Owning My Girlfriend’s Mom and Others – Part 1

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We were inseparable- me and my girlfriend. It didn’t take much time for us to realize this. Starting with the classic cheesy love and romance and ending up with amazingly nasty sex, we got addicted to each other.

But it didn’t take too long for me to see beyond this addiction- a beautiful young woman always present but in the shadows.

I was 19 years old and not really different from guys my age. Except I always carried a charm with me which made me stand apart. I was above average looking with above average body and dick. Nothing to die for.

I met my girlfriend, Riya- tall, petite with an amazing ass but smaller boobs, the same age, in my coaching. And we soon mingled. Things flew naturally, and we ended up having sex like any other teenage lovers would. Our first time wasn’t as great as we both were virgins. But as they say, the third time’s the charm.

But this isn’t our story.

I frequently visited her house so her mom and sisters were familiar with me. Her sisters officially knew about our relationship, but her mom only guessed. She wasn’t that orthodox and allowed us to hang out.

Riya didn’t have her father. She and her younger sister, Shree, and older sister, Anushka, and her mother lived in a nice, sweet home.

One fine morning, I went to their home to surprise Riya. But she had gone to market and wouldn’t come until late evening. Only her mother was in the house. As she wasn’t expecting anyone at that time, she was wearing a saree with just a bra (no blouse).

She was coming after having a bath since I could see her damp hair. I was mesmerized by this form. I had never really seen her. I was always interested in her daughter so much that I never paid attention to her body. She was 42 but looked as young as 32.

She wasn’t fat like other aunties. Being a single mom, she maintained herself as an example for her daughters to follow. My eyes naturally fell on her large breasts covered by a bra, struggling to hold them. If one thing I really had FOMO (fear of missing out) of was- big boobs.

I had dated girls before Riya, too. But one thing that always remained was- they all had small boobs, and so did Riya. I always felt the urge to feel large boobs in my hand and my mouth.

Me: I’m sorry, Aunty. I didn’t know she wasn’t home. I’ll come back later.

Aunty: You can wait here, beta. I’ll call her.

Me: No, Aunty, that’s not needed. Let her shop. She’s gone to market after so many days, after all.

Aunty: Okay, so I’m alone here, and I’ve got nothing else to do, so maybe you can give me company.

I felt nervous and excited. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her body and boobs from time to time.

Me: Okay, Aunty. What can we do?

Aunty: I want to talk to you.

I gulped. I guess I knew the topic of the conversation. I nodded.

Aunty: Riya doesn’t tell me anything. But will you please be honest with me? I feel so ignored in this house. After her Dad died, she stopped listening to me. Only Shree, my youngest daughter, listens to me.

Me: Okay, Aunty. You can ask me anything.

Aunty: Are you two together?

I wanted to lie, but I had to tell the truth when such a beautiful lady asked me.

Me: Yes, Aunty, but please don’t tell her I told you. She’d kill me.

Aunty: I knew it. Why are you afraid of her?

Me: You know her.

I laughed. She smiled, too. That smile. That damned smile. It melted my heart. I didn’t know any Riya at that moment.

Aunty: Why do you like her?

Me: She’s just the best thing that happened to me. And she’s beautiful.

Aunty: She is.

Me: But now I know where her beauty comes from.

She smiled again.

Aunty: Are you flirting with me?

I got scared for a minute.

Me: No, Aunty. You’re like a mom to me. It’s only a fact.

Aunty: I, too, consider you like my son, and thank you.

My eyes again fell on her boobs. Fuck Riya. I wanted her mom’s boobs in my hands. But now that I had said it, she was like my mom- I wanted my mom’s boobs in my hand. The thought gave me a boner, and my sexy mom sitting in front of me didn’t help.

She caught me staring at her boobs and covered her cleavage with the pallu. She also saw my boner.

Aunty: Are you missing Riya?

She said while still gazing at my boner.

Me: Yes, Aunty.

I said boldly and didn’t do anything to cover it.

Aunty: How close are you and her?

Me: Very close.

