Bisex With A Stranger And Her Wife

Hi everyone, it’s ravin here from my new fantasy of bi-sexual(mmf)…. Here the story is full fake, even names also fake expect mine, but, I want it become true… Let give some intro about me. I am ravin, 25 years old male, 6.3 feet height, 78kg weight. I am not well-build body, just normal body and colour little bit fair. If anyone need me (girls, couples), contact me in / /

Let’s move to the story, I coming back from bangalore to chennai in bus(ac sleeper). It got top window sleeper to me. I was so horny on that day, but it was only 8.30pm. Bus is still in city bus stop for picking there passenger. I just watching videos of horny songs (we called it item songs..). A new guy come to next to me it was his birth seat, average colour nearly 28 to 30 age and well build body. First I didn’t talk to him. Just watching videos, and he called me “excuse me”

Me: yeah.

Him: I need plug point to put my mobile charge(it was right top of my head)

Me: hoo… Just give it to me i’ll put it.

I got charger from him, plug it for him.

Him: thanks

Me: no need yar…

After that he was texting and I put headset. Bus was exactly started after got all passengers from there at 9.35 and moved on. Lights were off after 45mins we reached mysore within 4mins bus started, lights again lights off. After half-an-hour I think it was 11.10 at night I had feeling everybody’s sleeping including near mine too… So I downloaded some xxx videos from net and watching. I starting my pennies, it was mmf video.

Suddenly my mobile battery also down, I picked my bag and put my charger too, and watching movie. While a scene in that video “it was a man sucking cock of another man and his cock was sucked by a girl” in that scene I got more excited and I suddenly felt a hand touch my pant. I was socked and put turn it was him near me. He sees me with smile and came to my ears and said “don’t worry” I don’t no I am happy or not but I am interested.

Me: hmmm….

I played that video continuously. He was massaging my cock now. I gave one of hearing ear-seat to him, he put it on his ears.

Me: how long you seeing me

Him: from you put charger…

He took my left hand to his pant. It was night pant I massaged his cock on that pant and I put my hand into his pant, and massaged his balls and he did mine to but he was shocked ‘cause I didn’t wear any underwear. But I was happy. After all videos were finished we remove our hands. And smiled each other. By luck we didn’t explode our cum. Just pre cum only. But we two are happy, we washed our hand using hand kerchief. Then we talked.

Him: so you are virgin?

Me: yes. But you not.

Him: I have girlfriend.

Me: you got lucky.

Him: so, you not. What is your name?

Me: ravin. You?

Him: aswin, from chennai.

Me: native coimbatore, but staying in chennai.

Him: where are you staying?

Me: in pg, tambaram.

Him: you bi-sexual?

Me: well kind of. I love many fantasy. It is my best one.

Him: what about other fantasies?

Me: I love femdom and cuckold too…

Him: well cuckold means, you want cuckold some one?

Me: no. Not. Definitely not. I want to be a cuckold to one couple or couples.

Him: interesting. Did you tried anything?

Me: well. Not. I didn’t have any chance.

Him: why are you still virgin? Girlfriends doesn’t matter. There is many call girls too… Why didn’t try one?

Me: actually I afraid of that. Diseases etc…

Him: well now time 2.30am today’s saturday. Why didn’t you come stay with me this weekend?

Me: hey, sorry I love bi-sex but I am not guy yar…

Him: hey don’t worry, me too… And for me , we are friends now… Right? I want to celebrate that

Me: hmmm .. Ok … Well said.. I need some time to take rest and fun. We are friends…

Him: well. It’s deal we are going my home.

After that chat I went to sleep. He is in mobile.

After some time he wake me.

Aswin: hey dude we reached chennai. Come on man get up.

Me: yeah.

We got off from the bus took taxi. He said besant-nagar. I was sleepy so I didn’t know where we exactly going in there. After we reached his home. I was again shocked, it was huge house and he had car too..

Me: is that car yours?

