MY Brother

hi ISS readers, this is saloni , its my first time writing a story . basically im a regular reader to this site . coming to my structure wat u people like ., its 36-26-36 , fair and resembles charmi, tollywood actress. one day im sleeping . we , my brother , my sister and me use to sleep in the same room . that day i felt some one in toucing me on my cheek , i slowly gained consciousness but not ready to open my eyes. suddenly i felt hands moving down to my boobs as i was wearing nighty , these hands are slightly having pressure on my boobs . i slowly opened my eyes . as it was dark he didnt noticed me opening eyes . i found my brother , my heart started beating fastly as it was first touch of another person to my body . i was really surprised and even want to know what he is going to do further , so i kept quiet . as i was breathing heavily , i think he got courage and he moved his hands to my belly and started massaging it , now he came back to my boobs , this time he kept his hands into my nighty .he is squeezing my boobs over my bra and tried to insert his hands into my bra but it was tight , he was licking my boobs over my nighty 4 sometime … later he kept quiet by not going further that day .. the story continues on next day but in the next story write comments to my mail / / and plz if u have any indian scandals please mail me bye .. soon will be back with the extension of this story