Aunty: I mean physically.

I hesitated. She sensed it

Aunty: Think of me like your mom and not hers.

Me: We’ve done some stuff.

Aunty: What stuff?

Me: Ugh. How do I explain?

Aunty: She gave you a blowjob?

I was shocked at her mentioning it so casually. But it also turned me on and made me bold.

Me: Yes, and also, we’ve fucked. I mean, we’ve had sex.

I saw her eyebrows raise, and then she smiled. I didn’t understand her reaction.

Aunty: So my Riya isn’t a virgin?

She kept smiling and looked at my dick.

Aunty: Well done, soldier.

Me: Aren’t you upset that your daughter did this?

Aunty: Well, I guess I should be like any other mom would, but at least she’s getting some.

She made a face which displayed she regretted what she had just said.

Aunty: Was it good?

Me: The foreplay is hot, but initially, the intercourse wasn’t that great. Over time, it got better.

Thinking of all this made my dick harder, and the bulge in my pant was bigger than it ever was.

Me: Just that I’ve got this issue.

I stopped before completing it. I regretted saying it.

Aunty: What? Don’t tell me she’s pregnant.

Me: No. Not pregnant. Nothing. Forget about it.

Aunty: You must tell me. I won’t tell her.

Me: No, Aunty. It’s nothing.

Aunty: I’m your mom. Our secret is sacred.

I never had any intention towards my mom. But when she called herself my mom, I felt a tingling down there as if I wanted to love this mom right now.

Me: It’s her boobs.

Aunty: They’re small?

Me: You tell me, Mom.

She smiled when I called her mom.

Aunty: Yes, they are, but small boobs are great too!

Me: Yes. Every boob is awesome. But I’ve never had the privilege of holding large boobs in my whole sex life, and I don’t want anyone else. I love her. It seems like I’ll never be able to get that without cheating on her. And I don’t want to.

‘Except with you.’ I said in my mind.

She turned serious after this.

Aunty: What would you do with them?

I hesitated.

Aunty: Come on! I think we’re past the point of getting shy.

Me: I’d feel them first and crush them in my hands really hard. I’d suck the soul out of your nipples and rub my cum on them.

Her face turned to a new expression, which was hard to place. I got so excited imagining everything I was saying that I didn’t realize I started talking about her boobs before it happened. I closed my mouth and hid my face.

Me: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean yours. I just said it generally, imagining a girl.

I lied, obviously. She straightened up.

Aunty: How badly do you want to feel big boobs?

I didn’t say a word.

Aunty: Tell me, son. How badly do you want boobs?

Me: I want them really badly.

My dick throbbed in my pants, and she saw it. She took off her pallu from her boobs. It was the last thing I remember because I entered a trance state after that. I jumped from my seat, grabbed her bra, and pulled it out. Her big boobs sprang to life. I had a long look at them.

As rare as it is, her nipples and areola were of pink colour. First time I’d seen that in real life. I looked at her face. She seemed shocked by my suddenness. I held her by the hair and pulled her face towards me, and I kissed her- so long that I hadn’t kissed anyone in my life. Not her daughter nor any of my exes.

I refused to let her lips go. It tasted like no pair of lips had ever tasted. While still kissing, my hands reached her boobs on their own and cupped them. She moaned in my mouth when my hand touched her nipple. It was after 5 years that she was experiencing a man’s touch on her private parts.

The moan excited the hell out of me, and I pressed her boobs hard. Both of them squeezed my hands. They were so huge that I couldn’t even fit them in my hands. It felt so different and better than squeezing Riya’s. I almost wanted to break up with her and marry her mom. I didn’t stop kissing her or squeezing.

She pulled out and told me that it had started to pain now but I didn’t care. I had a toy in my hands that I always wished for. Now, I wanted to play with it to my heart’s content. I didn’t stop pressing but instead started pulling and twisting her nipples. It caused her more pain, and she screamed.

I was loving when she was screaming in pleasure and pain. I kissed her again to feel her moans in my mouth. Our tongues were fighting against each other. Then I decided to feel her big breasts in my mouth and got most of her boobs in my mouth and sucked on it. She was moaning all this while.

