A Different Kind of Love – Part 1

Hi, this is Prasad. This is a story between me, my twin sister, and our tenant Aunty. How it all started and how it is going to turn.

My sister Abi and I live alone in a large villa. Our parents passed away in an accident during our school days. Our family owns a big construction company. My sister and I are the shareholders of the company.

The house was too big for the two of us, so we decided to rent a portion of it. Swathi and Kanan, a newly married couple, became our tenants. Swathi works for an IT company from home, and Kanan works as a marketing manager for a reputed company.

In a few days, Abi and I became friends with Swathi. Kanan usually travels abroad frequently. He visits home once a month, so we didn’t get the chance to get to know him. At that time, Swathi was 22 years old, and Kanan was 25. Abi and I were 18 years old.

Abi and I completed school, went to different colleges, and earned our MBA degrees. I took charge of our company, and Abi works for an IT company from home. Meanwhile, Swathi had become close, like a family member.

Now Abi and I were 26 years old, and both of us were at equal height, 6’2”. My body type was athletic. Swathi had grown more beautiful. She was 30 years old, height 5’9” with no child, and maintained her body slim.

One day, I returned from the office to find the house empty and couldn’t locate Abi. Worried, I went to check Swathi’s house to find Abi. Swathi was doing laundry while chatting with Abi. I also joined their conversation. I sat on the compound wall facing her and started to chat with them.

Swathi was washing the clothes. Then she bent down to put soap on the cloth, and I saw her beautiful naked boobs inside the nighty. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I was staring at her breast continuously. I went out of control and got caught by her.

She hid her breast with a towel. I was scared. But she didn’t scold me or anything. She continued the conversation. Then again, her towel slipped from her left shoulder. Once again, I saw her full breasts clearly because of her wet nighty.

Again, I got caught. This time, she adjusted her dress properly. I felt uncomfortable. So I went to the living room and found her husband watching TV. I joined him in watching TV. Soon, Swathi and Abi came inside and arranged food for all of us.

After I finished the meal, I mentioned that Swathi’s cooking tasted better than my sister’s poison. After hearing this, everyone laughed, and Abi playfully punched me. Seeing Swathi laugh made me feel happy and relieved.

For the next few months, I sat on the wall near the laundry area whenever Swathi was doing laundry, trying to catch a glimpse of her breasts. She always noticed me but never scolded me or complained to her husband.

The next day, I dropped Abi at the airport for Bangalore due to some urgent work and then went to my office. In the afternoon, I received a call from Kanan. He said Swathi was not feeling well and asked me to take care of her. After work, I returned home at 7:00 pm and refreshed myself.

I then went to check on Swathi. The main door was open, so I went inside and found Swathi in her bedroom sleeping. When I entered her room, she woke up, and I inquired about her health. She had low blood pressure, so that she couldn’t speak properly.

I brought some juice and her medicine. She took the tablet and drank the juice. I asked her whether to stay at her house or mine. She suggested I stay in her house and use the guest room. I felt happy thinking about being alone with Swathi in the house.

I locked the house and went to sleep. Around midnight, I heard a crying sound and went to see what it was. The voice was audible, so I went in that direction. I was shocked to see Swathi, half nude, on the floor. She had fainted while returning from the washroom. Her nightdress got stuck in the door and tore.

She was unconscious and half-naked, with her lower body fully exposed. She was wearing black panties, and her upper body was partially covered.
I carefully carried her to her bedroom and placed her on the bed. Then, I removed her damaged dress.

I noticed she was not wearing any innerwear. She had a perfectly shaped body, and her breasts were big with a slim body. I was admiring her body. Then, I took the opportunity to see her naked body. So, I removed her panties through her leg completely. Her pussy was clean-shaven.

After that, I tried to wake her. After a few attempts, she opened her eyes and asked for water. I helped her drink the water. After she finished, her consciousness returned slowly, and she realised her dress was missing.
She was shocked to be naked before me.

She covered her body with her hands and later pulled the bedsheet to cover herself. Immediately, I explained the incident. Then, she asked me to leave the room in a soft voice, with her head down. But I didn’t leave the room and kept on staring at her.

She was shivering because of the cold wind. By looking at her nude body, I couldn’t control myself anymore. She was looking at me but couldn’t do anything. I knew the situation was now or never, so I took the chance. I slept beside her.

She had a look on her face, but I didn’t mind it. Then, I covered myself with the bed sheet. She tried to turn, but I caught her. She was lying facing the wall. Then moved my hands all over her back. I pulled her close to me and hugged her tightly.

My dick was hard and poking her ass which felt so soft. Then I made her lay on her back and pressed her breast, which felt so soft. I took her nipples in my mouth and started to suck roughly. In a few minutes, I heard her moaning sound. I bit her nipples and played with them.

Then I went down to her pussy and smelled it. It aroused me. I started to lick her on top of her pussy. I then spread her legs wide open to see her pussy fully. I licked both inner walls of her pussy, going up and down. Then I inserted my tongue into her pussy hole and licked her juice, and tried to insert my tongue.

Then finally moved up to the clitoris, licking and sucking. I heard her moaning heavily. Then I inserted a finger into her pussy holes, and I felt the heat inside. I started to fuck her with my finger for a few minutes. Then I removed all my clothes. I lay on top of her and spread her legs wider.

I placed my dick in her pussy hole. Then I saw her round and beautiful face. I could see some tears on her face, and her eyes were closed. Then I inserted my cock in a single thrust, and she suddenly opened her eye wider in some pain. I felt the tightness in her pussy.

