sucking it. He was moaning like hell. I had to switch on the tv too as I did not want others to hear.

I kept licking and sucking him and I was not too much into anal so during his climax he said he want to feel my ass with his dick.. So I agreed and he kept his tool on the top my hole and kept feeling it and tried to pump it. But my ass being tight and it was paining and was shouting like ooi maaaa… I will die.. Seeing it he stopped and then placed his dick little down between my legs and pushed and pumped it. When he was about to cum he touched my ass and sprayed on it.

I felt the warmth of his cum and loved the feel of it. We laid there naked for some time.

After some time went for a shower and cleaned ourselves. He said he will clean me and while doing so he was massaging me and again he became hard on..But this time he wanted to go home as he had work. So I masturbated him while he sucked my boobs.

Then finally we cleaned and got dressed and then he left. I was totally satisfied with that experience and it was good hot session with a stranger.

It was my first in my life and I enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed my true encounter. Please feel free to comment and rate my stories as it will give me more encouragement to share of my stories. You can mail me also at / / or search my id which is boobsfeed in See you soon.