first love with mom

Well this my 1st story, i have been the continuous visitor to this site. It is amazing site and i guess it is the place where we all share our experiences. I am 21 yr old ,

completing my I am 5`7 tall and he is well built guy, with a shy nature. Well i was into incest when i never knew the meaning of it. At first when i was 18yr, i got

attracted to my granny, she was 68 then. She has gray hairs and bit of wrinkles on her face as her aged woman do have, but she has a fair complexion like milk. In

summers she generally wear blouse and petticoat. And she used to have a lot of work from me, like massaging. I too enjoyed it. At that age i discovered about porn

sites and all that stuff. I become addicted to it. I have seen granny naked many times but never felt when i once saw her pissing. I used to massage granny daily and

slowly and slowly used to make my hands reach under her petticoat on her ass. Many times she even removed her petticoat , thinking i am a child. But slowly and

slowly my hunger increased, i touched her pussy once and she shouted at me saying-“this is not a right place to touch, and don`t touch it again” i used to sleep with

her, while she used to sleep i used to touch her ass and my hands used to keep exploring her body under petticoat. And gradually she understood my thoughts and

realize that i have grown enough big so she used to cover her legs and at night used sheets to cover her, but i still managed to get my hands on her , this made her angry

once and she complained it to my mom and i heard it. But she didn`t told the whole story to mom so mom was taking it lightly and i stopped doing all this from that

day. I have many small incidents with granny but it will take long time to tell. One day i thought of taking revenge from granny as she used to take all work from me and

didn`t allow me to even touch her, it was once that she has pain in her head, doctor injected her with sleeping medicine and she slept like anything in the night. I got an

idea to give her a nice punishment.

My dick kept on raising that night and chill is raised in my spine. I decided to give her a fuck first i made sure that granny is sleeping by pinching her hard. As there was

no signs of her waking up i made her petticoat rise till her stomach, i kissed her cunt hard and bit her over there, she kind of moaned a bit aur meri phat gayi. I just got

really nervous and froze there, but she was in tight sleep , so i started my next step. I wanted her ass first. So i rolled her up. Well her ass was so big and white can`t tell

u, my dick just got stood up. I applied lots of oil on my dick and massaged it and made it thick. Applied lots of cream to her asshole and licked it for 20 min, she was

making some sounds from her mouth but i ignored it and kept on doing after that my dick couldn`t wait much more so i made it enter her asshole and at it didn`t enter, i

applied lots of pressure but it kept on slipping, then i just took my fingers made her hole wide open just tearing that literally and then inserted my dick and in one strong

force inserted fully, and i just felt a pain , but the pleasure i got overcome that pain. I kept on giving strokes, since it was my first time so i started giving faster strokes

due to this i couldn`t hold and i cum there itself in her ass. Then i cleaned her ass and went to sleep.then i forgot all this and move ahead in life, but few years back i

came into touch with ISS site and again i got instant hard on as i read stories i never felt anything about my mom . But once i read the mom and son story and i started

developing the feelings about her mom is 47 yrs old, stats is 41d-39-44. She is lil fat like normal indian women. She is village women. Well and very

conservative and shy kind.she has milky white complexion. Once i was reading mom and son story and my mom was sleeping besides me ,story was describing about

a mom like she has whits calfs, rossy red feet, and all that and suddenly eyes were glued to my moms leg it was milky

White and quite thick thighs, i got hard on and masturbated right there. Well my urge towards her kept growing. I always thought of different plans to seduce her.well

once i kept my zip of my bermuda opened and slept and my dick came out of there, mom came to my room and saw it, i noticed that her eyes were on it , i pretend to

be in sleep, she tried to touch it. So i came to know that she too enjoy sex. So i was thinking of one opportunity. And i got it. Once she was working in kitchen and i

was in my room, i heard her loud cry, i ran to kitchen and saw she was lying on the floor, she told me to help her to get up. I helped her to her room. She was in pain.

She asked me some pain killer so i searched but couldn`t find it. Then i asked her can i massage her , it will help, she agreed. I took some get(volini) and applied on her

back , she made her blouse loose and i applied it, then i asked where else, she said on her hips, so she said wait let me open my sari, she opened it and made her

petticoat rise till her thighs and she rolled back on her stomach, my god what a view, i just got instant hard on and my dick was wet with precum. My hands were

shaking , her ass was so huge and white, i touched it, i can see blue color veins full of blood clearly. I touched it felt so soft, then i massaged her hips, she was not

wearing any panty, i asked her don`t u wear panty mom, she kept quiet. Then after applying gel. I kept on massaging her inner thighs and hips. Then i told her-“i am

feeling something strange”, she asked-“what?” i told that-“my dick is rising and my heart is beating at high rate and feeling very uneasy”. She was lil shocked and said , i

guess u haven`t seen anyone naked before that why,

In the mean time my hands were on ass and i was massaging her, and slowly she started moaning and asked me to-“beta abhi ke liye jo karna hai karlo, par yeh kisi ko

mat kahna and this is the last time and uske baad bhool jana” i was so glad to hear that. I just kissed her ass and licked her legs and she kept on moaning-“aaah , bas

aaaaaaaaah, mazza aa raha haioh my yes…then i licked her asshole and she was like literally moaning like anything.i saw her cunt closely and kissed it it has lots of hair

around it and i just rubbed that clit and she rolled her legs on mine and made me pressed so hard. I licked it and she in few minutes oozes out a river of cum and i made

her dry.then i opened her blouse and bra and the boobs were hanging and were so hard , i licked them, licked those nipples in 8 shape with my tongue. Then she asked

me to lay down and she took my semi hard penis and made the skin roll down and the red portion came out and she licked it. I cried with pleasure and i cum after few

min in her hand. Then i asked her can we have sex, she was disagreeing first then , she asked me not to cum in her hole, i agreed. From beginning i always loved the

ass, so i asked her to make me insert it in ass, she was hesitant , but then she agreed and i applied to much of cream on the hole and i applied it on my dick too, i slowly

inserted the head of it , but i felt lot of pain, then i tried again this time it went inside and with slow jerks it entered completely and she kept screaming and moaning loud

after each stroke she kept on screaming and then i asked her to sit in a doggies style she did i inserted it into her ass again and hold her boobs and started giving jerks

and then when i was about to cum i made my dick out and splashed on her stomach and i cum so much , I kept on coming and then we slept like that. It was my first

and last experience. Do tell me how was it, it was my 1st story, plz forgive of any mistakes, i am new to this story narrating and do mention some feedback and way to

improve it.


well u can mail me on / / ALL incest lovers can add me on their messenger list. You can all mail me your experiences of your incest.I

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