I bit her nipples, and she almost cried. Not being touched by anyone made her more sensitive to my touches. I kissed her again and again and again. I couldn’t get over those sweet lips and full boobs to do anything else.

Aunty: Your wish is fulfilled now. Are you happy?

But I was in no mood to stop this at just this stage. I took out my hard dick and showed her.

Me: What about this?

Aunty: I don’t know. You take care of it.

Me: I can’t. Please, Mom, help me.

Aunty: Do you get a blowjob from your mom?

Me: I don’t kiss or grope my mom either.

When she refused again, I pulled her nipples hard. She screamed and agreed.

Aunty: You’re rough.

Me: You’re so beautiful that I can’t control myself.

She smiled and told me to lie down on the couch, but I wanted to take it to the bedroom. So I picked her up and went to Riya’s bedroom. I put her in bed and kissed her again.

Aunty: You’re calling me your mom and acting like my husband.

Me: I’m your everything from now.

I lay down in the bed. She sat up. My dick was standing in her face. She kept staring at it for a few seconds, and I let her. She was seeing a live dick after so long that it was only natural to have second thoughts. She gently wrapped her fingers around it, and my dick throbbed in response.

She looked at me. My hip trusted forward to get in her mouth, but she dodged. She glided her fingers very lightly on the whole of my dick. It was now wet with the precum. I shivered. Riya’s hands had never made me shiver.

Me: Please stop teasing and start already.

Aunty: Shh. Just close your eyes and enjoy.

Me: But how would I see this beauty sucking my dick if I close my eyes now.

She blushed. She pulled my shaft down to expose the head. She leaned in and gave it a sloppy kiss. I pushed my dick into her face in excitement, so she pulled away.

Aunty: Easy, my son.

Me: It’s so fucking tempting to face fuck you right now.

She squeezed my dick in response. I moaned.

Aunty: You may be the one with the dick, but right now, it’s in my hands. So, I’ll be leading the way.

I relaxed and let go. She pulled the shaft all the way down and gripped the base of the shaft firmly. My penis head was now swollen and big due to the retention of blood in the dick.

“I love thick dicks.” She said while staring into my eyes. She licked my dick from the bottom to the top slowly. It gave me chills.

“Do you like it?” She smiled. I just moaned.

She licked it several more times and then started gently licking my balls. It felt tickling and warm and hot. She kept stroking my dick with her hand while playing with my balls. Precum oozed out of my dick and covered it. She licked the precum using long strokes.

Then she took the top of my dick in her mouth and sucked it hard. She then proceeded to take almost my entire dick inside her and started blowing me. She worked magic with her tongue, licking and rolling it over my shaft and head. I was out of control because of the pleasure I felt in that moment.

She twisted her palms around my dick and kept sucking until I couldn’t take it anymore and busted in her throat. She looked at me with such a slutty face and swallowed all my cum without any hesitation. I felt weak in my knees after that blowjob. I had never gotten a head like that before.

She kept me inside her mouth for a few more seconds, still looking at me seductively. She started sucking on me again until I was hard again. I moaned again. She sucked really hard for a second and then took it out and kissed my dick gently for a few seconds.

“I wouldn’t want you to leave with a limping dick. Would I?” She said in a seductive, husky voice and smiled.

I hadn’t even processed what had happened when the doorbell rang. She panicked and ran towards the gate and looked through the peephole. It was Riya and Shree back from the market. She quickly grabbed her bra, wore it and threw my pants towards me.

Aunty: Wear it quickly. Riya and Shree are here.

I was disappointed. I wanted more. At least I wanted a little privacy to talk to Aunty about this, about how I wanted it forever so badly. I wanted to tell her that this was the most pleasurable experience I ever had.

But I wore my pants and sat on Riya’s bed anyway. I quickly grabbed a book from the shelf so Riya wouldn’t ask how I kept myself busy.

Riya walked into the room and was surprised.

To be continued.

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