I had a 10-inch dick and a 3-inch dia. My ex-girlfriend always tells me that I have a monster dick. Swathi’s pussy was tight, so I had to use some force to insert my dick. Now my dick was completely gone inside. She was shouting in pain, and to stop her, I locked her lips with mine.

I waited for her to get comfortable with my dick in her. After a while, I started slowly to fuck her. Her pain turned into pleasure, and she started to moan. Then I fucked her harder. In a few minutes, she was moving her hip to my rhythm and moaning louder.

Then I lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulder so that I could fuck deeper. She was asking me to stop. She couldn’t handle my dick and was afraid that I was going to tear her pussy. But I was not in the mood to stop. With each stroke, my dick was hitting her stomach.

She was struggling like a fish, screaming and moaning. I fucked her for 15 minutes. I made her lay on her stomach and fucked her pussy from behind.
This time I fucked her slowly. Her pussy was tight, and the juice was flowing from her pussy.

After a while, I lift her hip to fuck her in a doggy position. I fucked her pussy hard by pulling her hair and fucked her pussy deep. She placed her face on the pillow and moaned. I fucked her for 20 minutes. Then I made her lay on her back and fucked her pussy in the missionary position.

I was reaching my climax, so I fucked her roughly. After 5 minutes, I couldn’t control. I cum inside her, and it was a huge load. Then I removed my dick from her pussy. The cum was flowing. I lay on the bed and saw her. She was breathing heavily.

Seeing her struggling to breathe, I helped her to drink some water. After drinking the water she became relaxed and breathed normally. Then she sensed the situation and started to cry by hiding her naked body with a bedsheet. Then I saw her face. It was like an angel, so beautiful.

My dick was rock hard. I held her face in my hands and looked at her face. Her eyes were staring at me, and her face was red. I was admiring her beauty till she started to hit me. It was playful, and I enjoyed her hitting. Then I hugged her tightly and kissed her on the lips.

I pushed her onto the bed, lay on top of her and again started to kiss her lips.
My dick was rock hard and ready for the action. I spread her legs, insert my dick into pussy and start to fuck her. She was begging me to stop because she had already cum twice. Her pussy was sore due to my monster size dick.

But I was not in the mood to stop. I fucked her hard. She continuously begged me to stop. So I removed my dick from her pussy, and she felt happy and relaxed. Then she turned and lay on her stomach. I saw her ass. It was in perfect shape. After seeing her, I couldn’t control myself.

I held her ass in my hand. It felt soft and smooth. Then I split her ass cheeks wide open, sucked her asshole fully. She was enjoying it, then I inserted my finger slowly into her ass. She was asking me to remove my finger. But I started fingering her slowly.

In a few minutes, she was shaking. Then I removed my finger and spit some saliva on her ass. I tried to insert my middle two fingers into her ass. It was tight, but I forced my fingers in. She was shouting and fighting to get my fingers out of her.

I held her both arms in my left hand and inserted my fingers completely into her ass. She couldn’t bear the pain and started to cry. She begged to remove my fingers from her ass. I waited for her pain to reduce, and after 20-30 minutes, she came to normal.

I started fingering her ass slowly and increased the pace. She was not responding and also not fighting. I removed my fingers, split her ass wide open. I spit more saliva into her asshole. Then I laid on her back and placed my dick on her ass.

She understood what was going to happen, and she begged me not to insert it in her ass. But I pinned both her hands with my single hand over her head. Then I guided my dick into her ass. I put some pressure on my dick’s head, and it went in. She was shouting in pain.

She was begging me to remove it and use her pussy to my desire. But I love fucking asses. Then she again used more pressure, and half of my dick went inside. She was shouting, but I didn’t care. Our house was located in a private area, and no nearby houses for 2 km.

With my half-dick inside her ass, I inserted my dick fully in one heavy stroke. She was crying and begging me to remove it, or she would die in pain. I was not in the mood to remove it. I waited for her pain to settle down. After 30 minutes, she stopped fighting.

I tried to move my dick. Then suddenly, she started to cry again. Then I removed my dick completely and saw her ass hole. It was wide open. I used more saliva on her ass and my dick. Then inserted into her ass. It went inside completely in one stroke. She was still crying, but not like before.

I started to fuck her slowly. She asked me not to move it, but I didn’t stop. Then I licked her cheek and neck while I ass fucking her. She stopped crying. I increased the pace. She was asking me to go slow, but I fucked her hard at medium speed.

Then I removed my dick and made her lay on her back. I applied some saliva on my dick and inserted it into her ass from between her legs. I started to fuck her ass while looking at her full body. Her face and cheeks were swollen, her eyes were filled with tears, and her breast was going up and down with each stroke.

Her pussy started to leak juice and fell on my dick. It helped my dick move smoothly inside her ass. I couldn’t handle her ass tightness for long. I was reaching my limit, so I started to fuck her at full speed. But she couldn’t handle the force.

She started to cry and shouted, “Please stop. I’m going to die, please. I can’t handle the pain, please.” But her words were not entering my ears. I kept on fucking her ass, she was going crazy. After 20 minutes, I fucked at full speed and cum deep inside her ass. I had never cum this huge. She also cum.

Her juice was flowing on the bed. I released her and lay on the bed beside her. She took a deep breath for a few minutes. Then, her breathing came to normal. I was watching her the whole time, admiring her beauty. She looks beautiful even in the struggle.

Then she started to cry and hit me for doing this to her. I hugged her tightly and said, “I love you,” in her ear softly. She was crying but didn’t say anything. After a few minutes, we both slept in each other’s arms.

To be continued.

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