Aswin: yes.

Me: then why did you came by bus?

Aswin: ‘cause, I love to bus travels.

Me: what are you doing? I mean your job.

Aswin: well I am businessman.

Me: hoo..

Aswin: you?

Me: well I just working in mnc as software engineer.

Aswin: good. Well it is you room take rest. We will talk morning.

Me: yeah. Good n8.

Aswin: technically it is good morning….

Me: ha. Hahaaa .. Joke?(i told it like not a joke and I sleep again)…

I woke up in morning after 8 o’clock and went to the hall. He is drinking coffee. And I said


Aswin: morning. Need coffee?

Me: yeah.

Aswin: it is here. Help your-self. It is like your home.

Me: ho…Thanks

I take coffee from hot juk.

Me: are you staying here alone?

Aswin: yes. My parent are in aboard.

Me: no workers?

Aswin: a couple of workers comes in morning and evening alternatively for making food and cleaning washing blaw blaw… I hate they staying here. I need privacy and freedom a lot.

Me: I thing I took that from you today… Sorry.

Aswin: hey don’t take too much. I need privacy for my fun with friend….

Me: hoo.. Well what’s the plan for today…. How do we celebrate today and tomorrow?

Aswin: …. Well I told you first get ready… I will tell you..

After I bath and came we two had lunch together and talked lot of things…. After playing psp game time is almost 10.30. I went to see rest of house and went to the terrace. It was cold with sun light. He called me down.. And I went

I saw a women she is the most beautiful girl I ever seen…. Fair and well structured body….I don’t know her size. But it like actress anathi in “trisha illaina nayathara” tamil movie. They sat in the hall.

Aswin: hey dude, meet my girl friend keerthana.

Keerthana: so you are ravin. Nice to meet you.

Me: yeah. Hi keerthana. Nice to meet you too…

Keerthana to me: how do I look.

Me: you are the beautiful girl I ever met.

Aswin: hooo you are always open.

Keerthana: why? You jealous I like his talk…

Aswin to me: we are going to shopping afternoon. Before that we are celebrating our new friendship…

Saying this he kissing keerthana… I got stunned I don’t know what to do. I turned and said “i am sorry I will come later”

Keerthana: where are you going you idiot., you don’t here him, we are celebrating., come and join…

Me: what??…. What do yo?….

Aswin: hey fool. She know about me and about you too….

Me: hey I said I not guy…

Keerthana: no you are not… But you are bisexual., right?

Me: yeah. It is my fantasy.

Keerthana: it was yesterday. Today you are going suck his cock for me…

Me: no. Not.

She got anger

Keerthana: then watch. No turning back.

Me: yes. Ok.

They kissed passionately for 10 mins then she came to his ¾ she pull it down I was shocked . It was 9inchs and 3.5inches width. And it was clean and black cock…

Keerthana to me: what? You already saw it. Then why your eye got bigger?

Me to her: actually I didn’t see that I just touch it in his underwear. I knew it is bigger but I didn’t know this much.

Keerthana: what do you mean this much?

Aswin: he got only little just 6 inch and full of hair

Saying this they laugh loudly. But I love that humiliation. And she is sucking his cock, first in top and slowly getting all of it like slurp.. Slurp hmmm slurp sssslurp her moan making me to hard took my t-shirt and jeans pant of and jerking my cock seeing this. Keerthana saw that again laugh…

Keerthana: is that you call cock…. Hooo… You were right. He is virgin too….

Me: what do you mean?

Aswin: I told her all about you already…( hmm.. Haahh.. Faster…) she knew all about your fantasy that what her saying.

Said this he looked at her with evil smile on both face, they kissed again. I jerk my cock and seeing them and went to couch and sit near him… She again start to sucking..

Slurp .. Slurp … Slllurpp …Hmm mmm hhhhhah hhmmm … Slarp …”faster… “ say in this he pushed her head deep into his cock…After 10sec he released her…. She took breath and pulled me to her and kissed me I can taste his cock and pre cum… I was nasty but tasty… I taste that in first time. The she released me and asked “how was it”

Me: nasty but tasty.

