A carnal teacher

A big hi to all dear readers, a mid week submission from your beloved JJ. As it is everyone is aware of my love for the matured females which got ignited in my teen and till date though I am in my mid thirties, it’s has always been with me and am sure it would follow me to my grave. Any young man would always dream about bedding a mature lady to some it maybe aunts in the neighbourhood, to some the class teachers and to other’s their own aunts and bhabi’s. A rose is a rose is a rose likewise to young studs a aunt is a aunt is a aunt………..

His cock achingly remembered her.

…She was… She is… Sweet perfection… The dream of every young 21 year old man: a mature woman… A teacher of things carnal… A Tantric guide in all matters sensual and erotic… A willing leader or participant in any and every sexual possibility… A seductress… His beautiful, beautiful slut and whore… His goddess… The one he adores… Worships… The one whose every command he would obey and at whose feet he would bow deeply and reverently… His mistress… His lover… The wife of a very generous and loving husband, his giving and sharing uncle… She was taboo: his beloved mothers sister.

Jeevan had just returned home after spending another solo weekend with his Aunt Madhavi. Yet, despite all the hours of caressing, foreplay and copulation they had shared he was still filled with frantic desire for her. So reckless was it that during the hour drive back, while navigating the darkened NH 4 Highway, he had twice sent a fresh stream of liquid lust flying through the air to land somewhere on his jeans. So reckless was it that upon his arrival home he had little time or interest in others as he rushed through the kitchen, giving his Mom just a brief chat and look, past the living room, extending only a wave and a warm but rushing “Hi Dad!” to his father.

Having found his destination: his bed behind a closed door… He had quickly sought to gain one more objective: the soft, sultry sounds of his loving aunt Madhavi who would give him once more the resolution he sought.

He had dialed again from his mobile… And she had answered.

Once more, the word of obsession spread out from him, “Yesssssssssss!”

“Oooooo, my love… You miss Auntie?” It was a question that sought no response. “Not long after you left, uncle arrived… Were here, now, in our bedroom… Where you last had me. I was just whispering to your uncle about all the delicious things you did to me… And of how much I love to pleasure you and make you wild.”

Once again, Jeevans cock pulsed, pushing like a bull against the damp fabric of his jeans. The sound of her voice (the way she breathed the words rather than speak them) was always electric to him. And her utter command of him was made even more succulent by the openness of her marriage and the encouraging approval of his uncle.

Madhavi & her husband during their 18 year marriage they had been through many moments of joy and sorrow (probably no more or no less than any other couple) but what had made them better than most was that they had come to understand what love was… Far more than many ever do. And it was this understanding of love… True love… That had brought such uncommon strength to their bond. It was also what contributed to their enjoyment of bodily pleasure… Which they shared with others, including Jeevan.

As Madhavi’s husband readied himself to take his woman, she lay beside him cooing into the phone to her other lover, “My darling… Is your cock big and hard for Auntie again?”

Oh, how Jeevan and her husband craved to hear those words from her. And she knew it.

“Yes, yes!”, Jeevan breathed back quickly in reply.

He gave thanks once again for her recent gift to him: a headset for his cordless bedside phone. When they shared these moments, they both enjoyed it most when he had both hands available to obey her commands.

As quickly as he could, Jeevan scrambled out of his pants… Made all the more difficult by his raging erection. As the fabric finally passed by, it bounced back violently like a diving board after release.

“Yes, Auntie, I am so hard for you. I am lying here wanting you again.”

“You know I love the sound of that Jeevan. You know I am yours! You know I love to pleasure you and be pleasured by you… But most of all, my baby… I love so much the act of pleasuring you.”

He could only silently pant in response.

He was helpless. He ached for her… Sometimes day and night. If it werent for lifes other distractions Jeevan could easily become consumed with her. Then again, this would never happen even if she was all he had, because she knew what love was, and she was always striving to help him learn more about it so that he could share it with others. And love was never “power over another”… Love was always a “giving away” not a “taking from”… Love was always about “enabling” not “disabling”.

“Have you got my panties there with you, my baby?”

Her question awakened him… For the first time since his departure from her that evening, Jeevan realized that there had been a deviation in their pattern.

For years now he had lustfully enjoyed the forbidden: consuming the intoxicating residual scent and taste of his Madhavi Aunts most private parts. At first it was his thrilling, shameful secret, hidden carefully from her. And then, one year ago, he and his obsession for her were discovered… And rewarded gloriously by her.

Now, with her delightful, open consent, she indulged him. Now, with each departure they shared, even those shared in the presence of others, it was her practice to find a way to place her token in his eager hand… As if to say, “I know of you and your need… Of your unrelenting lust and want for me. I give you this for your possession until we can be together again. Smell me. Taste me. Enjoy me in my absence from you. As you pleasure yourself with thought of me know that these too have been where you have been… These too have touched what you crave to enter and ravage once again.”

And with each new reunion the two lovers shared… He returned them… Always in exchange for a freshly soiled pair.

Tonight, however, was an exception. For the first time in a long time, he was without her panty.

His pause over the phone was almost breathtaking for Madhavi to hear… It took place just as she hoped it would. She loved surprising him… Being lustful with him… Seducing him… Teasing and titillating him… Pleasuring him. She knew how much he craved the residues of her cunt on her well-used panties. For days in advance, she had planned for this moment… Even this phone call… And her husbands presence in it.