Seducing My Son

Hey .. how ru doing ppl.. well im a young lad from Rajasthan…and this is my first story.. its a fiction.. hope u like it.. well do let me know whether good or bad.. my mail id is” / /”

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Just when it all started I am not sure. However the feelings I am having are strong and I dont seem to be able to control them. To tell the truth I am not so sure I want to control them. For the past few weeks I have gotten some kind of strange thrill out of what I am thinking and in a perverse way I am loving this feeling. It seems to make my blood boil and it causes me to really feel aroused in a way that I have not been for a long time. Oh, I love my husband he is a good man and good provider. But the thoughts I have been having do not include him in my future sexual plans. This is a typical evening in the Evens household. MK my loving husband is sitting in his favorite chair reading his paper and will soon put it down and start reading the book he has been working on.My son ajay is at the desk in the corner studying for an up and coming test. College has not been easy for him. But much to my surprise he really is doing well. Hard work pays off in his case. I am savi the loving wife for twenty years and I do all the house work, cooking, paying of bills and managing the monies we take in. Which are considerable thanks to MK hard work. We have an accountant that keeps me on the straight and narrow. But I still enjoy doing my part in creating a family program so we can go on vacations, keep up with our cabin up at the lake and a few other small ventures we enjoy.

I must thank Roy our accountant for getting me started on this sexual quest. I have always had a soft spot in my heart to Roy as he is a sexy man and so handsome. His wife sweety is also a good friend so I have never played up to Roy even though the idea has passed through my weird little brain at times. Like the time Roy and sweety joined us up at the beach house at goa for a weekend. Now before I get into this I must make you aware that before MK and I met I was somewhat wild and eager to please as many boys or men as I could. But since we met I have been so damn good I even surprise myself. Well this is up until a few weeks ago when these thoughts started to roam around in my head. So getting back to that weekend up at the beach Our cabin is set back on the rocks n woods well above that water line. There is a path that leads down to our dock. The area is heavily forested so that gives deep shade to the forest floor. Sweety and MK had gone ahead while Roy and I brought an arm full of stuff a few minutes behind them. We were half way down the trail when Roy said; he had to take a leak.He put his arm full of stuff on the ground and took a few steps into the shaded area. Why I did what I did Ill never know but I followed Roy and stood behind a tree so I could see him taking the leak.He was wearing shorts which made it easy for him to expose himself to me and the shaded forest floor. I almost gasp as he pulled his loving member free. My first thought was “My God sweety must have a big pussy.” Then I seemed to be memorized by his long thick cock. The head was long pointed and a deep lovely purple. I wondered how it would feel to have such a big cock head in my mouth. There was a time when I loved to feel that smoothness of the skin that is only found on a hard cock head. Then I wanted to feel it in my hands so I could play with it and toy it to a state of full erectness. I could only imagine how it would feel in a cunt as small and tight as my own. Roy and sweety have been together for years so I guess any pussy can get use to a cock that size after a while. Roy shook it letting the last drop fly onto the ferns that grow there in the shade. I was standing a few yards down the trail when Roy returned to pick up his supplies. I was so choked up I had a hard time finding my voice as he ask it I was ready to continue.

Later that day Roy and I were seated in the boat and my son ajay was standing above us on the dock. Roy looked up at ajay and jokingly said, “I can see why ajay is so popular with the girls.” I did not know what he was talking about at first. But MK caught on right away and quickly added proudly “Yeah, he gets that from his dad.” Of course that was a lie. But who was I to burst his bubble. Looking up I saw what they were talking about. ajay was wearing tight white bathing trunks. The sun was just right and the shadow outlined his manhood showing it to be long and thick. Laughingly Sweety said “My god he is as large as you are Roy.”

That night as I lie awake between that deep dream state and the last bits of thought I saw my son naked with his cock erect and he was walking toward me smiling. Before he could get to me I was on my knees and reaching for his monster of a cock. I watched as he aimed it at me. I had my mouth wide open waiting. I woke chocking on my own saliva. Later I thought I was seeing my sons body but Roys cock. So which was I really thinking about? Over the next week or more I got to thinking about my son. Then I had a most unexpected surprise. I was doing the laundry one afternoon when I walked into ajay s room with out thinking. He was home and asleep on his bed. He was naked laying on his back. He had his cock in his hand and it was fully erect. That large head was exposed and dark like Roys but ajay was flatter and wider. Kind of like an old Army helmet. I stood there gazing at my son lovely cock and wishing I had that cock in me. I was so horny I was sick with desire and need.I wanted to bend over taking his cock in my mouth. I wanted to show my son how good his mother was at making a cock cum with her mouth. I thought of ripping off my panties so I could sit across that cock. Let it drive up into me. Let it fill me with a thick syrupy load of sperm. I wanted my son to fuck me hard and furiously till I screamed for him to stop. Since that afternoon I have done nothing but dream of my son making love to me and me to him. But how does one go about seducing ones own son. MK has not showed any desire for me or a need to love me in many weeks. I think he may be getting all he needs else where. But even as I thought that I found I did not care if he was. I only wanted ajay to come naked into my bedroom and lay beside me. I was thinking of how best to approach ajay with my desires and needs when it popped into my head like a thunder bolt. It was a few days later that the opportunity presented its self. My husband was going off for three days of fishing with his buddy. This was nothing new but what was new is that I took this moment to pick a fight with him. My son was there and heard most of it. Loud voices and innuendoes of things past. MK left in a huff. But the plan was to get both of us upset and it worked beautifully.