She again start sucking his cock… For two times and told to me

Keerthana to me: come and she it closely.

Me went to close she suddenly pulled me to that cock and I kissed it. She’d hold me right there.

Keerthana to me: kiss it … Kiss that ball …… Hmm ha…..Do you like it? Dou you love it?…Ha….

Me to keerthana: mm .. Hhhham no … Nooo .. Hmm

Keerthana to me; you don’t.. Soon you will… Saying this she pulled me down from the couch using my hair. I put kneel and she pulled my head to his cock and said “suck it…. Open your mouth….”

Me: no …  Haaa …. She pulled my chest hair(sorry to told you before my body is hairy) I shouted in pain …. “hhhaaa..” and my mouth was open she pushed my mouth in his cock I took it full of it….

She moves my head up down… After 5 mins only I knew this. She took her hand long before….

She smiled at me “i knew you love cock”

Me: yeah. I love your domination too….

Aswin to us: you were bad in sucking, darling just teach this bitch how to suck a cock.

Aswathai: yes dear…

Keerthana to me: come and see it closely I am going to demonstrate only once.

Me went to close and she take his cock and shows me how to suck… And said try it and I took his cock and massage it first and I put my mouth in top of it and sucked it and take it more and more and sound comes from my mouth slurp…Sslurp…Slurppp…On that time she sit on aswin mouth like 69… She got licked to her pussy and she moaned hmmm … Haaa.. Hmmaha … Fuck kkkk haa fuck mee haaa fuck and she pushing my head to more on his cock…. After some time she took his cock and I sucked his ball… After 15mins she came down I was excited of their stamina…

She pulled me to her and we both kissed and sucked his cock and ball together and kissed and swapped his pre cum…

After that aswin told keerthana to sit on his cock and she did but he told me to put his cock on her pussy I took it and guide it to his cock and they fucked each other. And she told me to suck his cock while he fucked her. I start to suck his cock and balls and at the same time licked her pussy. He moaned hmm…Ahhh.. Haahhh ..She moaned hmm .. Ahhhaa … Hheemm fuckkk … Fucck mee hard hhahhaa …. And at the same time sshe push me head to his cock and pussy….. I can taste his pre-cum and her pussy juice same time….

Aswin told her to come in doggy style and me under her my face under their pussy and cuck. They fucked each other…. I can see and hear their fuck and sound closely. The sound their thigh touching like that … Thhhat … Thdat… And she moan fuckkk … Hhaahh…Fuck meee… Ahhhaa…Fuck me hard… And she bit my stomach and some time she slapped my cuck….

I voluntarily sucked his ball and her pussy and cock while they fuck… She asked me “do you like it”… Me: yeah.. I love it.. Saying this she gives me handjob… And sometimes crushed my balls… While they coming to end… She moaned “haah aaa mmm.. I am cumming hha I am coming hhhaaa”

He moaned “i am cumming too”…. Ha … Hhaahh …. Then he explode his cum in her pussy…. He withdraw his cock and I am licking his cum from her pussy and licked it too….. She was sucking my cock. I am in heaven now and moan. Haam mm hmm… Aswin was sitting opposite and watching this within 5 mins, I too cummed in her mouth…

Then we turned and kissed passionately and swapped our cums… I am tasting my own cum too…. And we drunk it… After that aswin called us we went and again sucked his cock together, after 20mins he explode again. Me and keerthana share that too…

We three took bath and we had fun too… They fucked again too and I sucked and licked her pussy and cock and balls…. We shared cum again too…Then we went to shopping and we had fun on today n8 and sunday too… I will tell that story next time…

“If the story is too length or is any mistake in there…. My apologies, if any girls or couples want me… Ping me in / /

Bisex With A Stranger And Her Wife