Becoming A Prostitute Part 2

Disclaimer : All characters in the stories are fictional. If your name is used as one the character it is a coincidence.The sex story has extensive homosexuality and unprotected gay sex. If you are against anything stated please quit reading. This story depicts unprotected sex between two males, but this is just a story. Stick to safe sex, use a condom.Sorry for the loooooong delay.

Read part one of this story to understand this one.

The ideas for this story are taken from many others as I’m regular reader of many erotica blogs. For any comments and ideas Email me

I was standing at the door of this guy’s place. A guy whom I had just given a blow job for 1000 bucks. And just as I was leaving he asks me if I want to fuck.

Usually, I would rip off my clothes and his and ride his cock and milk it dry, but this guy didn’t know that I was not a girl. He might get upset and beat the crap out of me. My mind was racing, I didn’t know what to say or do. Then I thought that I should tell him and if he gets angry or unstable I’ll just run out of the door. There were a few people on the street, it’s not like he would beat up a “girl” in front of other.

“I’ll do it, but there’s something you should know before we go further.” I told him. He didn’t say anything, and just looked at me inquisitively. “I’m not a real girl, I’m a crossdresser.” His eyes widened. He was still quite.

I got anxious but didn’t move and just as I was about to leave and run out, he spoke up “Fuck it, how much more?”. I was a little taken aback. I was not expecting him to take it well. “2000 with a condom, 3000 without condom, I’ll let you cum in me too.” I said without further delay. He took out another 3000 and put it on a table near by. I slowly walked up towards and and picked up the money and put it in my pocket.

Suddenly he picked me up by the waist and I squealed/shouted in surprise. He didn’t react and took me back in the room and threw me onto the bed and came on top of. We started making out furiously. He was running his hands up and down my body.

He put his hands inside my top and rubbed my bare skin. Even though this was majorly for the money, this was really turning me on. I started playing with his dick. It was getting hard again slowly. He took off my shorts and saw the girly panties I was wearing and my small but hard dick in them. “No wonder you are a crossdressing slut, with a dick so small you could never please a woman.” He then turned me around.

My bubbly ass was in front him now. He slapped my right butt cheek, probably leaving a handprint and said, your ass is better than most girls.

He took of my panties out of one leg and left it sort of hanging on the other. He spread out my ass cheeks and then I felt something cold on my ass. I was relieved to know he was lubing me up with something.

He pulled my waist up and then after months I felt it, a dick, right on the entrance of my asshole. “Oh god, your asspussy is quiver bitch, you aren’t just doing this for the money are you? You like being fucked like a slutty whore.” he said to me. I moaned in reply. “Say it slut, tell me you me want me to fuck you in your asspussy.” I was really horny and without a second thought I moaned out “Ah please, please fuck me, fuck me hard.” Where?” he asked, “Fuck me, fuck my asspussy AAH”

Just as I finished saying he slowly started entering my insides. I could feel my ass, or asspussy as he called it was, accommodating his 7-inch prick. I could feel my insides open up and stretch out as he kept entering, and then a wave of pleasure as he brushed over my prostate. I could not stop moaning.

I had missed this feeling a lot more than I had imagined. I felt his pubes on my ass so I knew he was fully in my now.He stayed there fully inside me, came down to my neck and bit it lightly. He slowly started moving in and out of my ass, the light sound of our bodies slapping together accompanied with my girly moaning was slowly filling the room. This went on for 4-5 minutes.

He then put his hands around my waist and without taking his dick out, lay down on his back. Now I was on top of him and I knew exactly what to do.

I started slowly riding his cock. This angle was better as not only I had more control but because ho could enter more. The control thing didn’t last long as he started moving his waist furiously up and down from below. That took me by surprise, he was suddenly fucking me a lot harder than before. My small cock was leaking precum in my panties. He was lasting a lot longer than I had expected because he had cum once already. After a 3-4 minutes his fucking got slower.

Just as I thought he was almost done. He pushed me back into doggy style, again without taking his dick out, but this time held both my hands and pulled my upper body back. This time he was fucking even harder. The sounds of our body slapping were almost as loud as my moaning.

He was not very talkative but a very aggressive fucker. “Ah slut I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna breed your ass, you’ll be shitting my cum for weeks.” he shouted. “Ah ah ah do it cum inside me bury your seed deep inside me.” I moaned back. He then let my hands go, my upper body fell onto the bed he grabbed my waist and continued the fucking but went deeper instead of faster.

After a few strokes he went as deep as he could and unloaded. He was cumming for the second time but still came bucket loads. I felt his warm cum gushing out of his quiver dick into my depths. This made me go over the edge too, and I creamed my panties with my cum.

Exhausted he drop on me. He was lying over me with his dick still inside slowly getting softer. He was still kissing my neck as we both caught our breaths. His dick slowly popped out from my well-fucked asspussy followed by his fresh cum. He got off me and laid beside me. I still needed a few minutes before I could move. “I forgot to ask, what’s your name?” he asked. “Sagar-ika” I replied. “Sagarika, you have a great ass”.