Later that day when ajay was studying in his room. My bedroom is down the hall but near enough to hear sound from one to the other. I stripped down to my bra and panties. Cracked my bedroom door and started crying and weeping loudly. From the corner of my eye I saw the door open a little and I knew ajay was checking on me. As he stepped into the room I turned and sat up. “Oh, ajay, Oh, ajay.” I let my voice trail off. ajay came and sat next to me taking me in his young strong arms. His body is so muscular it was an instant turn on for me. I felt my nipples stiffen as he put his arms around me. I let one hand rest on his chest and my other dropped into his lap. ajay was wearing cut off sweats and a plan white t-shirt. He asked me what was wrong. I cried and told him his father no longer loved me and that he had not made love to me for months. I acted kind of at a loss for why MK would do such a thing. Babbling on I told ajay that his father had once loved to make love to me but now he kept his distance. I asked ajay if he thought his mother was still a lovely lady and he said, “Of course” I leaned back so he could see my body and again I asked his opinion of my body. I saw he was taking a long hard look at me. It was a look that told me he was seeing me in a different light than he had ever before. My panties were pulled up into my wet crack and I wanted ajay to see that I was wet. I told him how a woman had needs as well as men. I had feeling and needed to be touched and loved too. I took one of ajays hands and brought it to my breast. “ See.” I said, “ My breasts are still firm and full.” Men do like girls with large breasts dont they ajay?” I asked smiling now. ajay was grinning and he did not pull his hand away from my breast. I reached down and felt his erection under his sweats. I said, “Your father used to love for me to play with his cock. Does that feel good ajay?” He smiled wide and said “ God yes Mom I like the feel of your hand on my cock.” I stared to cry again and said, “Oh, why doesnt your father like it any more. He used to like me to suck his cock too and now he will not let me.” I had a good grip on his ever hardening cock as I went on “I always thought your father loved for me to suck his cock and I thought I was petty good at it.” I pushed ajay back on the bed and told him I wanted to show him how I did it for his father and I wanted him to let me know if I was any good at oral sex. Ajay quickly pulled down his cut offs offering me a lovely view of his long handsome prick. “Oh, my Ajay you do have a lovely cock. I bet all the girls love to suck you.” I lowered my head into his crotch and took his cock head into my mouth. It tasted sweaty and salty but it made me excited. I know it made Ajay excited as I felt his balls jerk up tight. I thought he was going to blow his load so I pulled his cock from my mouth. I only lifted my head so I could see his face. He was gasping and straining to keep his load down. I said “See there, was that ok?” I asked. Ajay reached down and pulled my head back into his crotch. He said, “Holy fuck Mom youre a great cocksucker. Suck me off Mom I am so fucking ready.” “Ajay, you really do like it dont you?” I asked lowering my mouth over his cock again.

Ajay did not answer he just moaned and jerked his hips so his cock was fucking my mouth. Working my mouth up and down the great shaft excited me so I loved it when his cock jerked and the warm sweet sperm from his heavy balls filed my mouth. I sucked his cock drinking every drop of cum. His massive cock was still erect when I lifted my mouth from it. “Oh, Ajay I loved that. Did you?” He did not answer me.

He rolled me over and in a flash he was on top of me. I let him spread my legs and settle down between them. The head of his cock found the spot wet inviting. He lifted himself up and came down driving his cock home to the hilt. Oh, my God I was so full of cock it drove me wild. I screamed “Roy fuck me Roy oh, god fuck me hard.” Ajay did not even stop he just smiled down at me and said, “So you want Roy to fuck you to?” I grabbed him by the cheeks of his ass and pulled him hard into me. I said “I guess I do. I just did not know it till now.” Ajay worked his cock deep into me and was screwing me wildly. I think my mistake of calling him Roy kind of drove him wild. Did my son get off on thinking his mother wanted to fuck another man? Peter was off in a dream world as he closed his eyes and gave me the fucking of a life time.

Ajay rolled over on his side gasping for breath as I lie still doing the same. He rose and stood looking down at me. “I need a shower. But I want you to know Mom your one hell of a great fuck. If you ever do get Roy to fuck you I know he will be as happy as I am.” He said. I listened as he walked back to his room and entered his bathroom. I fell asleep and when I woke I was alone I the house.

Ajay had gone out some where and I was left to have thoughts of my wonderful afternoon. I was still naked as I walked down to the kitchen. There was a note on the table. “Mom, wonderful afternoon. Hope we can do it again soon. Dad is the real looser in not wanting to screw a great lady like you. I think you would enjoy Roy. If I can be of help let me know. Ill be home late I have a date with Neha. She is good but not better than you. I will think of you when she sucks me off tonight. Oh, Mom she always sucks me off she dont want to take any chances of having a little AJAY!!.” I knew he was laughing as he wrote thatA